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Administrative Services

Welcome to the University of South Florida’s Tampa Library Administrative Services pages. The Administrative Services Department is comprised of Human Resources, Fiscal & Business Services, and Building & Security Services, which includes Library mail services.

Administrative Services
Name Phone Number Title Email Address Room
Cetwinski, Tom 813-974-4592 Director, Administrative Services tcetwinski@usf.edu LIB651A
Gray, Jim S. 813-974-1672 Assoc. Director, Administrative Services jsgray@usf.edu LIB637
Jacobs-Dilley, Nancy 813-974-1623 Unit HR Coordinator nancyjd@usf.edu LIB651B
Sadler, Joyce 813-974-2501 Fiscal & Business Specialist jsadler@usf.edu LIB645
Strickland, Pauline 813-974-5539 Fiscal & Business Specialist strickland@usf.edu LIB645
Ericsson, Maria 813-974-5539 Administration Clerk mericsson@usf.edu LIB645
McDonough, Matt 813-974-3493 Building & Security Assistant mcdonough@usf.edu LIB122
Crookston, Patrick 813-974-1604 Mail Clerk crookston@usf.edu LIB122

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