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    What is Undergraduate Research?

    At USF, undergraduate research is broadly defined as a project that enables individual students or groups of students to pose or work from a defined research question, apply methods of inquiry to generate findings, and share the findings with others through presentation and publication.

    Why is Undergraduate Research important?

    Engaging in undergraduate research is transformational and highly beneficial to students, faculty and the greater university community. Many studies show that students involved in undergraduate research achieve higher grades, have a deeper understanding of their chosen discipline and are more competitive for jobs, national awards and admission to graduate and professional school.

    Did you know?

    In a recent poll of employers, 93% said that a candidate’s undergraduate major was less significant than a candidate’s ability to communicate effectively and apply knowledge to real-world problem solving

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    Students create research-based art projects.

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    Students present research projects.

    The RIAS Scholarship was one of the best

    opportunities that I have been given
    at my time at USF. Taking part in an
    undergraduate research project with my art
    allowed me the opportunity to push my
    work to cross interdisciplinary boundaries

    – 2013 RIAS Scholar

    Conducting research at USF has offered

    me incredible opportunities to pursue my

    creative and scientific ambitions and to
    become a more well-rounded and
    experienced scientist.

    – Undergraduate researcher in biology

    The connections I have made with the OUR staff and other faculty

    will improve my ability to get hired after finishing my academic

    career. Undergraduate research has given me a better perception
    of research, enabled me to write and speak professionally, and
    increased my confidence in pursuing my goals.

    – OUR research fellow

    Becoming involved in undergraduate research is

    the best experience I’ve had as USF student.
    This experience has allowed me to learn more about
    the research process as well as reaffirm to me that

    the career path I’ve chosen to pursue is what I want to do.

    – English major

    Participating in undergraduate research has

    allowed me to gain that extra push in my courses
    that I am taking to help prepare me for the MCAT
    and for Medical School.

    – Africana Studies major

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