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  • Research Faculty Profiles

    College of the Arts

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Department
    Daniel Powers Associate Professor influences of technology, cultural identity and interpretation, and social values on architectural design powers@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Levent Kara Assistant Professor epistemology of design thinking, from the fundamental modalities of architectural design in terms of the relation between thinking and making, to the contemporary dilemmas surrounding the theory / practice dichotomy lkara@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Mark Weston Assistant Professor combining experimental building materials, digital fabrication, and physical computing with traditional notions of making in order to generate interactive and complex physical environments weston@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Michael Halflants Associate Professor international modernism and yet is profoundly rooted in the subtropical setting of South Florida halflants@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Nancy Sanders Assistant Professor high-density urbanism, cities, and the architecture of borders and memory sanders@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Shannon Bassett Assistant Professor developing a possible alternative approach to the current development strategies currently occurring in Tampa and China bassett@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Stanley Russell Assistant Professor/Director of the USF Design/Build Program craftsmanship, community stewardship, aesthetics, and design quality. russell@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Steven Cooke Associate Professor design benevolence – the aspect of care given to making events and things cooke@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Theordore Trent Green Associate Professor urban/community design planning, economic development/community revitalization, housing/residential development strategies and development regulations green@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Vikas Mehta Assistant Professor design of the built environment with an emphasis on aspects of human behavior and perceptions, especially as they relate to the design of public spaces and public buildings mehta@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Jim Griffin Research Associate at the Florida Center for Community Design and Research manages the collection of morphologic, biological and water chemistry data on Florida Lakes and employs these data to develop detailed lake assessment reports which are published on the Water Atlas griffin@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Ron Chandler Associate in Research at the Florida Center for Community Design and Research integration of spatial, parametric, and socioeconomic data – for resource concurrent mapping and planning for the development and implementation of sustainable land and water use practices, urban renewal and endangered species conservation chandler@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Shawn Landry Associate in Research Faculty and Interim Director of the Florida Center for Community Design and Research studies the intersections between the social, built and natural urban environment using information technology to promote informed decisions about community development and resource management landry@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Terry Johnson Associate in Research in the Florida Center for Community Design and Research integration of information technology and other innovative approaches to help people understand and plan their community johnson@arch.usf.edu Architecture & Community Design
    Esra Akin-Kivanç Assistant Professor f pre-modern Islamic art-historiography eakinkivanc@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Wendy Babcox Associate Professor explore the act of looking and the concept of “spectacle” wbabcox@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Neil Bender Associate Professor making as a way of negotiating biological drives and urges with culture’s beautifully decorative facades, social norms, and stilted morality nb2@usf.edu Art & Art History
    John Byrd Associate Professor explores the complex relationships between form, process, material, and content; ceramics and taxidermy byrd@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Elisabeth Condon Associate Professor spatial elasticity/fluidity, and multiple perspectives that reveal more than the objectivity of realism. efc@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Cesar Cornejo Associate Professor the intersection between art, architecture and society. cornejo@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Elisabeth Fraser Professor art, travel, and cultural exchange; fraser@usf.edu Art & Art History
    McArthur Freeman Assistant Professor explore race, double consciousness, and the construction of identity mcarthur@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Gregory Green Associate Professor exploring systems of control and the evolution of individual and collective empowerment ggreen@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Ezra Johnson Assistant Professor painting and animation ezraayhensjohnson@gmail.com Art & Art History
    Robert Lawrence Associate Professor studies the interstices between physical geography, land ethics, and the psychological ordering of experience; rlawren2@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Riccardo Marchi Associate Professor 20th century European art, the history of art history and art criticism rmarchi@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Lou Marcus Professor the tension between absence and presence in the photographic image. marcus@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Noelle Mason Assistant Professor manipulates appropriated images, objects, and contexts to investigate and expose the subtle seductiveness of power facilitated by systems of visual control. nmason@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Allison Moore Assistant Professor intersections of the global and the local, and in postcolonial and feminist theories as applied to contemporary African art allisonmoore@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Anat Pollack Associate Professor explore the perception and elasticity of time as it is impacted by emotional content, particularly in relation to trauma. She bridges the ragged edges of mind, body, and technology anat@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Bradlee Shanks Associate Professor figural and landscape narratives, and complex allegorical representations of contemporary life hanks@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Helena Szepe Associate Professor examines the complex interaction of technology, culture, and art in Venice during the shift from manuscript production to print; focus is on painting and book production in Renaissance Venice from the 14th to 16th centuries szepe@usf.edu Art & Art History
    Tom Brantley Jazz Ensemble Director trombone performance/jazz studies brantley@usf.edu Music
    Jay Coble Professor of Trumpet classical and jazz genres. jcoble@usf.edu Music
    Jay Hunsberger Professor of Tuba tuba performance hunsberg@usf.edu Music
    Paul Reller Associate Professor of Composition electronic music, acoustic composition, and the History of Blues and Rock Music reller@usf.edu Music
    James Bass Director of Choral Studies choral conducting, philosophy, and literature. jkbass@usf.edu Music
    John C. Carmichael Director of Bands wind ensemble performances jcarmich@usf.edu Music
    Robert McCormick Professor of PercussionMarimba & Percussion Ensembles Marimba & Percussion Ensembles mccormic@usf.edu Music
    Matthew McCutchen Marching Band Director, Associate Director of Bands instrumental conducting mccutchen@usf.edu Music
    John Robison Collegium Musicum Director,Professor of Musicology Researches a variety of Renaissance and Baroque topics, as well as intercultural composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries from the African, Asian, and Latin American continents robison@arts.usf.edu Music
    William Wiedrich Director of Orchestra/Associate Professor of Conducting Orchestral Studies wiedrich@usf.edu Music
    Jack Wilkins Professor and Director of Jazz Studies Jazz Improvisation, Jazz Styles and Analysis, Jazz History, wilkins@usf.edu Music
    Mark Neuenschwander Bass jazz and contemporary music. neuensch@usf.edu Music
    LaRue Nickelson Guitar Jazz lnickels@mail.usf.edu Music
    Chuck Owen Director of Center for Jazz Composition and Distinguished University Professor Jazz Studies, cowen@usf.edu Music
    Jennifer Bugos Assistant Professor neurological basis for music perception and cognition with regard to human development, lifespan learning, and cognitive transfer bugosj@usf.edu Music
    Victor Fung Professor social psychological aspects, multicultural issues, and international perspectives of music education fung@usf.edu Music
    Janet Moore Associate Professor strategies in teaching music and arts education; moorejs@usf.edu Music
    Clint Randles Assistant Professor intersection of motivation theory and creativity, and exploration of the construct “creative identity.” randlesc@usf.edu Music
    David A. Williams Associate Director/Coordinator of Music Auditions instrumental music education and technology davidw@usf.edu Music
    Zoë Lang Assistant Professor Austrian culture, specifically the importance of Strauss waltzes for national identity lang@usf.edu Music
    Sang-Hie Lee Professor pianists’ biomechanics and instrumental musicians’ health slee@usf.edu Music
    Jill T. Brasky Assistant Professor chromatic analysis and eighteenth-century music theories brasky@usf.edu Music
    Ciro Scotto Assistant Professor creating compositional systems, producing analyses and theoretical models of the music of the 20th and 21st centuries, cscotto1@usf.edu Music
    Svetozar Ivanov Associate Professor of Piano and Chamber Music recitalist and orchestra soloist svetozar@usf.edu Music
    Scott Kluksdahl Professor orchestral soloist, recitalist, and chamber musician kluksdah@usf.edu Music
    Dee Moses cdmoses@usf.edu Music
    Carolyn Stuart Associate Professor Violin and Chamber Music cstuart@usf.edu Music
    Kyoung Cho Assistant Professor soprano, voice teacher and pedagogue kyoung@usf.edu Music
    Brad Diamond Assistant Professor tenor, oratorio repertoire, bdiamond@usf.edu Music
    Warren Jaworski Associate Professor voice and vocal literature jaworski@usf.edu Music
    Amy Collins principal oboist acollin6@usf.edu Music
    Calvin Falwell Professor Clarinet & Bass Clarinet falwellc@usf.edu Music
    John Kehayas bassoon kehayas@usf.edu Music
    Kim McCormick Associate Professor flute/percussion with a repertoire spanning works from the Baroque though the modern period. kmccormi@usf.edu Music
    Brian Moorhead Associate Professor clarinet performance and chamber music bmoorhea@usf.edu Music
    Robert Summer Professor Emeritus Choral Conducting rsummer@usf.edu Music
    Averill Summer Professor Emeritus applied piano performance, chamber music, and piano literature asummer@usf.edu Music
    Marc Powers Director mpowers@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Dora Arreola Assistant Professor Acting and Movement darreola@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Andrew Carroll Assistant Professor Dance,Ballet and History acarroll@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Yao Chen Assistant Professor Theatre, Costume and Set Design yaochen2@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Patrick Finelli Professor Theatre, History, Sound and Theory finelli@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Michael Foley Associate Professor Dance,Modern, History, mcf@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Fanni Green Assistant Professor Theatre, Acting and Movement fgreen@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Bliss Kohlmyer Assistant Professor Dance, Modern and Senior Projects blissk@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Theater & Dance
    Andee Scott Assistant Professor Dance, Ballet, Modern, and Choreography andeescott@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Christopher Steele Professor Theatre, Directing, Literature, Combat and Circus csteele@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    G.B. Stephens Associate Professor Theatre,Design and Stage Management gbstephens@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Jeanne Travers Associate Professor Theatre, Modern, Choreography, and Pedagogy travers@usf.edu Theater & Dance
    Ying Zhu Assistant Professor Dance Theory and Professional Practice yingzhu@usf.edu Theater & Dance

    College of Arts and Sciences

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Eric C. Duke Assistant Professor & Graduate Director Black Internationalism and Diaspora politics in British West Indies eduke@usf.edu FAO 261 Africana Studies
    Abraham Khan Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Communication) Political rhetoric and the public sphere, race and the the rhetoric of social justice, the history of sport in the United States, social and political theory abrahamkhan@usf.edu FAO 253 Africana Studies
    Edward Kissi Associate Professor 20th Century economic and diplomatic history of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa; history of US foreign relations (with Africa) since the 20th Century,  and the comparative history of genocide and human rights ekissi@usf.edu FAO 265 Africana Studies
