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  • Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium

    On Thursday, April 6, 2017, the Office for Undergraduate Research  hosted the OUR Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. The event was held in the Marshall Student Center (Ballroom and conference rooms) and provided a venue for undergraduate students in all disciplines to present their current research and receive feedback from research mentors and peers.

    2017 Colloquium Program

    2017 Colloquium Abstract Book


    Colloquium Awards

    OUR Excellence in Research Awards

    Alireza Bahadorkhan
    Brooke Bamford
    Paula Bittencourt and Eduardo Jimenez *Group Project
    Tasha Butler
    Kiley Chernicky
    Laura Cortes
    Taylor Crosland
    Anthony Curtis and Nathan Lastra *Group Project
    Jonathan DiMuccio
    Sylvia Emly
    William Evonosky
    Gviana Goldberg
    Zaheera Khaleel
    Sara Mustafa, Prachi Singh, Neha Patil, Erinda Kostandini, Heather Prince, and Rakiel Seyvunde * Group Project
    Abigail Parrigan
    Catherine Peshek and Julia Sumer *Group Project
    Phillip Pham
    Bronte Phillips
    Stephanie Raymond, Madeleine Berg, and Erica Reed *Group Project
    Andrew Rosenblum
    Lauren Shea
    Molly Skinner
    Stanislau Smirnou
    Mary Snyder
    Enakshi Sunassee
    Frederick Tutor-New and Mary Falling *Group Project
    Preeti Vadlamani
    Andre Vaquero
    Kimberly Weikel and Rachel Llewellyn *Group Project
    Farrah Youn

    Excellence in History Research Awards

    Steven Dunn
    Mahesh Tummala, Mary Aragona, Yameeliz Fret, Nilmar Gonzalez, and Ashley Neil *Group Project

    Honors College Colloquium Awards

    John Blizzard
    Shane Clark
    Brian Douglas
    Victoria Frazier and Areeba Keshwani *Group Project
    Angela Gabay and Sarah Blackstone *Group Project
    Ar-Ra o Khan, Nathan Le, Cassandra Ly, Ashley Elliott, Lindsay Hawkins, and Vivekka Suppiah* Group Project
    Widad Labban
    Hannah Ski
    Christian Stanley
    Jasmine Wood

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