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Got Journals?

Friday, May 31st, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

We do!  Come in and read the latest issues of  JAIDS, Health Affairs, POZ and Health Services Research.  Here are a few article titles to pique your interests:

JAIDS, 63.2 and 63.supp1

  • The Cost-Effectiveness of Repeat HIV Testing during Pregnancy in a Resource-Limited Setting (L.H. Kim, D.L. Cohan, T.N. Sparks, R.A. Pilliod, Em. Arinaitwe, & A.B. Caughey) – 63.2
  • Temporal Trends in Sexual Behavior among Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States, 2002 to 2006-2010 (J.S. Leichliter, L.T. Haderxhangi, H.W. Chesson, & S.O. Aral) – 63.2
  • Revisiting the Methodology of Measuring HIV Community Viral Load (O. Xia, E.W. Wiewel, L.V. Torian) – 63.2
  • The Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network: Translational Research to Reduce Disparities in HIV (M.B. Blank, D.S. Metzger, G.M. Wingood, & R.J. DiClemente) – 63.supp1
  • A New Paradigm for Optimizing HIV Intervention Synergy: The Role of Interdependence in Integrating HIV Prevention Interventions (G.M. Wingood, A. Rubstova, R.J. DiClemente, D. Metzger, M. Blank) – 63.supp1
  • Tailored Treatment for HIV+ Persons with Mental Illness: The Intervention Cascade (M.B. Blank, M.M. Eisenberg) – 63.supp1

Health Affairs, 32.5 (May 2013)

  • Treated Disease Prevalence and Spending Per Treated Case Drove Most of the Growth in Health Care Spending in 1987-2009 (K.E. Thorpe)
  • Independent Review of Social and Population Variation in Mental Health Could Improve Diagnosis in DSM Revisions (H.B. Hansen, Z. Donaldson, B.G. Link, P.S. Bearman, K. Hopper, L.M. Bates, K. Cheslak-Postava … J.O. Teitler)

POZ (June 2013)

  • “National HIV Coming Out Day?” (T. Straube)
  • “Generics Save Money by May Come with Risks” (B. Ryan)
  • “Cure: Gene Therapy Has HIV in a Bind” (B. Ryan)

Health Services Research, 48.3 (2013)

  • Evaluating Survey Quality in Health Services Research: A Decision in Framework for Assessing Nonresponse Bias Free Access (J.R.B. Halbesleben & M. V. Whitman)
  • Mental Illness, Access to Hospitals with Invasive Cardiac Services, and Receipt of Cardiac Procedures by Medicare Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients (Y. Li, L.G. Glance, J.M. Lyness, P. Cram, X. Cai, & D. B. Mukamel)
  • The Relationship between Older American Act Title III State Expenditures and Prevalence of Low-Care Nursing Home Residents (K.S. Thomas & V. Mar)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons –  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Medical_Journals_As_an_Extension_of_the_Marketing_Arm_of_Pharmaceutical_Companies.png


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