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Courses that Contain a Research Experience


CREATTE stands for Creating Research Experiences and Activities Through Teaching Enhancement. The CREATTE program is sponsored by the Office for Undergraduate Research and is intended to provide students an authentic research experience within a course.

CREATTE Undergraduate Researchers:

  1. Develop or work from a defined research question
  2. Work individually or with other students to apply defined methods of inquiry relevant to the project/discipline to produce original findings/products
  3. Present the findings/products to peers and professionals in informal (i.e. course setting) and formal (i.e. UR Colloquium) venues

The ability to engage in an authentic research experience through a course is a unique opportunity that is being offered in only a select number of courses each semester.  The advantage to enrolling in a CREATTE course and becoming a CREATTE Undergraduate Researcher is that you will:

  • Produce an original piece of research that can demonstrate your competency in the discipline and has the potential to stimulate additional ideas and be submitted for publication
  • Receive research mentorship from faculty and graduate students
  • Gain research experience that you can represent on your resume
  • Work with a small cohort of peers and develop life-long relationships
  • Enroll in a 0-credit undergraduate research course so that the experience will track on your transcript

Presenting Your Research:

CREATTE Undergraduate Researchers also have the opportunity to present their research findings at the annual OUR sponsored USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium.  The colloquium provides a venue for undergraduate students in all disciplines to present their current research and receive feedback from research mentors and peers. CREATTE Researchers may also present at national or international conferences.

NOTE: Multiple sections of the courses listed below may be offered each semester. Prior to registering for a course be sure to consult the course instructor listed below to determine if it is a CREATTE course.

FALL 2013 CREATTE Courses
Course # Course Name Course Level Dept/Instructor
HSC 4933 sec 314 Ecotoxicology Upper Level Elective Public Health/M. Bourgeois
EEC 4212 Tchg Elem (K-6) Social Studies Upper Level Majors Childhood Ed/I. Berson
SSE 4313 Tchg Elem (K-6) Social Studies Upper Level Majors Secondary Ed/M. Berson
HUM 4825 Sec 002 Identity & Power: Medieval Saints & their Cults Upper Level Majors Humanities/ D’Emilio
HSC 2000 sec 002 Intro to Health Professions General Education CMMB/ Cooperman
PSY 4931 sec 005 Child & Adol Social Dev Lower Level Majors Psychology/T. Ojanen
IDH 4200 sec 006 Geo-Perspectives: Honors Honors General Education Course Honors College/P. Bishop
LIT 3301 sec 008 Cultural Studies and Pop Arts General Education English/C. Patterson


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