    Cheryl Rodriguez Associate Professor & Chair Urban Anthroplogy; Gender, Race, Class and Policy; Youth and Community crodriguez@usf.edu FA0 273 Africana Studies
    Kersuze Simeon-Jones Associate Professor (joint appointment with World Languages) Africa and the Caribbean; Haitian History and Literature; Literary and Political Movements, Women History within the Black Diaspora ksimeon@usf.edu FAO 251 Africana Studies
    Roberta Baer Professor Medical and nutritional anthropology, cultural aspects of diabetes, cancer, and stress baer@usf.edu SOC 138 Anthropology
    Elizabeth Bird Professor and Interim Department Chairperson; Director: USF Humanities Institute The role of news and journalism in framing cultural issues, and the relationship of media texts and audience practices ebird@usf.edu SOC 156A Anthropology
    Heide Castaneda Associate Professor, and Graduate Director Medical anthropology, sociocultural anthropology, migrant health hcastaneda@usf.edu SOC 110 Anthropology
    Karla Davis-Salazar Associate Professor; Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies Human-environmental interaction among ancient Mesoamerican societies in Honduras/curriculum development and assessment, among other higher education issues karladavis@usf.edu Anthropology
    Tara Deubel Assistant Professor Language and performance, social memory, anthropology of development in Sahel region of West Africa, North Africa, Middle East deubel@usf.edu N/A Anthropology
    David Himmelgreen Professor Maternal and child health, nutritional assessment, food insecurity and hunger, child growth and development, obesity and chronic disease, hypertension, nutrition education, nutrition and HIV/AIDS, HIV/AIDS prevention evaluation,  behaviorally based intervention research dhimmelg@usf.edu SOC 156C Anthropology
    Antionette Jackson Associate Professor; National Park Service Regional Ethnographer-SE Region Identity and representation; social construction of race, class, gender, ethnicity; heritage resource management atjackson@usf.edu SOC 140 Anthropology
    Erin Kimmerle Associate Professor Study variation in aging, growth, and development as it is applied to facial recognition, human identification, demography, and trauma analysis kimmerle@usf.edu SOC 118 Anthropology
    Daniel Lende Associate Professor Neuroanthropology, behavioral health,interventions in behavioral health, risk-factor epidemiology dlende@usf.edu SOC 135 Anthropology
    Lorena Madrigal Professor Human microevolution madrigal@usf.edu SOC 143 Anthropology
    Elizabeth Miller Associate Professor Immune function, maternal and infant health, nutrition, breastfeeding, reproduction, growth and development emm3@usf.edu SOC 136 Anthropology
    John Napora Instructor Power, sanctity, and market dynamics in northern Morocco jnapora@usf.edu SOC 40 Anthropology
    Thomas Pluckhahn Associate Professor Investigate the social organization of prehistoric societies in the southeastern United States and highland Mesoamerica tpluckha@usf.edu SOC 110 Anthropology
    Nancy Romero-Daza Associate Professor HIV/AIDS, women’s health, health problems in the inner city, infant mortality, drug abuse, commercial sex daza@usf.edu SOC 134 Anthropology
    Angela Stuesse Assistant Professor Devolution of immigration in southern United States astuesse@usf.edu SOC 137 Anthropology
    Robert Tykot Professor/Undergraduate Director Archaeological science and Old World archeology rtykot@usf.edu SOC 046A Anthropology
    Bretn Weisman Professor Historic and public archaeology of Florida bweisman@usf.edu SOC 104 Anthropology
    E. Christian Wells Associate Professor Explore the ways in which worldview, values, and beliefs motivate people’s economic choices, especially with regard to ecosystem services ecwells@usf.edu SOC 116 Anthropology
    Nancy Marie White Professor Historic Southern US and South American archaeology and origins of complexity nmw@usf.edu SOC 144 Anthropology
    Linda Whiteford Professor water-washed and water-borne disease/global reproductive health, disaster mitigation and recovery lwhiteford@usf.edu ADM226 Anthropology
    Kevin A. Yelvington Associate Professor Minority ethnic, gender, and class relations yelvingt@usf.edu SOC 142 Anthropology
    Rebecca Zarger Associate Professor How youth experience the “natural” world/ informal science education rzarger@usf.edu SOC 110 Anthropology
    Patrick Bradshaw Assistant professor Laboratory employs a multidisciplinary approach that employs traditional biochemical characterization of mitochondria, lifespan studies with transgenic mice, computational methods, and genomic and proteomic approaches pbradsha@usf.edu BSF 166 Cell Biology
    Brant Burkhardt Assistant professor Type 1 diabetes and PANcreatic-DERived factor (PANDER) bburkhardt@usf.edu BSF 206 Cell Biology
    My Lien Dao Associate Professor, Director Undergraduate Research for CMMB Molecular biology and immunology of host-pathogen interactions of Streptococcus mutans, Cryptosporidum parvum, and Microsporidium intestinalis dao@usf.edu BSF 205 Cell Biology
    Gary Daughdrill Associate Professor, CMMB and Center for Drug Discovery and Innovation (CDDI) Determining realistic structural ensembles for intrinsically unstructured proteins gdaughdrill@usf.edu ISA 6211 & IDRB Cell Biology
    James Garey Professor/Chair Molecular and morphological tools to study biodiversity in underwater coastal caves, vents and sinkholes as well as inland soils worldwide garey@usf.edu ISA 6211 Cell Biology
    Younghoon Kee Assistant professor Understanding the function and regulation of protein ubiquitination events implicated in DNA damage responses and genome instability syndromes ykee@usf.edu BSF 216 Cell Biology
    Daniel Lim Distinguished University Professor sample processing and development of antibody- , nucleic acid- , and receptor-based biosensor assays to rapidly detect pathogenic microorganisms and toxins in food, water, air, and infectious disease specimens lim@usf.edu IDRB ISA 404 6207 Cell Biology
    Alya Limayem Research Assistant Professor Food and water risk assessment using statistical software tools alimayem@usf.edu BSF 211 Cell Biology
    Meer Nanjundan Assistant professor Study of specific genes located at the 3q26.2 locus which are aberrantly expressed at the DNA, RNA, and protein level in epithelial cancer development mnanjund@usf.edu BSF 165 Cell Biology
    Cecilia Nunes Assistant professor studying the changes in the quality and composition of fresh fruits and vegetables, in response to growing/production environment and other conditions encountered throughout the food supply chain mariacecilia@usf.edu BSF 211 Cell Biology
    Richard Pollenz Professor & Associate Dean, Director Office For Undergraduate Research to better understand the response of organisms to environmental stress at the molecular level. pollenz@usf.edu LIB 210 Cell Biology
    James Riordan Assistant professor Determine the mechanism by which rpoN regulates AR systems in EHEC, and the importance of rpoN in gastric passage riordan@usf.edu ISA 6206 Cell Biology
    John Romeo Professor Emeritus Metabolism and distribution of amino acids and alkaloids in tropical plants and their effects romeo@usf.edu ISA 6202 Cell Biology
    Kristina Schmidt Associate Professor S. cerevisiae proteins that function at the interface between DNA replication and DNA repair and their effects on genome integrity kschmidt@usf.edu ISA 6210 Cell Biology
    Lindsey Shaw Associate Professor and CMMB Director of Graduate Studies Investigate diseases causation by Staphylococcus aureus by studying sigma factors, two-component systems, and DNA-binding proteins, and their influence on physiological and pathogenic processes shaw@usf.edu ISA 6204 Cell Biology
    Stanley Stevens Assistant professor Bioanalytical methods development in the field of proteomics with application to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying cellular dysfunction due to oxidative/nitrosative stress smstevens@usf.edu BSF 167 Cell Biology
    Diane Te Strake Professor and CMMB Director of Undergraduate Studies Learn about the physiology, pathogenicity, and distribution of the Basidiobolus fungus testrake@usf.edu BSF ISA 203 2018F Cell Biology
    Ashok Upadhyaya Instructor N/A aupadhya@usf.edu BSF 201/202 Cell Biology
    Peter Vandenbergh Instructor N/A pvandenbergh@usf.edu BSF 207/209 Cell Biology
    Sameer Varma Assistant professor Utilize physics- and informatics-based computer simulation methods to study how cell membranes respond to extrinsic constraints and how they regulate the selective transport of solutes svarma@usf.edu ISA 6205 Cell Biology
    Sandy Westerheide Assistant professor Understanding the molecular importance of heat shock response (HSR) on cellular metabolism, aging, and disease swesterheide@usf.edu ISA 6208 Cell Biology
    Richard Wunderlin Professor Emeritus Systematics and evolution of vascular plants with emphasis on tropical and subtropical species of the legume genus Bauhinia, the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae), and the flora of Florida. rwunder@usf.edu LIF 270/271 Cell Biology
    Bin Xue Assistant professor Characterizing the structural properties of both structured proteins and IDPs, identifying their interaction patterns, exploring the influence of their interactions on biological pathway and networks, and developing novel computational techniques bxue@health.usf.edu N/A Cell Biology
    Mildred Acavedo-Duncan Research Associate Professor Investigates signal transduction pathways involved in cell cycle control in high-grade gliomas, macevedo@usf.edu VAR 112, CHE 307A Chemistry
    Jon Antilla Associate Professor Formation of catalytic enantioselective aminals to develop post-stroke drugs jantilla@usf.edu NES 230 Chemistry
    Bill Baker Professor isolation and identification of new secondary metabolites using the techniques of organic structure determination bjbaker@cas.usf.edu BSF 308 Chemistry
    Kirpal Bisht Associate Professor Determine efficient and environmentally friendly synthetic routes towards synthesis of polymers for biodegradable applications kbisht@cas.usf.edu NES 408 B Chemistry
    Jianfeng Cai Assistant Professor Developing compounds using peptidomimetics termed “AApeptides” that lead to the design of novel therapeutics potentially targeting cancer, HIV, and Alzheimer’s jianfengcai@usf.edu BSF 313 Chemistry
    Xin Cui Research Assistant Professor N/A xincui@usf.edu BSF 314 Chemistry
    Mohamed Eddaoudi Professor design and synthesis of new functional extended networks and discrete host molecules where desired properties can be incorporated at the design stage of molecular organic building blocks (MOBBs) eddaoudi@usf.edu SCA 430 Chemistry
    Ioannes Gelis Assistant Professor Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), aims to study the structure, energetics and function of biological macromolecules igelis@usf.edu SCA 430 Chemistry
    Wayne Guida Professor Computer-aided drug design by studying structure and function of S-adenosylmethionine decarboxylase inhibitors as potential anti-cancer agents wguida@usf.edu CHM 202 D Chemistry
    Julianne Harmon Professor Optical, thermal, mechanical, transport properties and structure property of polymers harmon@cas.usf.edu BSF 312 Chemistry
    Milton Johnston Professor Utilize computer programming applications for analysis of nuclear magnetic resonance mdjohnston@usf.edu SCA 408 Chemistry
    Mohanraja Kumar Research Assistant Professor Using novel membrane permeable imaging probe development for in vitro and in vivo MR/PET/optical imaging and classification of small molecules kumarm@cas.usf.edu NES 408 A Chemistry
    Randy Larsen Chairperson and Professor Using optical spectroscopies to view time-resolved conformational changes and thermodynamics associated with ligand binding to heme proteins, biological electron transfer, protein folding and bacterial signal transduction rwlarsen@usf.edu SCA 425, CHE 205E Chemistry
    James Leahy Professor discovery of new drug candidates with fully optimized pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics parameters jwleahy@usf.edu Chemistry
    Jennifer Lewis Associate Professor determination of whether curricular developments/changes can be associated with positive student outcomes jennifer@usf.edu CHM 202 Chemistry
    Xiao (Sheryl) Li Assistant Professor understand chemical composition, structure and interactions in biological systems down to single cell using surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) and ultramicroelectrode (UME) imaging xli@usf.edu BSF 306 Chemistry
    Vasiliki (Vicky) Lykourinou Instructor and General Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator N/A vlikouri@mail.usf.edu BSF 316 Chemistry
    Shengqian Ma Associate Professor Exploration of Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) as electrocatalysts for fuel cell applications sqma@usf.edu IDRB 202 G Chemistry
    Abdul Malik Associate Professor Development of microseparation techniques using sol-gel chemistry-based advanced column technology malik@usf.edu SCA 426 Chemistry
    Roman Manetsch Associate Professor development of a reliable strategy for the discovery and development of Protein-protein Interaction Modulators PPIMs for drug development manetsch@usf.edu NES 331 A Chemistry
    Dean Martin Professor Emeritus the coordination chemistry of natural water systems,
    problems of red tide and aquat
    ic weeds
    dfmartin@usf.edu SCA 429 Chemistry
    Mark McLaughlin Professor of Chemistry and Interdisciplinary Oncolog helical amphipathic peptides that enforce an extended conformation for use in the synthesis of stable beta-sheet-like peptide structures with applications to age-related disease such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease mlmclaughlin@usf.edu NES 405 A Chemistry
