Top Young Adult Literature Authors on the Hipple Collection

Tammar Stein:

“The Hipple Collection is a testament to the power that young adult literature holds over every passionate reader.  It’s during that crucial, awkward, intense time of adolescents when we truly discover the power that books hold in our lives. To honor and preserve the progression of thousands of YA books from manuscript to ARC to various published editions is both amazing and necessary.”

Isamu Fukui:

“During my brief visit to the Hipple Collection at USF I had the great pleasure of witnessing an extraordinary undertaking in literary preservation. As an author, I was touched by how earnestly the collection highlights the personal aspect of the writing process. Unlike Minerva from the forehead of Jupiter, no work of literature emerges spontaneously from its creator, fully formed. These texts are the product of painstaking human effort, and the Hipple Collection endeavors not only to preserve them in the most nascent form available, but to capture that personal touch of the author which all too easily becomes lost in the mass market.”

Ben Mikaelsen:

“I want to express what a treasure has been created with the Hipple Collection.  Most important is the vision it has taken to compile this wonderful collection of manuscripts that would otherwise have been lost to time.”

Adrian Fogelin:

“The Hipple Collection is an impressive and growing repository for first editions, manuscripts and ephemera from the always quirky process of producing novels for young readers.  It is a fitting monument to the life of Ted Hipple and a testament to the determination and persuasive powers of Dr. Joan Kaywell.  Because she is such a friend to writers of YA and middle-grade fiction we are happy to add our work (both finished product and rarely-seen drafts) to the collection. My recent first-time visit to the collection made me proud to be included in what is quickly becoming a
great primary source for the study of fiction for young readers.”

Edward Bloor:

“The Hipple Collection has quickly established itself as the east coast’s top repository for young adult lit. They have editions of my books that even I don’t have!”

Greg Neri:

“As far as I’m concerned, the Hipple Collection is the most comprehensive collection of signed first editions and original manuscripts of American teen fiction in the U.S.  I’m proud to have my archives housed there.”

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