The Charles W. Arnade Collection of Boliviana – Newspapers and Periodicals

There are a number of single issues of the periodical El Condor de Bolivia, one of the earliest periodicals published in the new Republic of Bolivia in the Arnade collection, but the issues are in a very poor state of preservation. On the other hand, there is a very interesting manuscript copy transcribed in 1922 of a study that bears the title El Condor de Bolivia 1827. Copia del Mss. del Sr. Gabriel René Moreno. Sucre 1922.  On El Condor de Bolivia see Professor Arnade’s essay “Un preclaro periódico Boliviano El Condor de Bolivia,” published in Boletín. Sociedad Geográfica de Sucre, tom. XLVI, no. 44, pages 166-189 (Sucre, Bolivia).

Reissued in Charles W. Arnade, Escenas y episodios de la historia, La Paz-Cochabamba, 2004, pages 99-115 (p. 107-114 for Gabriel René Moreno’s text).

Of the numerous newspapers and periodicals in the Arnade collection, two in this section deserve special mention. They are:

Four issues of Eco de La Paz, each number consisting of 4 pages: 16.x.1828 # 3; 27.xi.28 # 9; 4.xii.28 #10; 11.xii.28 # 11.  [Note. WorldCat lists a publication under this title, but year one beginning on 9.vii.1864, housed at the University of Connecticut.]

El Restaurador, Sucre. No. 1: (14.xii.1844) 4p. – No. 100: (2.viii.1845) 4p.  This was a newspaper published either every other, or every third, day [Not in WorldCat].

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