Attendance & Leave

General Information

  • Timesheets must be turned in to Library HR bi-weekly by 5:00 PM Friday following the end of the pay period.
  • Staff request Vacation/Annual Leave before taking the leave. Supervisors are responsible for acting on the leave request as soon as possible. Requests must be approved before the date of the leave.
  • Planned Sick Leave is be requested and approved before the leave is taken.
  • Unplanned Sick Leave is recorded as soon as the employee returns to work.
  • Library HR recommends that Staff adopt the practice of stapling email notification of leave approval to their timesheet(s).
  • It is the responsibility of each Supervisor to verify that leave requests are properly recorded in ALT and that all leave requests are acted on prior to the date of the leave.
  • If the superivosr is not available to sign the timesheet, the director of the department may sign the employee’s timesheet. If both the supervisor and the director are unavailable, Tom Cetwinski, Director of Administrative Services will sign.
  • Leave without Pay requests must be approved by the Dean one pay period prior to the date(s) requested.
  • When summoned for Jury Duty, submit the document received from the court upon return to work and the hours used will be entered into the Administrative Leave area. The employee would request the leave as they would any other leave. Library HR enters the hours needed; the supervisor approves the hours requested.
  • Bereavement Leave hours are added to the Administration Leave section of ALT as needed and as defined by USF/HR.
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