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JABA, vol. 45 no. 3

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | Comments Off on JABA, vol. 45 no. 3

The Fall 2012 issue of the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis is available at the FMHI Research Library:

455: A Comparison of sensory integrative and behavioral therapies as treatment for pediatric feeding disorders. (Addison, Piazza, Patel, Bachmeyer, Rivas, Milnes, & Oddo)

473: Observational effects on the preferences of children with autism.  (Leaf, Oppenheim-Leaf, Leaf, Courtemanche, Taubman, McEachin, Sheldon, & Sherman)

485:  Behavioral treatment for pathological gambling in persons with acquired brain injury. (Guercio, Johnson, & Dixon)

497: A comparison of the effects of brief rules, a timer, and preferred toys on self-control. (Newquist, Dozier, & Neidert)

511: The effects of fixed-time reinforcement schedules on functional response classes: A translational study. (Heinicke, Carr, & LeBlanc)

527: An evaluation of a progressive high-probability instructional sequence combined with low-probability demand fading in the treatment of food selectivity. (Penrod, Gardella, & Fernand)

539: The effects of the question “what is this?” on tact-training outcomes of children with autism. (Marchese, Carr, LeBlanc, Rosati, & Conroy)

549: The effects of matched stimulation and response interruption and redirection on vocal stereotypy. (Love, Miguel, Fernand, & LaBrie)

565: The influence of motivating operations on generalization probes of specific mands by children with autism. (Fragale, O’reilly, Aguilar, Pierce, Lang, Sigafoos, & Lancioni)


579: Trial-based functional analysis and functional communication training in an early childhood setting.(Lambert, Bloom, & Irvin)

585: Functional analysis of inappropriate social interactions in students with Asperger’s syndrome. (Roantree & and Kennedy)

593: A comparison of general and descriptive praise in teaching intraverbal behavior to children with autism. (Polick, Carr, & Hanney)

601: Emergent intraverbal responses via tact and match-to-sample instruction. (Grannan &  Rehfeldt)

607: Systematic evaluation of variables that contribute to noncompliance: A replication and extension. (McKerchar & Abby)

613: A comparison of differential reinforcement and noncontingent reinforcement to treat food selectivity in a child with autism. (Allison, Wilder, Chong, Lugo, Pike, Jessica & Rudy)

618: Guest Associate Editors and Mentoring Program.

619: Using a blocked-trials procedure to teach identity matching to a child with autism. (Slocum, Miller, & Tiger)

625: A procedure for thinning the schedule of time-out. (Donaldson & Vollmer)

631: Early response distribution and outcomes of response-restriction analyses. (Peterson, Petursdottir, & Kirk)

637: Effects of preference and reinforce variation on within-session patterns of responding.  (Keyl-Austin, Samaha, Bloom, & Boyle)

642: Guest Reviewers.

Technical Report

643: Creating an iPhone application for collecting continuous ABC data.  (Whiting & Dixon)


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