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Workshop Schedule

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Workshop Descriptions:

Time Management

Many students say they work well under the pressure of a deadline and therefore do not learn to plan well for different long and short term assignments.  Or, when extra time is available, they tend to procrastinate getting started early.  If either of these sound familiar to you, this workshop can help you find the right system to better manage the demands of your assignments.

Reading Overload? Strategies that Work

Have you ever looked at the reading assignments for your courses and wondered if you have to read ALL of them?  Or, have you taken time to read but realize you don’t remember most of it?  Are your textbooks over-highlighted? You are not alone.  This workshop will help you to take a more strategic approach to  those reading demands using a proven structured system.

Memory Strategies that Work

When you sit down to study for a test do you have a certain system that works such as re-writing your notes, making study cards, or straight memorization?  If your system doesn’t always help you get the grades you want, come to this workshop to learn how to improve your ability to remember what you study by learning about how memory works and the three major components that can enhance your results.

Improving Your Test Taking Strategies

It’s test time and a little voice inside your head says, “Will I have enough time?” or “How do I know I studied the right thing?”  We’ve all been there, and this workshop will introduce you to our top 10 test taking tips to help you improve your strategies before, during, and after a test.  Get better test grades by working to understand what works best for you.

Why is College Hard? The 80/20 Rule

Have you received good grades in the past, but now find yourself struggling? Who or what is the cause? And how can you fix this?  Pick up some tips on thinking differently about yourself as a student and improving your study habits.  Take control of your learning and go from being a great student to a great learner.

How to be your Own Editor

Are you in the middle of writing a paper? Do you have questions about how to edit and polish your final draft? Bring a paper you are currently working on to this hands-on workshop, and learn the best revision and editing strategies for wherever you are in the writing process.

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