    L. Preston Mercer Professor Nutrition as it effects metabolism; measured using mathematical modeling pmercer@usf.edu LRC 118 Chemistry
    David Merkler Professor define the mechanistic details of peptide and lipid amidation of peptidylglycine a-amidating enzyme (PAM) as it affects aspects of human health merkler@usf.edu BSF 307 Chemistry
    Li-june Ming Professor Using spectroscopic methods, including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), electron paragmatic resonance (EPR) to study hydrolytic chemistry and structure/function of metalloproteins, metallo-biomolecules, and synthetic model complexes ming@usf.edu BSF 303 Chemistry
    Patricia Muisener Senior Instructor/Assistant N/A muisener@cas.usf.edu CHE 205 D Chemistry
    Robert Potter Professor signal transduction of MAP kinase and protein kinase C families/blood analysis technique development/science literacy course development potter@usf.edu BSF 302 Chemistry
    Edwin Rivera Research Assistant Professor Understanding and improving upon nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) techniques edme@usf.edu BSF 304 Chemistry
    Santiago Sandi-Urena Assistant Professor Development of reflective learning techniques for the development of critical-thinking STEM undergraduate course facilitation and instruction ssandi@usf.edu SCA 406 Chemistry
    Brian Space Professor development and application of instantaneous normal mode and time correlation function methods to model liquid state vibrational spectroscopy bspace@usf.edu IDRB 210 Chemistry
    Edward Turos Professor development of nanoparticle polymers as drug delivery vehicles (for anticancr/antibiotic application)and biomedical plastics fapplication eturos@usf.edu NES 330 B Chemistry
    Arjan van derVaart Associate Professor coupled binding – folding processes of DNA-binding proteins and in the conformational dynamics of kinases and bacteriological toxins avandervaart@usf.edu IDRB 206 A Chemistry
    Solomon T. Weldegirma Instructor and Organic Chemistry Laboratory Coordinator Degradative studies of Palmerolides; Chiral synthesis of the degradative products of P
    sweldegi@usf.edu BSF 305 Chemistry
    Michael Zaworotko Professor Crystal engineering, nanotechnology, supramolecular chemistry, x-ray crystallography xtal@usf.edu SCA 409 Chemistry
    Peter Zhang Professor development of efficient catalytic systems for stereoselective chemical transformations and their applications in practical synthesis of organic molecules with biological and pharmaceutical interests xpzhang@usf.edu BSF 310 Chemistry
    Mariaelena Bartesaghi Associate Professor Examines social construction as a metatheoretical tool with which to interrogate how institutions are materialized or (en)acted in discourse mbartesaghi@usf.edu CIS 3037 Communication
    Ambar Basu Associate Professor Positions culture and health communication within the transformational politics of broader theoretical and methodological frameworks such as postcolonial and subaltern studies and critical ethnography abasu@usf.edu CIS 3032 Communication
    Elizabeth Bell Professor (Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences) performance studies, feminist theory and pedagogy ebell@usf.edu FAO 011 Communication
    Arthur Bochner Distinguished University Professor of Communication Investigates narratives surrounding aging, especially the aging of family members abochner@usf.edu CIS 3048 Communication
    Kenneth Cissna Professor Emeritus Applied communication and the theory and practice of dialogue kcissna@usf.edu N/A Communication
    Rachel Dubrofsky Associate Professor (and Affiliated Associate Professor, Departments of Humanities & Cultural Studies and Women’s & Gender Studies) Critical/cultural studies of communication and feminist media studies with a specialization in TV studies and online social networking sites rdubrofsky@usf.edu CIS 3040 Communication
    Aisha Durham Assistant Professor Examines controlling images or power-laden stereotypes are produced by media makers and interpreted by media audiences to make sense of blackness in the “post” era aishadurham@usf.edu CIS 3050 Communication
    Eric Eisenberg Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences organizational and health communication, with a focus on the strategic uses of communication to promote positive organizational change eisenberg@usf.edu CPR 107 Communication
    Carolyn Ellis Professor and Chair interpretive and artistic representations of qualitative research and focuses on writing and revisioning autoethnographic stories as a way to understand and interpret culture and live a meaningful life cellis@usf.edu CIS 3054 Communication
    Navita Cummings James Associate Professor/Undergraduate Director issues related to ethnic and gender diversity, and teaching and intervention in diversity issues njames2@usf.edu CIS 3039 Communication
    Jane Jorgenson Associate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies workplace identities and meanings with a focus on gender, and on the communicative intersections of work and family life jjorgens@usf.edu CIS 3045 Communication
    Abraham Khan Assistant Professor (joint appointment with Department of Africana Studies) Rhetoric, Social Justice, History of Sports abrahamkhan@usf.edu CIS 3047 Communication
    Michael LeVan Senior Instructor and Director of Undergraduate Studies aesthetics and politics of memory, the communication of images, and transformations of the practices of everyday life mlevan@usf.edu CIS 3033 Communication
    Chris McRae Assistant Professor communicative and critical implications of music performance, listening, and pedagogy cjmcrae@usf.edu CIS 3028 Communication
    Chaim Noy Associate Professor explores the use of discourse, talk, and writing in face-to-face and in mediated social interactions cnoy@usf.edu CIS 3038 Communication
    Mahuya Pal Assistant Professor explores communicative processes within the contexts of marginality, poverty, human rights, social justice, democratic ideals, and eco-colonialism mpal@usf.edu CIS 3036 Communication
    David Payne Associate Professor critical methodology, contemporary rhetorical theory, and the discourse of individual identity in popular American film dpayne@usf.edu CIS 3043 Communication
    Llyod Pettegrew Professor organization communication, public opinion, persuasion, and integrated marketing communications lpettegr@usf.edu CIS 3019 Communication
    Art Ramirez Associate Professor tersection between interpersonal and computer-mediated communication aramirez2@usf.edu Communication
    Lori Roscoe Associate Professor/Associate Chair Aging, Communication at end-of-life lroscoe@usf.edu CIS 3030 Communication
    Fred Steier Associate Professor Cybernetics and systems approaches, Reflexivity, Action research, Organizational communication fsteier@usf.edu CIS 3037 Communication
    Jay Zalinger Assistant Professor studies how technology shapes our life stories zalinger@usf.edu Communication
    Andrei Barbos Assistant Professor Choice evalutation in microeconomics abarbos@usf.edu CMC 208 C Economics
    Yi Deng Associate Professor Industrial Organization, Health Care and Policy, Technological Change, Applied Econometrics, Applied Microeconomics ydeng@usf.edu CMC 207 F Economics
    Joseph DeSalvo Professor Economic practices as they affect urban areas and population jdesalvo@usf.edu CMC 207 E Economics
    Mark Herander Professor/Chair International trade policy and policital economy of trade mherande@usf.edu CMC 208 B Economics
    Bradley Kamp Associate Professor Survey Bias/Quality Incentives bkamp@usf.edu CMC 207 H Economics
    Giulia La Mattina Assistant Professor Development Economics,Labor Economics glamattina@usf.edu CMC 208 E Economics
    Michael Loewy Associate Professor & Graduate Director dynamic macroeconomics, monetary economics, and growth theory mloewy@usf.edu CMC 208 A Economics
    Murat Munkin Associate Professor Bayesian Econometrics; Microeconometrics; Health Economics; Islamic Economics mmunkin@usf.edu CMC 207 B Economics
    Gabriel Picone Professor Health economics, applied economics, econometric theory gpicone@usf.edu CMC 207 C Economics
    Philip Porter Professor Sports economics pporter@usf.edu CMC 207 A Economics
    Christopher Thomas Associate Professor & Exide Professor of Sustainable Enterprise Managerial economics, antitrust, business strategy and organization crthomas1@usf.edu CMC 208 D Economics
    Joshua Wilde Assistant Professor Economic growth, Economic Demography, Population, Natural Resource Economics jkwilde@usf.edu CMC 207 D Economics
    Sari Altschuler Assistant Professor Teaches American literature and culture from its “beginnings” to 1865 with particular emphasis on medicine and literature, science studies, and disability studies. saltschuler@usf.edu CPR 301-G English
    Rita Ciresi Professor/ Coordinator of Creative Writing Specializes in Fiction writing; creative nonfiction writing; creative writing; contemporary literature; ethnic literature; Italian-American literature. rciresi@usf.edu CPR 320 English
    Tova Cooper Assistant Professor Dr. Cooper’s work explores the role of the child in the forging of a U.S. national identity at the turn of the twentieth century. tovacooper@usf.edu CPR 384 English
    Nicole Guenther Discenza Associate Professor teaching and research focus on Old and Middle English.My research focuses primarily on the Old English works of Alfred the Great and his circle. ndiscenza@usf.edu CPR 301E English
    John Fleming Associate Professor he teaches graduate and undergraduate fiction writing courses, directs graduate theses, and is advisory editor of Saw Palm: florida literature and art. johnfleming@usf.edu CPR 318 English
    Marty Gould Assistant Professor Though I teach the occasional course in southern literature, the Victorian remains my primary area of teaching and research. mgould@usf.edu CPR 301A English
    Gurleen Grewal Associate Professor Postcolonial literatures; Indian Diaspora; twentieth-century American literature; Toni Morrison; women’s studies; memoir; nature writings; contemplative pedagogy. grewal@usf.edu CPR 301-H English
    Hunt Hawkins Professor & English Department Chair His academic specializations are Modern British Literature, Postcolonial Literature, and poetry writing. hhawkins@usf.edu CPR 360A English
    Carl Herndl Coordinator of Rhetoric & Composition my primary areas of expertise are rhetorical and critical theory and the rhetoric of science. Within those two rather large areas, I am most interested in issues of social change and the role of rhetoric in environmental science and policy. cgh@usf.edu CPR 358-D English
    Regina Hewitt Professor Hewitt specializes in the literature and social theory of the Romantic Era; in the history of literary criticism, with particular attention to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries; in the history and problems of disciplinarity; and in Scottish Studies. rhewitt@usf.edu CPR 325 English
    Elizabeth Hirsh Associate Professor At present my professional concerns are focused around Critical Animal Studies, Literature and Historiography, Virginia Woolf, Modernism, and Contemplative Pedagogies. hirsh@usf.edu CPR 301B English
    Jay Hopler Associate Professor Creative Writing (Poetry); Mystery, Detective, and Crime Fiction; American Studies jhopler@usf.edu CPR 323 English
    Ylce Irizarry Assistant Professor Her research areas include U.S. Latina/o and Chicana/o cultural production, Hispanic transnational literatures, Caribbean historical fiction, Visual Rhetorics, and Testimonio. yirizarry@usf.edu CPR 329 English
    Debra Jacobs Associate Professor Rhetoric and composition; literary theory djacobs@usf.edu CPR 387 English
    Gary Lemons Professor Gender progressive manhood and pro-feminist pedagogy glemons@usf.edu CPR 331 English
    John Lennon Assistant Professor His research is principally concerned with how marginalized individuals exert a politicized voice in collectivized actions jflennon@usf.edu CPR 322 English
    Elizabeth Metzger Associate Professor Theory and methods of composition; research and evaluation in composition emetzger@usf.edu CPR 385 English
    Susan Mooney Associate Professor Her research areas are interdisciplinary: censorship and sexuality in the modern novel; ethics and masculinity; history of the book and oral literary history. smooney@usf.edu CPR 301-N English
    Joe Moxley Professor including composition and creative writing pedagogy, academic writing, scholarly publishing, electronic theses and dissertations, qualitative research methods, assessment, and learning communities moxley@usf.edu CPR 306 English
    Cynthia Patterson Associate Professor professional/technical writing, American literature, and cultural studies cpatterson@usf.edu CPR 301-M English
    Pat Rogers Distinguished University Professor, Eminent Scholar, & DeBartolo Chair of the Humanities eighteenth century literature, politics, society, economics, music, architecture, science, medicine and more. rogersp@usf.edu CPR 303 English
    Laura Runge Professor Restoration & 18th c. literature; women writers; feminist theory runge@usf.edu CPR 360D English
    Marc Santos Assistant Professor Marc’s research foci include classical and contemporary rhetorical theory and practice, postmodern and psychoanalytic philosophy and theory, and new media pedagogy and praxis. marcsantos@usf.edu CPR 384 English
    Phillip Sipiora Professor Prof. Sipiora’s teaching and research focuses on the exploration of literary and cinematic grammar and rhetoric. He also has an interest in Phenomenology and its relationship to the interpretation of film and literature. sipiora@usf.edu CPR 358D English
    Ira Sukrungruang Assistant Professor the fat experience through the lens of literature isukrung@usf.edu CPR 332 English
