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Pick up a Journal

Monday, March 31st, 2014 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

While there are plenty of journals to read online, how about picking one up at the FMHI Research Library and reading it in person?  Here are a few that might pique your interest:

Behavioral Disorders, vol. 38 no. 4

  • What affects academic functioning in secondary special education students with serious emotional and/or behavioral problems? (201)
  • The relationship between victimization at school and achievement: The Cusp Catastrophe Model for Reading Performance (228)

Health Affairs, vol. 33 no. 3

  • The Affordable Care Act may increase the number of people getting tested for HIV by nearly 500,000 by 2017 (378)
  • People and places: Mapping the HIV/AIDS epidemic (427)
  • Case studies from three states: Breaking down silos between health care and criminal justice (474)

JAIDS, vol. 65 no. 5

  • Prevalence, incidence, and persistence of psychiatric and substance use disorders among mothers living with HIV (526)
  • Sexual risk trajectories among MSM in the United States: Implications for pre-exposure prophylaxis delivery (579)

Need Help Starting Your Research?

Friday, March 28th, 2014 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

You have a research project.  You also have a general idea or concept you’d like to research, but you don’t have enough background information to get started.  How about using “Researcher Starters” for some help?

Researcher Starters are a feature of the Find It! tool available on the USF Libraries‘ website.

To use Research Starters, type a subject into the Find It! search box.  On the results page, look near the top of the page for the Research Starter.

(1) snapshot
Click image to enlarge.
Click image to enlarge.

In this example, the Research Starter is Mental Health.  If you click through, you will open a full-length article.  Note here that the article for Mental Health is from the Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health, a reputable and valid source. You can download, print, and export the article and citation as you would any other electronic resource available through the USF Libraries.

You should know that, in some instances, a Research Starter may not be retrieved.  In other instances, the Research Starter may pull from a different discipline (say, Biology instead of Social Work). Although you may not find something 100% of the time, what you do find will be a good, verifiable source to help you get your research started.


April is National Minority Health Month

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »





Every April, the Office of Minority Health works towards “raising awareness about the health disparities that continue to affect racial and ethnic minorities.”  The theme for April 2014,  Prevention is Power: Taking Action for Health Equity, is centered on critically reducing health disparities through prevention.  For more information, visit http://minorityhealth.hhs.gov/nmhm14/.  The informative site includes graphics, a toolkit, and an events calendar.


View the FMHI Library’s Guide to Mental Health Disparities.


Spring Break Studying

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 | Posted in Faculty, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Before you head to the beach, how about hitting those books?  The FMHI Research Library will be open the week of spring break.  If you need assistance with papers, projects, research topics, literature reviews, and using the databases, stop or give us a call.  (We’re also available online:  send us a question OR request a research consultation). We’re happy to assist!

Claudia Dold:  cdold@usf.edu; 813-974-7040

Tomaro Taylor: tomaro@usf.edu; 813-974-5750


Faculty Panel Discussion on the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014 | Posted in Events, Faculty, News, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

FMHI Research Library Faculty Panel Discussion on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, 02/26/14.

(L to R): Paul Stiles, Tamara Baker, Penne Williams

On February 26, 2014, the FMHI Research Library held a faculty panel discussion centered on the 2013-2014 USF Common Reading Experience selection, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot.  The panel featured three faculty members from the USF College of Behavioral and Community Sciences: Tamara Baker, Ph.D., Paul Stiles, Ph.D., J.D., and Penne Williams, MSW, LCSW.  Following a 30-minute presentation with topics ranging from research and medical ethics, health disparities, and the grieving and bereavement process, a lively discussion considering race, socioeconomic class, ethical and moral research, and both contemporary and future issues in the research process ensued.



Attendees consider the ethical, moral, racial, and socioeconomic factors presented by the panelists.


If you were able to attend the presentation, we hope you had a great time.  If you weren’t able to attend, other  events centered on The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks continue around campus.  Check out the events calendar for more information.


A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship Fund

Monday, February 10th, 2014 | Posted in Faculty, News, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship Fund is intended to fund research, study, documentation, and dissemination of archival materials that advance the historical record and provide insight into America’s continuing relationship with-and response to-alcohol and drug use, misuse, and addiction.

The Fellowship is available to scholars in the fields of anthropology, sociology, history, medicine, and related fields. Depending upon applicants’ anticipated expenses, it provides partial to full financial support for travel to and from an archives collection, including but not limited to the Hazelden Pittman Archives Collection.* Room and board expenses may also be eligible. The Fellowship will be paid upon receipt of a copy of a written document of the project’s findings or results, and dated and itemized expense receipts.

The number of Fellowships awarded each year and the amounts of Fellowships awarded each year will vary, depending upon the number of qualified applicants who submit applications and who are accepted, as well as the estimations of anticipated expenses. Fellowship awards may vary from $100 to $4,000 per award.
Applications may require an interview. Applications are reviewed by committee, whose decisions are final.

To apply for the Fellowship, please email the following information to Barbara Weiner, Library Manager, at bweiner@hazelden.org.

*The Hazelden Pittman Archives is a collection of historical alcoholism literature and artifacts located at Hazelden’s main campus in Center City, MN, USA. It is comprised of over 1,500 books, and about 2000 pamphlets, letters, posters, postcards, trade labels, novelties, memorabilia, movies, journals, newspapers, magazines, and medicine bottles. The collection is focused on the topic of alcoholism, along with the related topics of drug addiction, prohibition, temperance, Alcoholics Anonymous, treatment, counseling, and gambling. It is available for research by appointment.


