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Scheduling an Appointment

Appointments are necessary for the courses listed below.  Go to the “Subjects” page for information on drop in Tutoring for Math, Statistics, Physics, Calculus, Chemistry, and more.

Here are a few important instructions:

  1. To schedule an appointment for the first time, please visit the Tutoring Center in person, LIB206, so our staff can work with your schedule to find a tutor and appointment that fits.  Once the appointment is set, you can contact us by phone at 974-2713 to make minor changes.

  2. Appointments are scheduled as 50 minute, weekly, recurring sessions.

  3. If you miss more than 3 sessions, your appointment will be cancelled.

  4. If you don’t see your course listed,  please stop by and let us know what you need.  New classes are added regularly simply by students requesting the help.

Courses By Appt


MAD 3100: Discrete Math
MTG 3212: Geometry
MAP 2302: Differential Equations
MAS 3105: Linear Algebra
MAS 4301: Elementary Abstract Algebra
MGF 3301: Bridge to Abstract Math
CPT Math
General Knowledge Test (GKT)
QMB 3200 Business Econ Stats II


EGN 3373: Intro to Electrical Systems I
ENG 3311: Statics
ENG 3343: Thermodynamics
ENG 3420: Engineering Analysis
MCAT Biological Sciences
MCAT Physical Sciences


ACG 2021: Principles of Financial Accounting
ACG 2071: Managerial Accounting
ACG 3074: Managerial Accounting Non-Business
ACG 3103: Intermediate Financial Accounting I
ACG 3113: Intermediate Financial Accounting II
ACG 3401: Cost Accounting I
ECO 1000: Basic Economics
ECO 2013: Macroeconomics
ECO 2023: Microeconomics
FIN 3403: Principles of Finance
MAR 3023: Basic Marketing

Foreign Languages

FRE 1120: Beginning French I
FRE 1121: Beginning French II
FRE 2200: French III
FRE 2201: French IV
ITA 1120: Beginning Italian I
ITA 1121: Beginning Italian II
ITA 2200: Intermediate Italian I
ITA 2201: Italian IV
ITA 2240: Conversational Italian I
ITA 2241: Conversational Italian II
JPN 1120: Japanese I
JPN 1121: Japanese II
JPN 2220: Japanese III
JPN 2221: Japanese IV
SPN 1120: Beginning Spanish I
SPN 1121: Beginning Spanish II
SPN 2200: Spanish III
SPN 2201: Spanish IV
SPN 2241: Conversation II
SPN 3030: Introduction to Hispanic Literary Studies


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