    Shirley Toland-Dix Assistant Professor African American, Caribbean, and English literatures; women writers stoland@usf.edu CPR 0358 English
    Meredith Zoetewey Associate Professor mobile communications technologies, usability, and professional writing program administration zoetewey@usf.edu CPR 358 English
    Pratyusha Basu Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator urban dairying and suburbanization in Delhi (India’s capital), access to information technologies in rural India and the U.S., and anti-dam struggles along India’s Narmada rive pbasu@usf.edu NES 206 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Marcellus Bosman Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator global city formations, the political economy and ecology of urbanization, and the politics of place-competition bosman@usf.edu NES 209 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Jayajit Chakraborty Professor and Chair, Geography Division air pollution, environmental health, environmental justice, information and communication technologies, transportation, urban environmental change, and vulnerability to natural and technological disasters jchakrab@usf.edu NES 207 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Ruiliang Pu Associate Professor Remote sensing, GIS and spatial statistics with direct applications to natural hazard monitoring, land use/cover change detection, biophysical and biochemical parameters extraction, and coastal and terrestrial ecosystems modeling rpu@usf.edu NES 307 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Steven Reader Asssociate Professor GIScience and spatial statistics for social science applications, including cardiovascular death and low birth weight sreader@usf.edu NES 215 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Fenda Akiwumi Associate Professor Environmental resources: Equitable distribution, environmental deterioration, conflict fakiwumi@usf.edu NES 201 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Kamal Alsharif Assistant Professor water resources and watershed management, nonpoint source pollution, domestic water policy, stormwater management, Middle East water issues, water scarcity and hyrdropolitics, urban water management, and establishing environmental benchmarks by using data envelopment analysis kalshari@usf.edu Geography & Environmental Planning
    Jennifer Collins Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator interaction between large scale climatic patterns such as the El Niño – Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Madden – Julian Oscillation and seasonal patterns of tropical cyclone activity in multiple oceanic basins collinsjm@usf.edu NES 316 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Joni Downs Assistant Professor Develop new methods of GIScience application: density estimation, point pattern analysis, time geography, spatial optimization models, and network analysis. downs@usf.edu NES 307 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Ambe Njoh Professor and Director of Urban and Regional Planning Transportation policy & planning; Political economy of water and sanitation systems; Sustainable development theory and practice njoh@usf.edu Geography & Environmental Planning
    Philip Reeder Associate Professor and Chair, Environmental Science & Policy Division Hydrology, water resources, soils and geomorphology in karst landscapes, geoarchaeology, environmental contamination, and wetlands preeder@usf.edu NES 303 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Elizabeth Strom Associate Professor Housing policy, community development, downtown development estrom@usf.edu NES 205 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Philip Van Beynen Associate Professor Karst environments: reconstructing paleoclimates using isotopic analyses of calcitic speleothems or sediments found in caves vanbeyne@usf.edu NES 313 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Laurie Walker Faculty Administrator Botany; Biology; evolutionary, and phylogeographic studies of Florida upland plants lwalker@usf.edu NES 315 Geography & Environmental Planning
    Charles Connor Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship Modeling volcanic processes,probabilistic forecasts of volcanic activity heat and mass transfer of volcanoes cbconnor@usf.edu CHM 108 Geology
    Richard Davis Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor Process-response systems of beaches, inlets, and tidal sand bodies; coastal sediment transport processes and prediction rdavis@cas.usf.edu SCA 106 Geology
    Timothy Dixon Professor space geodesy (GPS, InSAR) to study tectonics and volcano deformation, coastal subsidence, aquifer depletion, carbon sequestration, and melting of ice sheets and glaciers thd@usf.edu SCA 220 Geology
    Peter Harries Interim Associate Dean of the Graduate School Mass extinction, paleoecology, invertebrate paleontology harries@usf.edu SCA 506 Geology
    Gregory Herbert Associate Professor Evolutionary arms races, Stable isotope ecology, Paleoclimatology, Phylogenetic systematics and Neogastropod evolution gherbert@usf.edu SCA 528 Geology
    Sarah Kruse Associate Professor ground penetrating radar and electromagnetic, and resistivity methods to environmental and volcanological studies skruse@usf.edu SCA 232 Geology
    Rocco Malservisi Assistant Professor collection, analysis and modeling of geodetic data to study the deformation of the lithosphere rocco@usf.edu SCA 230 Geology
    Stephen McNutt Professor smcnutt@usf.edu SCA 213 Geology
    Bogdan Onac Associate Professor Cave mineralogy and crystallography; basis for palaeoclimate and palaeoenvironment reconstruction bonac@usf.edu SCA 506 Geology
    Matthew Pasek Assistant Professor Determining potentially prebiotic pathways leading to the origin of life using phosphorus redox cosmobiogeochemistry mpasek@usf.edu SCA 533 Geology
    Mark Rains Associate Professor Hydrological controls on ecosystem structure and function in fresh, brackish, saline, and hypersaline aquatic ecosystems mrains@usf.edu SCA 531 Geology
    Jeffrey Ryan Professor/Chair Geochemistry and Petrology of Subduction Zones, Modern and Ancient. Geochemical Evolution of the Earth’s Mantle ryan@usf.edu SCA 528 Geology
    Mark Stewart Professor Hydrogeology, Applied Geophysics mark@usf.edu SCA 533 Geology
    H.L. (Len) Vacher Professor Quantitative and mathematical literacy in geoscience education vacher@usf.edu SCA 504 Geology
    Ping Wang Associate Professor Coastal geology,Sedimentary Geology,Coastal sedimentary processes,Nearshore sediment transport,Nearshore wave and current dynamics,Coastal morphodynamics,Coastal engineering and management pwang@usf.edu CHE 215 Geology
    Paul Wetmore Associate Professor Magmatic and Structural Evolution of the Snake River Plain, Idaho wetmore@usf.edu SCA 518 Geology
    Jonathan Wynn Associate Professor Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Global Carbon Cycle, Paleoenvironments and Paleoclimate wynnj@usf.edu SCA 509 Geology
    Steven Tauber Associate Professor and Interim Chair Animal Advocacy Politics, Judicial Behavior, American Government, and Race & Politics stauber@usf.edu SOC 370 Government & International Affairs
    Mark Amen Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies for Political Science Globalization and political economy, International relations amen@usf.edu SOC 391 Government & International Affairs
    Edwin J Benton Profesor Policy analysis and program evaluation and intergovernmental relations jbenton@usf.edu SOC 367 Government & International Affairs
    Kiki Caruson Associate Professor, and Assistant Vice President for Research, Innovation and Global Affairs Emergency Management, Disasters, Extreme Events, National/Homeland Security, U.S. Foreign Policy, Diplomacy, Presidential Power, Executive Branch Politics, Intergovernmental Relations, Federalism kcaruson@usf.edu SOC 378 Government & International Affairs
    Eunjung Choi Assistant Professor Political Behavior and Quantitative Methods. Her specific research and teaching interests include campaigns and elections, public opinion, political communication, and political psychology in both American and comparative contexts echoi@usf.edu SOC 364 Government & International Affairs
    Earl Conteh-Morgan Profesor American Foreign Policy – International Relations – International Conflict conteh@usf.edu SOC 371 Government & International Affairs
    Peter N. Funke Assistant Professor social movements, communications and globalizing capitalism pnfunke@usf.edu SOC 367 Government & International Affairs
    Michael Gibbons Associate Professor Contemporary political and social theory; classical political theory and the American Founding; philosophy of social science; politics and literature; religion and politics gibbons@usf.edu SOC 349 Government & International Affairs
    Cheryl Hall Associate Professor Environmental Political Theory, Passion and Politics, Feminist Theory, Democratic Theory chall@usf.edu SOC 357 Government & International Affairs
    Abdelwahab Hechiche Profesor The Middle East – Human Rights – The United Nations – The Arab-Israeli Conflict ahechich@chuma1.cas.usf.edu SOC 377 Government & International Affairs
    Susan MacManus Distinguished Professor State & Local government, urban planning and land use macmanus@cas.usf.edu SOC 358 Government & International Affairs
    Janna Merrick Profesor Public Policy – American National Government merrick@usf.edu SOC 361 Government & International Affairs
    Mohsen Milani Profesor Comparative Politics, Comparative Revolutions, Modern Iran milani@usf.edu SOC 368 Government & International Affairs
    Dajin Peng Associate Professor International Political Economy – International Relations – International Business – China, Japan, Southeast Asi peng@cas.usf.edu SOC 379 Government & International Affairs
    Bernd Reiter Associate Professor Democracy, Civil Society and Racism in comparative perspective; Education Reform in comparative perspective; Qualitative research and nonprofit management breiter@usf.edu CPR 474D Government & International Affairs
    Steven Roach Associate Professor Minority rights, international criminal law sroach@cas.usf.edu SOC 374 Government & International Affairs
    Darrell Slider Profesor Comparative Politics – Russian Confederation – Former Soviet Republics slider@usf.edu SOC 381 Government & International Affairs
    M. Scott Solomon Associate Professor, and Director of Undergraduate Programs Globalization, Migration and International Political Economy msolomon@usf.edu SOC 375 Government & International Affairs
    Harry Vanden Profesor Comparative Politics – Latin America – Democratization vanden@usf.edu SOC 360 Government & International Affairs
    Jongseok Woo Assistant Professor Security studies, military politics, East Asian politics, and political corruption wooj@usf.edu SOC 364 Government & International Affairs
    Golfo Alexopoulos Associate Professor Modern Europe, Russia and the Soviet Union, Stalin and Stalinism galexopo@usf.edu SOC 265 History
    John Belohlavek Professor role of women in the Mexican War; The social, economic, and political implications of antebellum lotteries belohlav@usf.edu SOC 206 History
    Giovanna Benadusi Professor women, gender, class, and the law in Grand Ducal Tuscany between the sixteenth and the early eighteenth centuries to ask larger questions about the formation of early modern states and particularly about how people formally excluded from public life articulated broad political and cultural themes in ordinary legal practices benadusi@usf.edu SOC 291 History
    Gavin Benke Postdoctoral Scholar role businesses and companies play in American life gbenke@usf.edu SOC 246 History
    Barbara Berglund Associate Professor/Associate Chair race, class, gender, and popular culture, often in the cities of the nineteenth- and early twentieth-century American West bberglund@usf.edu SOC 292 History
    Kees (Case) Boterbloem Professor Russian and Soviet History, Dutch History, Cultural, Social-Economic, and Military-Political History of European Empires cboterbl@usf.edu SOC 211 History
    Brian Connolly Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator incest and liberalism in the nineteenth-century United States bconnolly@usf.edu SOC 210 History
    Michael Decker Associate Professor Byzantine History and Archaeology, Economy and Society of Late Antiquity mjdecker@usf.edu SOC 214 History
    Paul J Dosal Professor Modern Central America and the Caribbean; United States Relations with Latin America pdosal@cas.usf.edu SOC 016 History
    Joanna Dyl Assistant Professor understand how diverse groups of people have encountered and experienced nature in different ways – how have differences of race, class, and gender affected environmental history jdyl@usf.edu SOC 212 History
    Darcie Fontaine Assistant Professor exploring the moral frameworks that lead people to take up politically unpopular causes, many of which can put them at risk of great danger dfontaine@usf.edu SOC 216 History
    Scott Ickes Assistant Professor Modern Brazil, Modern Latin America, Race Class Gender, Regional and National Identity sickes@usf.edu SOC 207 History
    Julia Irwin Assistant Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator U.S. relations with the rest of the world, 1890-present; international humanitarianism; the international Progressive Era and the First World War; cultural diplomacy and non-state internationalism; the history of disasters; the history of medicine and public health in global perspective juliai@usf.edu SOC 264 History
    David Johnson Associate Professor 20th Century U.S.; the Cold War; history of sexuality; gay and lesbian history davidjohnson@usf.edu SOC 263 History
