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  • CREATTE Program

    CREATTE stands for Creating Research Experiences and Activities Through Teaching Enhancement. The CREATTE program is sponsored by the Office for Undergraduate Research and is intended to provide students an authentic research experience within a course.

    CREATTE Undergraduate Researchers:

    1. Develop or work from a defined research question
    2. Work individually or with other students to apply defined methods of inquiry relevant to the project/discipline to produce original findings/products
    3. Present the findings/products to peers and professionals in informal (i.e. course setting) and formal (i.e. UR Colloquium) venues

    The ability to engage in an authentic research experience through a course is a unique opportunity that is being offered in only a select number of courses each semester. Becoming a CREATTE Undergraduate Researcher provides an opportunity to:

    • Produce an original piece of research that can demonstrate your competency in the discipline and has the potential to stimulate additional ideas and be submitted for publication
    • Receive research mentorship from faculty and graduate students
    • Gain research experience that you can represent on your resume
    • Work with a small cohort of peers and develop life-long relationships
    • Enroll in a 0-credit undergraduate research course so that the experience will track on your transcript

    Presenting Your Research:

    CREATTE Undergraduate Researchers also have the opportunity to present their research findings at the annual OUR sponsored USF Undergraduate Research and Arts Colloquium. The colloquium provides a venue for undergraduate students in all disciplines to present their current research and receive feedback from research mentors and peers. CREATTE Researchers may also present at national or international conferences.

    NOTE: Multiple sections of the courses listed below may be offered each semester. Prior to registering for a course be sure to consult the course instructor listed below to determine if it is a CREATTE course.

    Fall 2016/ Spring 2017/ Fall 2017 CREATTE Courses
    Course #/Term Course Name Course Level Dept/Instructor
    PHC 3302 (FA16/SP17)  Intro to EOH Lower Level Majors Public Health /M. Bourgeois
    LIN 4721 (FA 2016) Second Lang. Acquisition Elective World Languages/ A. Huensch
    MHS 4741 (SP 2017) Men. Health Law/Policy Upper Level Majors BCS/ A. Gum, R. Boothroyd
    MUE 4311 (FA 2017) General Music Methods Upper Level Majors Music /J. Bugos
    SPA 3261 (SP 2017) Language Science in CSD Upper Level Majors CSD/ S. Surrency
    PSY 4205 (SP 2017) Exper Design & Analysis Upper Level Majors Psychology/E. Schotter
    LIT 4013 (SP 2017) Feminist Digital Humanities

    Feminist DH Flyer

    Upper Level Majors English/K. Allukian

    Spring 2016 CREATTE Courses
    FALL 2015 CREATTE Courses
    SPRING 2015 CREATTE Courses
    FALL 2014 CREATTE Courses
    Fall 2013 CREATTE Courses

    The Creating Research Experiences and Activities Through Teaching Enhancement(CREATTE) Scholars Program provides seed funding and graduate student support for the development of undergraduate research or creative activities within lower or upper level undergraduate courses. Laboratory courses and capstone courses are not supported by the CREATTE initiative because they already incorporate research/projects and inquiry-based curriculum.


    Tenured and tenure-earning faculty and full time instructional faculty who are listed as the instructor of record for an undergraduate course are eligible to apply for a CREATTE award.

    Please note that laboratory and capstone courses are not supported by the CREATTE initiative. Faculty who have been awarded CREATTE funding may apply for one additional semester in support of a previously funded course. There is no limit to the number of CREATTE awards that a faculty may receive for new courses that have not been previously funded by the CREATTE initiative.

    Funding and Graduate Student Support for CREATTE Scholars

    • CREATTE Scholars will receive a total of $2,000 to be used in support of the course. The funds can be used for the purchase of reusable materials (i.e. software, small equiptment, etc.) to supplement the undergraduate research projects (funds will transferred to the Departmental E&G account).
    • Funds can also be used to support one graduate student, selected by the CREATTE Scholar, who will partner with the CREATTE Scholar to provide assistance with research planning and implementation, and student mentoring.
    • Graduate students will be hired as temporary student workers through the OUR office and will be paid per hour (suggested rate of $20-25/hr)for the work during the semester (minimum of 2 hours per week).
    • Graduate students supported on a graduate assistantship (GAs) with a 0.5 FTE or lower will be eligible to be appointed, although, advanced master’s students who do not have GA support should be considered.
    • Graduate students who already have a 0.5 FTE will NOT be eligible to work more than 4 hours per week.

    The OUR will support up to 20 CREATTE Scholars during the 2014-2015 academic year.

    To receive additional information about the CREATTE initiative or to become a CREATTE scholar please complete interest form below:

    (813) 974-2729

    4202 E. Fowler Ave. LIB122 Tampa FL 33620

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