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Florida Holocaust MuseumIn 2007, the University of South Florida and the Florida Holocaust Museum signed a formal affiliation agreement enabling cooperation in a number of areas. Chief among these are efforts to provide greater access to collections held at the Museum and USF Libraries. Access the Museum library’s online catalog.

The USF – Florida Holocaust Museum collaboration includes programming that makes use of both institutions’ strengths.

Waging Peace

The USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center has formalized a partnership with UK-based non-governmental organizations Waging Peace, and their sister (aid) agency, Network for Africa. Waging Peace campaigns against genocide and systematic human rights abuses, with a particular focus on Africa. It’s current priority is Darfur, where it is fighting for an immediate end to the atrocities taking place.

Darfur GPS Project

Darfur GPS ProjectTo carry out respective but overlapping missions, Waging Peace and the University of South Florida Libraries have engaged in a partnership to document the lives of Africans living in the midst of and recovering from genocide in their region. The partnership includes development of collaborative digital video collections that include images, text, audio, and video, and geographic data (geolocation using GPS).

Using the images, text, and other information collected by Waging Peace and Network for Africa while on field visits to Africa, USF Libraries Special & Digital Collections will create a geospatial web interface to present the material to the public, relating it to the precise geographic location where it was created.

Drawings by Darfuri and Chadian Refugee Children

Dafuri Childrens ImagesWhile on a fact-finding mission to eastern Chad in June and July 2007, Waging Peace researcher Anna Schmitt was told by Darfuri refugee women how their children had witnessed horrendous events when their villages were being attacked. This prompted Anna to talk to the children. She gave the children, aged 6 to 18, paper and pencils and asked them what their dreams were for the future and what their strongest memory was.

The resulting drawings have toured the world, to raise awareness of the crisis in Darfur. In November 2007, the drawings were accepted by the International Criminal Court in the Hague as contextual evidence of the crimes committed in Darfur and as such they will be used in the trials of the accused, as a graphic illustration of the atrocities.

A selection of these drawings were exhibited at the USF Tampa Library in January of 2009.  The original 500+ drawings comprise a collection to be donated by Waging Peace to the USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center upon completion of exhibitions worldwide.

Rebecca Tinsley, founder of Waging Peace and Network for Africa spoke at the USF Tampa Library as the USF Libraries Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center’s 2009 Lecture Series inaugural speaker.

Center for Conflict Management at National University of Rwanda

The need to widely disseminate research on genocide by scholars in Rwanda has been a challenge due to limited circulation of the two printed journals that are published by the Center for Conflict Management at National University of Rwanda.  In the month of May 2012, University of South Florida Libraries, through the USF Holocaust & Genocide Studies Center (HGSC), signed a Memoranda of Understanding to host the Journal of African Conflicts and Peace Studies and Peace and Conflict Management Review so that these journals can be published in an online open access model. University of South Florida Libraries will provide the open access publishing platform and host the journals and the Center for Conflict Management will be the publisher.

National University of Rwanda was established in 1963 and is currently the largest public university in Rwanda.  It has over 12,000 students and offers 39 undergraduate and 24 graduate degree programs. Most of the research in Rwanda regarding the Rwandan genocide is conducted by researchers at the National University of Rwanda’s Center for Conflict Management (CCM) that also offers two master’s degree programs, namely:  Master’s Degree in Genocide Studies and Prevention; and Master’s Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.

Apart from Open access journal hosting, CCM and HGSC are looking for more avenues to grow joint collaborative research on genocide in the African Great Lakes Region.

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