    Julie Langford Associate Professor self-presentation and identity formation in the Roman Empire, particularly in terms of ethnicity, social status, gender and religion langford@usf.edu SOC 213 History
    Philip Levy Associate Professor Early America, Virginia History, Place and Landscape, Historical Archaeology, Public History plevy@usf.edu SOC 290 History
    William M. Murray Mary and Gus Stathis Professor of Greek History Greek History and Archaeology, History and Archaeology of Northwestern Greece, Naval History of Ancient Mediterranean Cultures, Ancient Naval War and Warships, Ancient Seafaring and Harbor Studies murray@usf.edu SOC 267 and 250 History
    Adriana Novoa Associate Professor Modern Argentina, Science in Latin America, Race and Gender in Latin America ainovoa@usf.edu SOC 288 History
    Fraser Ottanelli Professor and Chair Post-1865 US History, U.S. Radical Movements, Ethnic and Labor History, US Immigration and Ethnic History; Comparative Migration, and US History in a Global Age ottanelli@usf.edu SOC 271 History
    K. Stephen Prince Assistant Professor 19th and 20th century United States, U.S. South, Civil War and Reconstruction, Gilded Age and Progressive Era, African-American, race, memory, cultural history ksp@usf.edu SOC 211 History
    Frances L. Ramos Associate Professor political culture of late seventeenth- and eighteenth-century Puebla de los Ángeles, Mexico, the viceroyalty of New Spain’s “second city” in prestige and importance. framos@usf.edu SOC 215 History
    Graydon Tunstall Executive Director of Phi Alpha Theta Modern Europe, Central Europe and the Balkans tunstall@usf.edu SOC 239 History
    Tamara Zwick Assistant Professor Modern German History; Holocaust History/Historiography; European Women’s History; Feminist/Gender Theory; Social, Cultural and Intellectual Modern European History; Modern Jewish History tzwick@usf.edu SOC 208 History
    Daniel Belgrad Associate Professor Daniel Belgrad’s research focuses on post-World War II American culture. dbelgrad@usf.edu CPR 365 Humanities
    Andrew Berish Assistant Professor the relationship between musical expression and the social experience of space and place. aberish@usf.edu CPR 368 Humanities
    Maria Cizmic Assistant Professor the ways in which music interacts with representations of pain, trauma, and memory. mcizmic@usf.edu CPR 370 Humanities
    Annette Cozzi Assistant Professor he studies the relationships among food, literature, and the construction of British national identity in the nineteenth century. acozzi@usf.edu CPR 372 Humanities
    William Cummings Professor Southeast Asian History, Historiography wcummings@usf.edu CPR 361 Humanities
    James D’Emilio Associate Professor He specializes in Romanesque art and architecture and the history and culture of medieval Iberia, with emphases on medieval Galicia and Iberian monasticism. demilio@usf.edu CPR 382 Humanities
    Elaine Smith Assistant Professor literature and visual art in American Culture, contemporary literature, American Literature, Women in Literature, and Landscape in American Fiction, British watercolors from the 18th through the early 20th centuries. eysmith@usf.edu CPR 374 Humanities
    Robert Snyder Professor American South, Popular Culture, Photography and film in American Culture rsnyder@usf.edu CPR 237 Humanities
    Susan Bell Professor Exploring ecological relationships among fish, invertebrates and plant structure sbell@usf.edu SCA 332 Integrative Biology
    Thomas Crisman Professor Freshwater Ecology tcrisman@usf.edu SCA108 Integrative Biology
    Stephen Deban Assistant Professor understand how animals move and how the physiological and biomechanical mechanisms that produce movement change through evolution sdeban@usf.edu SCA 334 Integrative Biology
    Gordon Fox Associate Professor Plant ecology and evolution, conservation biology, population biology, fire ecology gfox@usf.edu SCA 330 Integrative Biology
    Valerie Harwood Professor determine the source(s) of fecal contamination in water, whether it originates from human sewage, pets, agricultural animals, or wild animals vharwood@usf.edu BSF 131 Integrative Biology
    Marc Lajeunesse Assistant Professor understand the natural diversity of parasites and forces creating and sustaining this diversity—in particular, we focus on using available data to isolate which ecological or evolutionary concepts are applicable over a wide variety of contexts lajeunesse@usf.edu SCA 306 Integrative Biology
    David B. Lewis Assistant Professor investigate how land management, hydrology, and biology influence the load and concentration of various molecular forms of these elements in surface waters and groundwater davidlewis@usf.edu SCA 328 Integrative Biology
    Lynn Martin Associate Professor Ecological physiology and immunology lbmartin@usf.edu SCA 130 Integrative Biology
    Earl McCoy Professor and Associate Chair conservation and restoration of severely threatened upland habitats, particularly sandhill and scrub, in Florida earlmccoy@usf.edu SCA 314 Integrative Biology
    Philip J. Motta Professor functional and ecological morphology, and behavior of fishes, particularly as it pertains to feeding motta@usf.edu SCA 304 Integrative Biology
    Henry R. Mushinsky Professor and Graduate Program Director Conservation biology, herpetology, restoration ecology, terrestrial vertebrate biology mushinsk@usf.edu SCA 311 Integrative Biology
    Sidney K. Pierce Professor Symbiosis, gene transfer, osmoregulation, marine invertebrate biology and sea monsters pierce@usf.edu SCA 126 Integrative Biology
    Christina Richards Assistant Professor Plant ecological genetics and genomics, ecological and evolutionary epigenetics, plant ecophysiology, conservation genetics, global change biology clr@usf.edu SCA 127 Integrative Biology
    Jason Rohr Associate Professor How pollution and climate change affect wildlife populations, species interactions, and the spread of disease rohr@usf.edu SCA 309 Integrative Biology
    Kathleen Scott Associate Professor Microbial Physiology and Biogeochemistry kmscott@usf.edu BSF 132 Integrative Biology
    Peter Stiling Professor and Chair Ecology: elevated CO2 and effects on food webs, Non-target effects of biological control and Top-down/bottom-up effects in salt marshes pstiling@usf.edu SCA 331 Integrative Biology
    Jim Andrews Interim Director and Associate Professor address information problems in primary care, clinical research informatics, health communication, and understanding consumers’ health information behaviors jimandrews@usf.edu CIS 2015 Mass Communications
    Scott S. Liu Associate Professor psychological processes and effects of marketing communication sliu@usf.edu CIS 3089 Mass Communications
    Edward Friedlander Professor newswriting, reporting, newspaper and magazine feature writing, photojournalism and mass communications and society efriedla@usf.edu CIS 3114 Mass Communications
    Gil Thelen Clendinen Professor public relations management of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, public empowerment, and emerging media as a tool for branding and public engagement gthelen@usf.edu CIS 3092A Mass Communications
    Roxanne Watson Assistant Professor mass communications law, and newspaper writing, reporting and editing rwatson@usf.edu CIS 3102 Mass Communications
    Kelli Burns Associate Professor Social media, public relations and advertising kburns@usf.edu CIS 3093 Mass Communications
    Moonhee Cho Assistant Professor public relations management of both for-profit and nonprofit organizations, public empowerment, and emerging media as a tool for branding and public engagement moonhee@usf.edu CIS 3096 Mass Communications
    Michael Mitrook Assistant Professor bridging theory and practice in public relations, and developing theory-based tools for the practitioner mmitrook@usf.edu Mass Communications
    Kelly Werder Associate Professor advertising, public relations and publication design kgpage@usf.edu CIS 3098 Mass Communications
    Justin Brown Assistant Professor telecommunications law and policy issues including broadband deployment and new media justinsbrown@usf.edu CIS 3103 Mass Communications
    Kenneth C. Killebrew Jr. Associate Professor newspaper and television reporting and writing, public relations writing, media effects and agenda setting in public policy and opinion, and comparative studies in law and media effects kkillebr@usf.edu CIS 3102 Mass Communications
    Fred Pearce Professor Telecommunications and health care delivery, documentary film, broadcast production fwpearce@usf.edu CIS 3114 Mass Communications
    Daniel Bagley III Associate Professor Emeritus advertising, sales, motivation and creative behavior bagley@usf.edu CIS 3100 Mass Communications
    Larry Leslie Associate Professor Emeritus media ethics, mass communications theory and research and mass communications and society drlzleslie@gmail.com Mass Communications
    Randy Miller Associate Professor Emeritus newspaper writing, reporting and editing, and mass communications theory rmiller@mail.usf.edu CIS 3096 Mass Communications
    Barbara Petersen Associate Professor Emeritus mass communications law, public relations management and theory, and social science theory and research petersen@usf.edu CIS 3091 Mass Communications
    Marcus McWaters Associate Professor & Chair Topology, Topological Algebra, Algebraic Topology. mmm@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Catherine A. Bénéteau Associate Professor Complex analysis, analytic function spaces, Hardy and Bergman spaces, interpolation, non linear extremal problems. cbenetea@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Thomas J. Bieske Associate Professor Sub-Riemannian geometry, partial differential equations, nonlinear potential theory. tbieske@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Brian W. Curtin Associate Professor The algebraic combinatorics of distance-regular graphs, spin models, Bose-Mesner algebras, and planar algebras. bcurtin@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Arthur A. Danielyan Assistant Professor Complex analysis and approximation theory. adaniely@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Mohamed Elhamdadi Associate Professor Low dimensional Topology, Knot Theory, K-Theory emohamed@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Xiang-Dong Hou Professor Algebra, combinatorics, coding and cryptography. xhou@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Nataša Jonoska Professor Biomolecular computation, symbolic dynamics, formal languages. jonoska@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Athanassios G. Kartsatos Professor Nonlinear Functional Analysis, Evolution Equations in Abstract Spaces, Nonlinear Accretive & Monotone Operator Theory, Nonlinear Control Theory. hermes@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Dmitry Khavinson Professor Complex Analysis, Potential Theory, Partial Differential Equations, Harmonic Functions, Approximation Theory, Free Boundary Problems, Gravitational Microlensing. dkhavins@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Sherwin Kouchekian Associate Professor Operator and Function Theory, Mathematical Physics. skouchekian@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Milé Kraj_evski Assistant Professor Combinatorial group theory, geometric group theory, small cancellation theory, hyperbolic groups. mile@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Seung-Yeop Lee Assistant Professor Random matrix theory and related subjects such as Hele-Shaw flows; Coulomb gas; Riemann-Hilbert problems; orthogonal polynomials; quadrature domains; complex dynamics. lees3@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Wen-Xiu Ma Professor Integrable systems, soliton theory, orthogonal polynomials, symbolic computations wma3@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Manoug Manougian Professor & Director of the STEM Education Center Applied mathematics; differential equations; oscillation; mathematics for the general public; violence and genocide. manoug@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Gregory L. McColm Associate Professor Logic and theoretical computer science; probabilistic methods; discrete and computational geometry; philosophy of mathematics education. mccolm@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Brendan T. Nagle Associate Professor Extremal combinatorics, hypergraph regularity methods. bnagle@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Evguenii A. Rakhmanov Professor Complex analysis, constructive methods of approximations of analytic functions, orthogonal polynomials, potential theory. rakhmano@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Jogindar S. Ratti Professor Real analysis; complex analysis; graph theory. ratti@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Masahiko Saito Professor Knot theory, low-dimensional topology and applications. saito@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Dmytro Savchuk Assistant Professor Geometric and combinatorial group theory. Geometry of Out(Fn). Thompson’s groups. Groups acting on rooted trees: self-similar, generated by automata, iterated monodromy groups, contracting and branch groups. Algorithmic aspects of self-similar groups. Developing software for computations in group theory. Free and relatively free groups. Low-dimensional topology savchuk@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Boris Shekhtman Professor Approximation theory, abstract and classical analysis. shekhtma@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Les_aw Skrzypek Associate Professor Approximation Theory, Minimal Projections skrzypek@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Richard Stark Professor Theory of parallel computation and distributed processes; cellular automata; mathematical logic; algebra stark@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Stephen Suen Associate Professor Combinatorics; theoretical computer science. ssuen@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Razvan Teodorescu Associate Professor Mathematical physics; complex and harmonic analysis; integrable systems of differential equations; optimization theory; computational methods; stochastic processes. razvan@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Vilmos Totik Professor Approximation theory, orthogonal polynomials, potential theory. totik@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Yuncheng You Professor Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems, Partial Differential Equations and Applications, Mathematical Finance and Economics, Mathematical Biology you@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Gangaram S. Ladde Professor Applied Time Series, Time Series Analysis gladde@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Kandethody M. Ramachandran Professor Stochastic control problems. ram@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Christos P. Tsokos Distinguished University Professor Statistical Analysis and Modeling, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Systems, Reliability Analysis — Ordinary and Bayesian, Ecology-Biostatistics/Biomathematics, Stochastic Differential Games, Stochastic Differential and Integral Systems, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling of GLOBAL WARMING ctsokos@usf.edu Math & Stats
