Academic Services

Nancy CunninghamThe Academic Services Department assists USF Tampa campus students, faculty, and staff with using the services and print resources of the USF Tampa Library and the online resources of the USF Libraries. Our librarians and library staff provide reference, instruction, orientation, and collection development services. Our Access Services unit is responsible for circulation and shelving of items, while our Interlibrary Loan unit is responsible for obtaining those materials from other libraries that are not already part of the USF Tampa Library print collection or the USF Libraries online collection.

Academic Services
Name Phone Number Title Email Address Room
Cunningham, Nancy 813-974-0450 Director, Academic Services nancy@usf.edu LIB627A
Ariew, Susan 813-974-0304 Librarian, Academic Services sariew@usf.edu LIB112F
Floyd, Joe 813-974-9867 Librarian, Academic Services jfloyd@usf.edu LIB112D
Powers, Audrey 813-974-9001 Librarian, Academic Services apowers@usf.edu LIB112A
Silver, Susan 813-974-9871 Librarian, Academic Services ssilver@usf.edu LIB112J
Smith, Drew 813-974-3492 Librarian, Academic Services dsmith@usf.edu LIB112C
Torrence, Matt 813-974-2779 Librarian, Academic Services torrence@usf.edu LIB634
Deep, Melissa 813-974-5394 Webmaster, Academic Services deep@usf.edu LIB643

Access Services
Name Phone Number Title Email Address Room
De Larm, Jo Ann 813-974-6325 Access/Media Services jdelarm@usf.edu LIB125B
Gates-Fowler, Ginny 813-974-4182 Access/Media Services vgates@usf.edu LIB102B
Harden, Angela 813-974-1606 Access/Media Services ayharden@usf.edu LIB102B
Hicks, Scott 813-974-1610 Access/Media Services shicks@usf.edu LIB102B
Higdon, Teresa 813-974-1610 Access/Media Services thigdon@usf.edu LIB102B
Rodriguez-Perez, Jonathan 813-974-1611 Access/Media Services jonathan51@usf.edu LIB119A
See, Pamela 813-974-6554 Access/Media Services psee@usf.edu LIB209C
Wilds, Tammi 813-974-1611 Access/Media Services twilds@usf.edu LIB119A

InterLibrary Loan
Name Phone Number Title Email Address Room
Schmidt, LeEtta 813-974-1627 Manager, Interlibrary Loan lmschmidt@usf.edu LIB120A
Camp, Cat 813-974-1627 Interlibrary Loan ccamp@usf.edu LIB120A
Harris-Johnson, Beverlyn 813-974-2515 Interlibrary Loan bhjohnson@usf.edu LIB120A
Law, Sandra 813-974-1607 Interlibrary Loan sklaw@usf.edu LIB120A
Raiford, Brenda 813-974-3847 Interlibrary Loan braiford@usf.edu LIB120A
(813) 974-2729

4202 E. Fowler Ave. LIB122 Tampa FL 33620

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