What Does a Library Accessibility Specialist Do?

This article in College and Research Libraries News by Stephanie Rosen explains what an accessibility specialist does as she describes her role at the University of Michigan Library.

Congratulations LeEtta Schmidt and Melanie Griffin!

Kudos to  Melanie Griffin, Special Collections Librarian, and LeEtta Schmidt, Copyright and Intellectual Property Librarian, for their recent publication, “Special Deliveries: Towards a Methodology for Generous Fulfillment of Special Collections Interlibrary Loan Requests,” in Public Services Quarterly.  

Metacognition, Metaliteracy and Information Literacy

Recently Education Librarian Susan Ariew teamed up with Diane Fulkerson (USF Sarasota) and Trudi Jacobson to publish the article, “Revisiting Metacognition and Metaliteracy in the ARCL Framework,” in Communications in Information Literacy. The article discusses the various revisions of the ACRL Framework and in relation to the concepts of Metacognition and Metaliteracy. Much of the …

The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Toolkit Launches

The ACRL Framework Advisory Board (FAB) announced the launch of the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Toolkit. The Toolkit is a freely available professional development resource that can be used and adapted for learning more about the Framework, learning strategies for using the Framework with library instruction, and also for forming a community of practice …

Social Media in Academia

Social Media in Academia is an important new e-book about the lived experiences of academics on social media. It includes chapters on networked scholarship, knowledge creation and dissemination through social media, networks of inequality, and more.

Assessing the User Experience of E-books in Academic Libraries

This article from the July 2017 issue of College and Research Libraries offers a lot of valuable insights about user experience related to e-books, particularly how discovery affects their perceptions and the variability of vendor platforms.

What the 21st Century Library Looks Like

This recent article from the Chronicle of Higher Education outlines new innovative library services and positions in response to the digital age, using DePaul University Library as an example. Other than renovations to create more student study spaces, the article describes a “Maker Hub” stocked with 3-D printers, a vinyl cutter, a 3-D scanner, booths …

New ACRL Report Reveals Library Contributions to Student Learning and Success

A new report by ACRL, “Academic Library Impact on Student Learning and Success: Findings from Assessment in Action Team Projects,” reports that academic libraries are contributing to student learning and success. Assessment projects offered in the report buildings on past findings that link student library use to academic success. Image source

ACRL Environmental Scan 2017

Every two years, the ACRL Research Planning and Review Committee releases an environmental scan of higher education, including developments with the potential for continuing impact on academic libraries. The 2017 environmental scan provides a broad review of the current higher education landscape, with special focus on the state of academic and research libraries. The document …

The Academic Librarian as Blended Professional: Reassessing and Redefining the Role

This recent e-book resonates with many academic librarians as they examine the changing nature of librarianship and their roles within their libraries. Author Michael Perini examines the roles and functionality of academic librarians along with questions about professional identity within the academy.  What is a “blended professional”? According to Perini, they are people who “are …