    Rebecca D. Wooten Assistant Professor Statistical Analysis, Statistical Modeling, Time Series Analysis rwooten@mail.usf.edu Math & Stats
    Roger Ariew Professor & Department Chair His principal interests concern the relations between philosophy, science, and society in the early modern period. rariew@usf.edu FAO 291 Philosophy
    Steven Burgess Postdoctoral Instructor His main research interests are in early modern philosophy and 19th and 20th century continental philosophy sburges3@mail.usf.edu FAO 203 Philosophy
    Anthony DeSantis Postdoctoral Instructor His central research interests are in the history of early modern philosophy and philosophy of religion with a focus on the relations between philosophy, science, and theology in society. ajdesant@mail.usf.edu FAO 229 Philosophy
    William Mark Goodwin Assistant Professor Kant, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Science, Environmental Philosophy, Philosophy of Chemistry, Philosophy of Medicine wgoodwin@usf.edu FAO 219 Philosophy
    Colin Heydt Associate Professor His research focuses on the history of ethics and political philosophy cheydt@cas.usf.edu FAO 245 Philosophy
    Douglas Jesseph Professor His research is in the history of early modern philosophy (17th and 18th centuries), with a special focus on the philosophy of mathematics in that period. djesseph@usf.edu FAO 209 Philosophy
    Alex Levine Professor / Undergraduate Mentor his current research interests include the philosophical importance of peripheral science (science outside Europe and North America), the “species problem” in the philosophy of biology, the “access problem” in the philosophy of mathematics, and embodied approaches within the philosophy of mind. levineat@usf.edu FAO 237 Philosophy
    Richard Manning Associate Professor His research is centered around an interest in the relation between norms, especially epistemic norms, and the natural; this interest has led to publications on a wide range of figures and topics, including Spinoza, Kant, Davidson, McDowell, Rorty, epistemology, philosophy of language, philosophy of biology and aesthetics rnm@usf.edu FAO 247A Philosophy
    Michael Morris Assistant Professor His research interests include the political context and dimensions of the early reception of Kant’s philosophy, with an emphasis on the works of K.L. Reinhold, J.G. Fichte, G.W.F. Hegel, August Rehberg, Friedrich Gentz, Anselm Feuerbach, J.B. Erhard, Friedrich Nicolai, and C.G. Schütz. michael34@usf.edu FAO 235 Philosophy
    Joshua Rayman Assistant Professor specializing in Nietzsche and nineteenth and twentieth century continental philosophy. jrayman@usf.edu FAO 243 Philosophy
    Brook Sadler Associate Professor of Humanities and Cultural Studies, and Philosophy Her research focuses on meta-ethics, normative ethics, and the history of moral philosophy brooksadler@usf.edu FAO 219 Philosophy
    Martin Schönfeld Professor His area of specialization is climate philosophy. mschonfe@usf.edu FAO 221 Philosophy
    Roger Stanev Postdoctoral Instructor research interests are in philosophy of science, and methodology, with focuses on medicine, statistics, and socio-political dimensions of clinical research. rstanev@usf.edu FAO 225 Philosophy
    Stephen Turner Distinguished University Professor problems of explaining normativity, especially the conflict between philosophical and social scientific accounts, and issues relating to the implications of cognitive neuroscience for social theory, especially related to the problem of tacit knowledge and mirror neurons. He is also engaged in a large project on the realism of Hans Kelsen and Max Weber and its relevance for contemporary discussions of political theory and law. turner@usf.edu FAO 217 Philosophy
    Joanne Waugh American Foundation for Greek Language and Culture (AFGLC) / Professor of Greek Culture / Director of Graduate Studies / Associate Department Chair She works in the history of philosophy, especially Ancient Greek philosophy, aesthetics and art criticism, the philosophy of language, and feminist philosophy. jwaugh@usf.edu FAO 233 Philosophy
    Thomas Williams Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies Dr Williams’s research interests are in medieval philosophy and theology (especially Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, and Duns Scotus) and the philosophy of religion. thomasw@usf.edu FAO 231 Philosophy
    Eric Winsberg Associate Professor His principal interests are in the philosophy of science and the philosophy of physics.  He is especially interested  in the role of computer simulations in the physical sciences and in the foundations of statistical physics and the direction of time winsberg@usf.edu FAO 205 Philosophy
    Wei Zhang Professor Dr. Zhang writes and publishes in the area of Asian philosophy of religion, comparative intellectual histories, and Mahayana Buddhist commentarial traditions. wzhang5@usf.edu FAO 211 Philosophy
    Matthias Batzill Associate Professor investigates fundamental structural, electronic, and chemical surface and interface properties of solid materials mbatzill@usf.edu ISA 5106 Physics
    Robert Chang Professor Laser & Optical physics, energy transfer states, crystal growth, fiberoptics chang@usf.edu ISA 4206 Physics
    Antao Chen Research Associate Professor Chemical and environmental sensing using photonics and nano-electronics, micro- and nano-fabrication, free space, integrated, and fiber optics for information transmission and processing, and propagation and scattering of terahertz waves antaochen@usf.edu ISA 5006 Physics
    Wei Chen Professor study direct energy transform from inorganic energy to the living system by electrically activating membrane electrogenic pump molecules, Na/K ATPases, as well as its application in wound healing wchen@usf.edu ISA 6217 Physics
    Anuja Datta Research Assistant Professor fabricating advanced low-dimensional oxide, sulfide, telluride, and antimonides materials for applications in sensing, photovoltaics, and thermoelectrics technologies datta@usf.edu ISA 5008 Physics
    Ivar Giaever Research Scholar solid state physics & biophysics igiaever@usf.edu ISA 2019 Physics
    Donald T. Haynie Associate Professor Nanomedicine, bionanotechnology dhaynie@usf.edu ISA 6219 Physics
    Robert S. Hoy Assistant Professor behaviors of polymeric, colloidal, and nanocomposite systems through coarse-grained modeling and concomitant development of analytic theories rshoy@usf.edu ISA 4209 Physics
    Xiaomei Jiang Associate Professor photophysics of low dimensional, solution processable semiconductors such as conducting polymers and colloidal quantum dots, and related device physics of multi-layer heterojunction structures xjiang@usf.edu ISA 4214 Physics
    Dale Johnson Professor & Graduate Program Director development of electron probe devices dalejohnson@usf.edu ISA 4212 Physics
    Denis Karaiskaj Assistant Professor ondensed matter/materials physics optical and laser spectroscopy karaiskaj@usf.edu ISA 4208 Physics
    Myung K Kim Professor, Fellow of Optical Society of America laser & optical physics, digital holography, optical tomographic imaging mkkim@usf.edu ISA 6218 Physics
    Sergey Lisenkov Research Assistant Professor use first-principles methods to study the dielectric, ferroelectric, piezoelectric, magnetoelectric properties of simple perovskite oxides and their compounds in the form of bulk , thin films and nanodots slisenk@usf.edu ISA 5104 Physics
    Garrett Matthews Associate Professor structural and mechanical properties of these molecules and their interactions with one another garrettm@usf.edu ISA 6215 Physics
    Casey Miller Associate Professor pin transport phenomena in multilayer magnetic heterostructures millercw@usf.edu ISA 4211 Physics
    Pritish Mukherjee Professor & Chair of Physics Department solid state & materials physics, picosecond lasers and applications, laser-assisted materials processing pritish@usf.edu ISA 2022D Physics
    Andreas Muller Assistant Professor Experimental quantum optics of nanostructures, optomechanics for quantum communication mullera@usf.edu ISA 4217 Physics
    Martin Muschol Associate Professor Protein Interactions, Aggregation and Phase Separation, Modeling Neuronal Information Processing mmuschol@usf.edu ISA 6216 Physics
    George S. Nolas Professor, Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science new materials synthesis and characterization, nano-scale properties of material, slow temperature electrical and thermal transport gnolas@usf.edu ISA 6214 Physics
    Ivan Oleynik Professor Density functional theory, tight-binding, bond-order potentials & molecular dynamics, Materials for information technology including molecular and spin electronics oleynik@usf.edu ISA 5109 Physics
    Sagar Pandit Assistant Professor biologically relevant soft matter, with special emphasis on heterogeneous lipid bilayer systems pandit@usf.edu ISA 5102 Physics
    Manh-Huong Phan Research Assistant Professor “magneto-caloric” and “magneto-impedance” effects for energy-efficient refrigeration and sensor technologies phanm@usf.edu ISA 5004 Physics
    Inna Ponomareva Assistant Professor solid state & materials physics; theoretical physics iponomar@usf.edu ISA 5103 Physics
    David Rabson Associate Professor solid state & materials physics; theoretical physics, theoretical solid state physics davidra@ewald.cas.usf.edu ISA 5107 Physics
    Zhimin Shi Assistant Professor explore new physics of nonlinear quantum photonics, especially on nano-scale platforms, and to develop novel optical materials and devices with unprecedented performance zhiminshi@usf.edu ISA 4202 Physics
    Hariharan Srikanth Professor electromagnetic response in materials, nanostructured materials, solid state & materials physics sharihar@usf.edu ISA 5110 Physics
    Sarath Witanachchi Professor and Associate Chair laser ablation and plasma processes for thin film growth, Nanostructures and nanocomposites switanach@usf.edu ISA 5111 Physics
    Lilia Woods Associate Professor semiconductor and optical nanostructures, thermionic and thermoelectric materials , solid state & materials physics; theoretical physics lmwoods@usf.edu ISA 5105 Physics
    Vasily V. Zhakhovsky Research Associate Professor Molecular Dynamics, Direct Monte-Carlo, Particle-in-Cell, Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics, and modeling in statistical physics, hydrodynamics, and laser-matter interaction vzhakhov@usf.edu ISA 4210 Physics
    Jiangfeng Zhou Assistant Professor THz photonics, numerical electromagnetics, photonic crystals, Metamaterials jiangfengz@usf.edu ISA 4205 Physics
    Toru Shimizu Professor & Chair Visual Information Processing, Animal Cognition, Comparative Neuroscience, and Evolution of Brain and Cognition shimizu@usf.edu PCD 4142 Psychology
    Stephen Stark Associate Professor and Associate Chair development and application of psychometric methods to practical problems in industrial organizational and educational settings sestark@usf.edu PCD 4136 Psychology
    Joseph Vandello Associate Professor and Graduate Program Director Cultural and Gender Influences on Aggression, The Psychology of the Underdog, Colorblindness and Political Correctness vandello@usf.edu PCD 4135 Psychology
    Jane Noll Coordinator of Undergraduate Affairs Cognitive psychology: psycholinguistics and examined the role of gender in language jnoll@usf.edu PCD 4110 Psychology
    Paul Spector Area Director, Industrial/Organizational Program how organizational factors, work-nonwork interface, and personal characteristics interact to affect employee health, safety, and well-being pspector@usf.edu PCD 4138 Psychology
    Vicky Phares Area Director, Clinical Psychology Program developmental psychopathology in the context of the father-child relationship, and clinical assessment phares@usf.edu PCD 4125 Psychology
    Judith Bryant Area Director, Program in Cognition, Neuroscience, and Social Psychology Language Development, Pragmatics, Language and Social Competence, Language and Affection, Language and Gender judithbryant@usf.edu PCD 4152 Psychology
