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Health Services Research, vol. 47 no. 6

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The  most recent edition of Health Services Research (vol. 47 no. 6, December 2012) is available at the FMHI Research Library.

Best of the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting
Use and Costs
Quality of Care
Post-Acute Care
Health Plan and Physician Availability
Methods Articles

Best of the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

  • Comparative cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve medication adherence after Myocardial infarction (Ito, Shrank, Avorn, Patric, Brennan, Antman, & Choudhry, p. 2097)
  • The impact of hospital pay-for-performance on hospital and Medicare costs (Kruse, Polsky, Stuart, & Werner, p. 2118)

Use and costs

  • Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medical record based clinical decision support system (Gilmer, O’Connor, Sperl-Hillen, Rush, Johnson, Amundson, Asche, & Ekstrom, p. 2137)
  • Food insecurity, processes of care, and self-reported medication underuse in patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the California Health Interview Survey (Billimek & Sorkin, p. 2159)
  • Adoption of diagnostic technology and variation in Cesarean Section rates: A test of the Practice Style Hypothesis in Norway (Grytten, Monkerud, & Sorensen, p. 2159)
  • A two-compartment mixed-effects gamma regression model for quantifying between-unit variability in length of stay among children admitted to intensive care (Straney, Clements, Alexander & Slater for the ANZICS Paediatric Study Group, p. 2190)
  • Is there a statistical relationship between economic crises and changes in government health expenditure growth? An analysis of 24 European countries (Cylus, Mladovsky, McKee, p. 2204)

Quality of care

  • Clinical quality performance in U.S. health centers (Shi, Lubrun, Zhu, Hayashi, Sharma, Daly, Sripipatana, & Ngo-Metzger, p. 2225)
  • Chronic illness and patient satisfaction  (Carlin, Christianson, Keenan, & Finch, p. 2250)
  • The patient-centered medical home and patient experience (Martsolf, Alexander, Shi, Casalino, Rittenhouse, Scanlon, & Shortell, p. 2273)

Post-acute care

  • Assisted living expansion and the market for nursing home care (Grabowski, Stevenson, & Cornell, p. 2296)
  • Rehospitilization in a national population of home health care patients with heart failure (Madigan, Gordon, Fortinsky, Koroukian, Piña,& Riggs, p. 2316)

Health plan and physician availability

  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare Advantage Plan availability and enrollment (Afendulis, Landrum, & Chernew, p. 2339)
  • Residential segregation and the availability of primary care physicians (Gaskin, Dinwiddie, Chan, & McCleary, p. 2353)

Methods Articles

  • Choosing models for health care cost analyses: Issues of nonlinearity and endogeneity (Garrido, Deb, Burgess, Jr., & Penrod, p. 2377)
  • A nonparametric statistical method that improves physician cost of care analysis (Metfessel & Greene, p. 2398)

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