Todat at 11:30: Faculty Panel Discussion on Henrietta Lacks

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014 | Posted in Events, Faculty, Hours, News, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Join faculty from the USF College of Behavioral and Community Sciences as they discuss The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks within the context of African American mental, behavioral, and physical health and well-being.  Panelists include Tamara A. Baker, Ph.D., Paul Stiles, Ph.D., and Penne Williams, MSW, LCSW.  Light refreshments will be provided.

Location: FMHI Research Library, MHC 1727
Date: Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time: 11:30 AM

For additional information or to request reasonable accommodations, please contact Librarian Tomaro Taylor at tomaro@usf.edu or 813-974-5750.


Read More Journals

Friday, January 31st, 2014 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

We have 10 journal titles onsite that are ready to be read! Here are highlights of the most recent issues:

Psychiatric Services, 64.12

  • Use of administrative data to identify off-label use of second generation antipsychotics in a medicaid population
  • Prescribing of psychotropic medications to patients without a psychiatric diagnosis
  • Interventions to increase initial appointment attendance in Mental health services: a systematic review
  • Antipsychotic formulation and one-year rehospitalization of schizophrenia patients: A population-based cohort study

Evaluation and Program Planning, 41

  • An economic evaluation of public programs for internationalization: the case of the diagnostic program in Spain
  • Building national M&E systems in the context of changing aid modalities: The underexplored potential of National Evaluation Societies

POZ, January/February 2014

  • Body counts pg
  • Faith, hope, and charity
  • POZ heroes

JAIDS, 65.2

  •  Impact of HIV Exposure on Health Outcomes in HIV-Negative Infants Born to HIV-Positive Mothers in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • The Veterans Aging Cohort Study Index is Associated With Concurrent Risk for Neurocognitive Impairment
  •  Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis Versus Mefloquine Intermittent Preventive Treatment to Prevent Malaria in HIV-Infected Pregnant Women: Two Randomized Controlled Trials
  • Peak Bone Mass in Young HIV-Infected Patients Compared With Healthy Controls
  • Brief Report: Incidence and Risk Factors for Incident Hepatitis C Infection Among Men Who Have Sex With Men With HIV-1 Infection in a Large Urban HIV Clinic in Tokyo
  • Implementation and Operational Research: High Risk of Obesity and Weight Gain for HIV-Infected Uninsured Minorities

Health Affairs, 33.1

  • Let’s Make A Deal: Trading Malpractice Reform For Health Reform
  • Greatest Impact Of Safe Harbor Rule May Be To Improve Patient Safety. Not Reduce Liability Claims Paid By Physicians
  • National Health Spending In 2012: Rate Of Health Spending Growth Remained Low For The Fourth Consecutive Year
  • New Evidence On The Affordable Care Act: Coverage Impacts Of Early Medicaid Expansions
  • Moving For Medicaid? Recent Eligibility Expansions Did Not Induce Migration From Other States
  • The Care Span Analysis Of Early Accountable Care Organizations Defines Patient, Structural, Cost, And Quality-Of-Care Characteristics
  • Survey Finds Few Orthopedic Surgeons Know The Costs Of The Devices They Implant

Behavioral Disorders, 38.3

  • Preliminary Psychometrics of the Participatory Evaluation and Expert Review for Classrooms Serving Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disabilities (PEER-EBD)
  •  Can Students with Emotional and/or Behavioral Disabilities Improve on Planning and Writing in the Content Areas of Civics and Mathematics?

Include the Library in Your Canvas Course…

Friday, January 31st, 2014 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Services by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Request a customized library instruction session for your course (http://bit.ly/1iy5E5Q)

  • Either online or face to face. We can embed resources/instructional content in Canvas.
  • Readings for your course can be requested and placed in the library’s Course Reserves collection for your class to use. (http://bit.ly/1hZNtbp)

Build-in extra credit for students who need help with research skills.

Create “digital” learning objects

  • The USF Tampa Library’s Digital Learning Studio (http://bit.ly/1c6vY23) is now open on the 2nd floor of the library. Challenge your students to create videos and other digital objects for multimedia assignments. Need ideas? Contact Adonis Amparo at (Amparo@usf.edu) or call 974-1217. Library staff will help your students create video, audio, web pages, and digital objects for their final projects.

Tell your students about:

  • New Study Spaces  in the FMHI Library– Let students know about a new group study room located off the common area.  The room is equipped with internet connectivity, a computer and a television for watching Library videos.
  • Software tutorials (Atomic Learning) – Help your students learn about software packages through short, online video tutorials (http://bit.ly/19LhUYT)
  • Writing Center (http://bit.ly/1fYRU1x)
  • Tutoring & Learning (http://bit.ly/17QMXTf)
  • Office for Undergraduate Research (http://bit.ly/1bFK8W5)

Contact us for more information. We are here to help!
Claudia and Tomaro

Image courtesy of http://hscweb3.hsc.usf.edu/health/nursing/dean/usf-college-of-nursing-to-hold-canvas-day-kickoff-event/.


What’s New at the FMHI Research Library?

Thursday, January 30th, 2014 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Have you seen some the recent changes to the library?

  • The CARD Resource Library now occupies the northwest corner of the FMHI Research Library.
  • Next to CARD’s new space is a new “Knowledge is Power!” wall decal (Thanks, CARD!)
  • A group study room is now available in MHC 1738.  Visit the front desk for more information.
  • And, we have four “airport stations” just waiting for you and a project partner to use.  (No, they’re not as new as the other stuff, but you’ll find them located in the middle of it all!)

Stop by and see the changes!

(813) 974-2729

4202 E. Fowler Ave. LIB122 Tampa FL 33620

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