    Tammy D. Allen Professor mindfulness in the workplace, work-family issues, mentoring and career development, and organizational citizenship tallen@mail.usf.edu PCD 4122 Psychology
    Wendy Bedwell Assistant Professor collaborative performance, team adaptation, team processes/emergent states, team composition, individual & team training, simulation-based training, game-based training wbedwell@usf.edu PCD 4133 Psychology
    Walter C. Borman Professor Performance measurement, criterion development, personnel selection, job analysis, person perception, personality assessment, and assessment centers wborman@usf.edu PCD 4123 Psychology
    Marina Alexa Bornovalova Assistant Professor Etiology and maintenance of externalizing psychopathology and behaviors (e.g., sexual risk-taking), substance use disorders, and Borderline Personality Disorder bornovalova@usf.edu PCD 4150 Psychology
    Jennifer K Bosson Associate Professor Self and identity; stereotypes; targets of stigma; social roles; coping; interpersonal relationships jbosson@usf.edu PCD 4128 Psychology
    Michael Brannick Professor Industrial/Organizational psychology mbrannick@usf.edu PCD 4121 Psychology
    Cynthia Cimino Associate Professor Neuropsychology – emotion, attention, memory, degenerative disorders cimino@usf.edu PCD 4137 Psychology
    Michael Coovert Professor impact of technology (e.g., cognitive systems) on individuals and in organizations performance ability coovert@usf.edu PCD 4149 Psychology
    Jack Darkes Director, Psychological Services Center (PSC) role of experience, learning and memory in behavior and behavior change darkes@usf.edu PCD 1107 Psychology
    David Diamond Professor Neurobiology of Learning and Memory; Influence of Stress on Brain and Behavior; Animal Model of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder; Neurobiology of “Forgotten Baby Syndrome”; Nutrition and Health ddiamond@usf.edu PCD 4105 Psychology
    Emanuel Donchin Distinguished University Professor Cognitive neuroscience, P300, dense electrode array, memory, brain computer interface donchin@mail.usf.edu PCD 4121 Psychology
    Chad Dubé Assistant Professor Alpha oscillations in attention and memory, Signal Detection Theory and ROC analysis, Pragmatic strengthening in language comprehension chaddube@usf.edu PCD 4148 Psychology
    Jo Elliott Assistant Professor usability of systems: ways in which the user interacts with these systems, makes errors with these systems and rates the performance of these systems ljelliott@usf.edu PCD 4144C Psychology
    Marcie Finkelstein Professor Physiological Psychology; Social Psychology; Social Psychology of HIV/AIDS marcie@usf.edu PCD 4119 Psychology
    Ellis Gesten Professor Prevention and health promotion in children and adolescents; resilience, bullying/victimization, and conflict resolution gesten@usf.edu PCD 4151 Psychology
    Jamie Lynn Goldenberg Associate Professor Terror Management Theory: human sexuality, culture, and anxiety, with implications for the physical and emotional health of the individua jgoldenb@usf.edu PCD 4147 Psychology
    Mark Goldman Distinguished Research Professor Alcoholism, substance abuse, psychotherapy, neuropsychology mgoldman@usf.edu PCD 2102 Psychology
    Marc Karver Associate Professor understanding core processes in mental health services research and adolescent suicidality assessment, management, and prevention mkarver@usf.edu PCD 4107 Psychology
    Nick Kelling Assistant Professor Identification and Selection of Human Sensitivities to Changes in Visual Objects’ Motion, Velocity, and Acceleration nkelling@usf.edu Lakeland–LLC 2109 Psychology
    Cheryl Kirstein Professor Neuroscience, development of addiction, drugs of abuse, psychopharmacology kirstein@usf.edu PCD 4101 Psychology
    Kenneth Malmberg Associate Professor investigates the processes and representations involved in human memory; balance between empirical investigations and mathematical and computational modeling malmberg@usf.edu PCD 4146 Psychology
    Tiina Ojanen Assistant Professor adolescent social goals, behavior, and social-relational adjustment tojanen@usf.edu PCD 4140 Psychology
    Geoffrey Potts Associate Professor Executive systems and their involvement in personality and mental illness; Event-related potentials gfpotts@usf.edu PCD 4103 Psychology
    Doug Rohrer Professor learning strategies, mathematics learning, problem solving drohrer@usf.edu PCD 4141 Psychology
    Jonathan Rottenberg Associate Professor Emotion and its pathology, with emphasis on Major Depressive Disorder; temporal dynamics of emotion, emotion and social functioning, psychophysiology rottenberg@usf.edu PCD 4109 Psychology
    William Sacco Professor clinical health psychology: investigating factors related to adherence to the diabetes regimen sacco@usf.edu PCD 4124 Psychology
    Kristen Salomon Associate Professor examine cardiovascular responses to stress, the psychological and social factors that moderate these responses, and how these work together to contribute to risk for cardiovascular disease ksalomon@usf.edu PCD 4132 Psychology
    Thomas Sanocki Professor Vision and Cognitive Engineering sanocki@usf.edu PCD 4127 Psychology
    Sandra Schneider Professor Issues of judgment and decision making, including how the way information is described or ‘framed’ influences decisions and behavior, the influence of framing in such contexts as making risky decisions, and people’s metacognitive abilities or their ability to predict how well they perform at a variety of tasks. sandra@usf.edu PCD 4139 Psychology
    Winny Shen Assistant Professor Fairness, bias, and diversity issues in organizational and educational settings, Measurement and prediction of academic and job performance wshen@usf.edu PCD 4120 Psychology
    Paul Spector Area Director, Industrial/Organizational Program how organizational factors, work-nonwork interface, and personal characteristics interact to affect employee health, safety, and well-being pspector@usf.edu PCD 4138 Psychology
    Joel Kevin Thompson Professor Body image, eating disorders, and obesity jkthompson@usf.edu PCD 3113 Psychology
    Edelyn Verona Director of Clinical Training (Beginning at USF in August 2014) Biological/Psychosocial factors towards the development and maintenance of externalizing and aggressive behaviors, substance use, personality disorders, as well as different facets of psychopathic personality everona@illinois.edu Psychology
    Gil Ben-Herut Assistant Professor thirteenth-century hagiographies in the Kannada language dedicated to Shiva’s saints gilb@usf.edu Religious Studies
    Michael DeJonge Associate Professor and Graduate Director twentieth-century, German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer mdejonge@cas.usf.edu CPR 455 Religious Studies
    Cass Fisher Associate Professor rabbinic theology and modern Jewish thought to which he brings resources from both continental and analytic philosophy cass@usf.edu CPR 468C Religious Studies
    Danny L. Jorgensen Professor History/prevalence of paganism dljorgen@usf.edu CPR 468E Religious Studies
    Mozella Mitchell Professor African American Religious History, African and Afro-Caribbean Religions mmitchel@cas.usf.edu CPR 468A Religious Studies
    William Schanbacher Instructor and Undergraduate Director religious and social ethics with a focus on the global food system and globalization and poverty william48@usf.edu CPR 468D Religious Studies
    James Strange Distinguished Professor Biblical Archaeology, New Testament Studies, Christian Origins and post-Biblical Judaism, Religion and Material culture, Greek Fathers, theoretical archaeology and planetary SETI strange@usf.edu CPR 469B Religious Studies
    Thomas Williams Professor and Chair medieval philosophy and theology (especially Augustine, Anselm, Aquinas, and Duns Scotus) and the philosophy of religion thomasw@usf.edu CPR 469D Religious Studies
    Stephen Aikins Assistant Professor public financial management and economic policy, public information systems management, citizen centered e-government and risk-based policy evaluation saikins@usf.edu SOC 352 Public Affairs
    Tracy Cooper Assistant Professor tlcooper@usf.edu SOC 393 Public Affairs
    Paul Cromwell Professor pcromwell@usf.edu Public Affairs
    John Daly Associate Professor, and Director of Public Administration Public Policy & Program Evaluation jdaly@usf.edu SOC 398 Public Affairs
    Jamil Jreisat Professor Administrative reform, cross-culture development jreisat@usf.edu SOC 397 Public Affairs
    Kim Lersch Professor Law enforcement klersch@usf.edu Public Affairs
    Ambe Njoh Professor and Director of Urban and Regional Planning Research methods & quantitative analysis, Information & communication technologies; njoh@usf.edu Public Affairs
    Joan Pynes Professor Human resource management pynes@usf.edu SOC 394 Public Affairs
    Elizabeth Strom Associate Professor Housing policy, community development, downtown development estrom@usf.edu NES 205 Public Affairs
    Robin Ersing Associate Professor Social Welfare, Policy rersin@usf.edu Public Affairs
    Sinem Adar Post Doc Polital and Urban Sociology sadar@usf.edu CPR 231 Sociology
    Elizabeth Aranda Department of Sociology Chair Sociology, Immigration, Latino/A Studies, and Race and Ethnicity earanda@usf.edu CPR 219 Sociology
    Robert Benford Professor Social Movements, social psychology, sociology of sport, sociology of peace/war rbenford@usf.edu CPR 208-A Sociology
    Shawn Bingham Assistant Professor healthcare, sociological theory, pop-culture, and interdisciplinary pedagogy bingham@usf.edu CPR 209 Sociology
    James Cavendish Associate Professor Sociology of Religion; Social Inequality; Race and Ethnicity; Social movements jcavendi@usf.edu CPR 225 Sociology
    Sara Crawley Associate Professor non-normative performances of gender and the self , power relations in social movements, and the ways in which gender structures sport and sport structures women’s bodies scrawley@usf.edu CPR 223 Sociology
    Jennifer Friedman Associate Professor Women studies: sociological structures of families in poverty jfriedman@usf.edu CPR 230 Sociology
    Laurel Graham Associate Professor human subjectivity and the ways in which it is reshaped in particular historical and cultural contexts lgraham2@usf.edu CPR 227 Sociology
    Cecil E. Greek Associate Professor Criminal justice: criminal theory, penology cgreek@usf.edu Lakeland–LLC 2114 Sociology
    Mustafa Gurbuz Post Doc Race & Ethnic Relations, Collective Behavior & Social Movements, Terrorism and Political Violence gurbuz@usf.edu CPR 231 Sociology
    Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman Assistant Professor race & ethnicity, social psychology, gender, beauty/aesthetics, and socialization hordgefreema@usf.edu CPR 222 Sociology
    Michelle Hughes Miller Associate Professor hughesmiller@usf.edu CPR 214 Sociology
    David Jacobson Full Professor Societal&Legal structures, citizenship and civil society djacobso@usf.edu CPR 234 Sociology
    Michael Kleiman Associate Professor study of when, and why, people use health services. mkleiman@usf.edu CPR 234 Sociology
    Margarethe Kusenbach Associate Professor Urban and Community Sociology, Space and Place, Social Aspects of Disasters,Qualitative Research Methods, Social Psychology (Emotions and Identity) mkusenba@usf.edu CPR 221 Sociology
    Donileen Loseke Professor examine the importance of socially circulating images of victim and villain types of people that are constructed for all social problems dloseke@usf.edu CPR 215 Sociology
    Maralee Mayberry Professor Sociology of education: LGBT students mayberry@usf.edu CPR 0209 Sociology
    Chris Ponticelli Associate Professor researches interactions between animals and humans, focusing on methods of communication and identity construction cpontice@usf.edu CPR 239 Sociology
    John Skvoretz Professor stratification and mobility, social network theory, group processes, power in exchange networks and the structure of social action systems jskvoretz@usf.edu CPR 213 Sociology
    S David Stamps Professor Emeritus Sociology of urbanization, minority population dstamps@usf.edu Sociology
    William Tyson Assistant Professor progression of students from high school STEM themed career academies into advanced technology programs at Tampa Bay community colleges and into the local workforce wtyson@usf.edu CPR 223 Sociology
    Elizabeth Vaquera Assistant Professor Childhood and Adolescence, Immigrants, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Hispanics, Education, and Quantitative Methods evaquera@usf.edu CPR 217 Sociology
    Elizabeth Bell Professor and Department Chair Performance studies, Feminist theory, Feminist Pedagogy ebell@usf.edu CMC 202H Women’s & Gender Studies
    Kim Golombisky Associate Professor and Graduate Director constructions of gender in public discourse, including education, mass media, and popular culture kgolombi@usf.edu CMC 202N Women’s & Gender Studies
    Michelle Hughes Miller Associate Professor of Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies Further the advancement of women in STEM majors hughesmiller@usf.edu CMC 202K Women’s & Gender Studies
    Diane Price Herndl Professor of Women’s & Gender Studies/Chair cultural discourses of breast cancer, from autobiographies to novels, poetry, and art, and from Supreme Court decisions to pink-ribbon campaigns priceherndl@usf.edu CMC 202J Women’s & Gender Studies
    David A. Rubin Assistant Professor intersex studies; feminist and queer theory; the history of science; the history of gender, race, and sexuality; LGBT studies davidarubin@usf.edu CMC202J Women’s & Gender Studies
    Stephan K. Schindler Professor/Chair 18th- and 20th-century German literature; film; Holocaust studies; critical theory, psychoanalysis, and soccer skschindler@usf.edu CPR 418 World Languages
