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SMART Lab Procedures


When working in the SMART Lab:

  1. Each student must sign-in at the front desk with their U# found on their USFCard
  2. Each student must bring a spiral notebook and TI-30XA calculator.
  3. Students must sign-out when they leave the lab area.


It is preferred that NO cell phones be used during your time in the lab.  Cell phones are to be in silent mode.  If you need to answer a call, log off from your computer and sign out at the front desk so you can step in to the lobby to take your call. If you violate this policy it may result in the loss of lab attendance points for that week.


All SMART Lab computers are reserved for testing designated test weeks. Students should attend each exam with the following items:

    1. Photo ID Card (USF or US government issued)
    2. BLANK blue or green book
    3. TI-30XA calculator (Except for Business Calculus)
      1. calculators may NOT be shared
      2. cover removed
    4. Reservation confirmation: printed or on phone

If you do not have any of these items you may leave to get one and return to take the test during the same testing time period but will not be given any extra time to complete the test. If you do not have the correct calculator you may choose to take the test without one.

CELL PHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF AND KEPT OUT OF SIGHT. If you are caught looking at a cell phone during the exam, you will receive a zero for your exam score.

You can NOT bring a backpack, purse, laptop, earphones, drinks, food, etc. into the testing area, so if you arrive with any of these then you will need to deposit them along a wall in the SMART Lab where their security cannot be guaranteed. You will be allowed to carry in a closed clear one-gallon (or smaller) plastic bag which must be placed under the desk and be out of reach. Any electronic in the plastic bag must be turned off.

Restroom Breaks? Raise your hand and someone will escort you; no additional time will be given.

Late? You may arrive late but will not be given any extra time.

Technical problems? For any technical problems during the test, raise your hand and report the problem to a proctor or staff member immediately.


  1. Turn in your blue book
  2. Sign out at the check-out table
  3. Retrieve your backpack/belongings.

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