    David Arbesu Assistant Professor analyzes the stories used throughout the Middle Ages to build the collective identity of Spain arbesu@usf.edu CPR 446 World Languages
    Pablo Brescia Professor history and theory of Latin American short fiction; genre studies and 20th and 21st centuries Mexican and Southern Cone literatures and cultural histories pbrescia@usf.edu CPR 444 World Languages
    Gaetan Brulotte Distinguished Professor French erotic literature brulotte@usf.edu CPR 424 World Languages
    Madeline Camara Professor Transtlantic Studies, Cuban literature camaram@usf.edu CPR 448 World Languages
    Carlos Cano Associate Professor Hispanic culture, film and literature cano@usf.edu CPR 451 World Languages
    Mei-Hsuan Chiang Assistant Professor Gender portrayal, sexual orientation portrayal in East Asian media meihsuanc@usf.edu CPR 401 World Languages
    Margit Grieb Associate Professor German cinema and new media productions and examines the aesthetic and formal representational system of the cinema grieber@usf.edu CPR 409 World Languages
    Amanda Huensch / Assistant Professor second language acquisition and pedagogy, phonology and phonetics, oral language assessment, and language-in-interaction huensch@usf.edu CPR 413 World Languages
    Ippokratis Kantzios Associate Professor Greek culture, archaic figures kantzios@usf.edu CPR 407 World Languages
    Patrizia La Trecchia Associate Professor Globalization, Migration and Citizenship, Film, Media, and Literature patrizia@usf.edu CPR 425 World Languages
    Anne Latowsky Associate Professor / Director, French Graduate Program / Study Abroad Advisor Medieval French literature, Old French, French Linguistics, French Phonetics alatowsk@usf.edu CPR 432 World Languages
    Eleni Manolaraki Associate Professor Roman historiography, oratory, ancient geography, travel narratives, and natural history emanolar@usf.edu CPR 405 World Languages
    Victor Peppard Professor Russian literature of the 19th and 20th centuries and the history of Russian and Soviet sport peppard@usf.edu CPR 431 World Languages
    Christopher Polt Assistant Professor Greek classic literature cpolt@usf.edu CPR 403 World Languages
    Christine Probes Professor Renaissance, Seventeenth century, Research methods, French women writers, the Emblem probes@usf.edu CPR 417 World Languages
    Xizhen Qin Assistant Professor Chinese pedagogy, transitions in jargon xizhenqin@usf.edu CPR 434 World Languages
    Heike Scharm Assistant Professor Spanish and Transatlantic literatures and cultures, Postnational theory and practice heikescharm@usf.edu CPR 447 World Languages
    Eric Shepherd Associate Professor Chinese celebratory practice erics@usf.edu CPR 436 World Languages
    Kersuze Simeon-Jones Associate Professor Francophone Studies: Africa and the Caribbean; Haitian History and Literature; Black Internationalism: Literary and Political Movements, Women History within the Black Diaspora ksimeon@usf.edu CPR 411 World Languages
    Amy Thompson Assistant Professor / Linguistics Graduate Advisor Individual differences in in SLA (IDs in SLA) and teacher education athompson@usf.edu CPR 440 World Languages
    Nicole Tracy-Ventura Assistant Professor second language acquisition (SLA), study abroad, task-based language teaching, and corpus linguistics nkt@usf.edu CPR 429 World Languages
    Camilla Vasquez Associate Professor pragmatics, institutional discourse, narrative analysis, as well as language teacher identity cvasquez@usf.edu CPR 438 World Languages
    Wei Zhu Faculty Peer revision: writing wzhu@usf.edu CPR 442 World Languages
    Davide Tanasi Assistant Professor Mediterranean archaeology; digital archaeology; archaeometric characterization of ancient artifacts; 3D scanning and modeling; Sicily, Malta and the Aegean dtanasi@usf.edu History

    College of Behavioral & Community Sciences

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Mary Armstrong Associate Professor and Division Director financing strategies and structures that support effective systems of care, evaluation of child welfare privatization and IV-E waiver in Florida, out-of-home treatment alternatives,  and the role of informal supports for parents with children with serious mental health problems armstron@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2414 Child & Family Studies
    Karen Berkman Research Assistant Professor & Director, Center of Autism and Related Disabilities kberkman@fmhi.usf.edu MGY 123 Child & Family Studies
    Marsha Black Research Assistant Professor examine academic outcomes of HIPPY children from kindergarten through the third grade in Florida public schools mblack@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2119 Child & Family Studies
    Kwang-Sun Cho Blair Associate Professor Functional behavioral assessment and function-based intervention, Application of Positive Behavior Support to young children (birth to five) with challenging behavior, Early identification, assessment, and evaluation kblair@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2113A Child & Family Studies
    Sarah E. Bloom Assistant Professor assessment and treatment of problem behavior and translational approaches to reinforcer efficacy sarahbloom@usf.edu MHC 2335 Child & Family Studies
    Richard Briscoe Retired Research Assistant Professor strengths of African-American families, culturally competent participatory community-based research with African-American communities, and the development strategies to improve service delivery systems within neighborhood-based programs to reduce health, education, social service and related economic disparities briscoe@fmhi.usf.edu MHC-2401 Child & Family Studies
    David Chiriboga Professor dchiriboga@usf.edu MHC2314 Child & Family Studies
    Hewitt B. Clark Professor Emeritus effectiveness of:  1) individualized planning and interventions for children and youth with emotional/behavioral difficulties and their biological/adoptive/foster families; and 2) preparation and facilitation of youth and young adults in their transition into employment/career, educational opportunities, and independent living clark@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2332 Child & Family Studies
    Shelley Clarke Associate in Research development and completion of empirical studies reflecting Early Intervention, Applied Behavior Analysis, and Positive Behavior Support, targeting individuals with challenging behaviors in home, school and community environments clarke@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2114 Child & Family Studies
    Donna Cohen Professor cohen@usf.edu MHC-2516 Child & Family Studies
    Kimberly Crosland Assistant Professor develop an assessment and intervention model for decreasing runaway behavior of youth in foster care and improving educational outcomes kcrosland@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2231 Child & Family Studies
    Nicole Deschénes Assistant in Research developing effective transition models for youth in transition deschenes@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2337 Child & Family Studies
    Norín Dollard Research Assistant Professor Evaluation of Medicaid Funded Out of Home Care Alternatives dollard@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2510 Child & Family Studies
    Albert Duchnowski Professor Emeritus Policy and Services for Children Who Have Serious Emotional Disabilities and Their families, Special Education. School Reform/Restructuring. Family Involvement duchnows@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2334 Child & Family Studies
    Glen Dunlap Research Professor Positive behavior support; Families and family support; Experimental analysis of developmental disabilities and autism; Experimental methodolog dunlap@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2117 Child & Family Studies
    Kirsten M. Ellingsen Research Assistant Professor use of early childhood assessment measures and observational methods and the meaningful application of research in evidence based practice to support the optimal functioning of children and families kellingsen@usf.edu MHC 2335 Child & Family Studies
    Mary E. Evans Professor, Associate Dean for Research & Doctoral Study Children’s mental health evans@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2305 Child & Family Studies
    Jolenea Ferro Associate Professor & Training Director functional assessment and implementation of positive behavioral supports in natural settings jbferro@usf.edu MHC 2117 Child & Family Studies
    Lise Fox Professor and Division Director naturalistic teaching approaches, positive behavior support, and family support fox@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2116 Child & Family Studies
    Robert Friedman Professor Emeritus development and evaluation of community-based systems of care, prevalence of emotional disorders in children, new developments in service delivery, and the relationship between the mental health system and other systems friedman@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2312A Child & Family Studies
    Heather Peshak George Research Associate Professor & Co-Director of Florida’s PBS:RtIB Project Positive Behavior Interventions and Support hgeorge@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2118 Child & Family Studies
    Paul Greenbaum Professor Emeritus Children’s Mental health, substance abuse greenbaum@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2434 Child & Family Studies
    Mario Hernandez Department Chair & Professor accessibility of mental health services for diverse children and families, and identifying and measuring organizational factors associated with reducing mental health disparities hernande@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2316 Child & Family Studies
    Sharon Hodges Research Associate Professor and Division Director qualitative and applied ethnographic field methods hodges@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2437 Child & Family Studies
    Rose Iovannone Research Assistant Professor autism and related disabilities, functional behavior assessment and positive behavior supports, augmentative/alternative communication, and assessment/evaluation iovannone@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2136 Child & Family Studies
    Tammy Jorgensen-Smith Research Assistant Professor self-determination in disabled people tjsmith@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2233 Child & Family Studies
    Ruby Joseph Assistant In Research research, evaluation, and service implementation of programs that benefit minority populations and communities joseph@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2436 Child & Family Studies
    Donald Kincaid Professor & Division Co-Director person-centered planning, positive behavior support, disabilities, and school and systems change kincaid@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2138 Child & Family Studies
    Krista Kutash Professor Emeritus Kutash@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2335 Child & Family Studies
    Bruce Lubotsky Levin Associate Professor mental health and substance abuse services delivery, behavioral health policy, mental health informatics, managed behavioral health care, and translational research levin@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2330 Child & Family Studies
    Carol MacKinnon-Lewis Professor adolescents’ family and peer interactions, social information processing, and youth aggression in the family and school cmackinnon@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2438 Child & Family Studies
    Stephanie Martinez Associate in Technical Assistance implementation of school-wide PBS in urban schools and schools that are having difficulty meeting state and national standards smartinez@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2113A Child & Family Studies
    Oliver Tom Massey Associate Professor and Division Director evaluation of the organization and effectiveness of behavioral and mental health services in public schools massey@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2331 Child & Family Studies
    Raymond Miltenberger Professor and Director, ABA Master’s Program teaching safety skills to children and individuals with disabilities, ABA approaches in sports and fitness, analysis and treatment of repetitive behavior disorders, and functional assessment and treatment of problem behaviors rmiltenberger@fmhi.usf.edu MHC1501B Child & Family Studies
    Debra Mowery Research Assistant Professor children and families, behavior analysis, behavioral health, cultural competence, and health disparities mowery@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2439 Child & Family Studies
    Teresa Nesman Research Assistant Professor development of accessible service systems for diverse children, youth, and families nesman@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2428 Child & Family Studies
    Elizabeth Perkins Research Assistant Professor and Associate Director medical aspects of aging with IDD, quality of life issues of older family caregivers of adults with IDD, and compound caregiving (when older caregivers have multiple caregiving roles). eperkins@usf.edu MHC 2231 Child & Family Studies
    Stephen Roggenbaum Assistant in Research child welfare and suicide prevention roggenba@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2406 Child & Family Studies
    Andrew L. Samaha Assistant Professor assessment and treatment of severe problem behavior, early intensive behavior intervention for children with autism, and translational research andrew.samaha@usu.edu MHC 2337 Child & Family Studies
    Patty Sharrock Associate in Research family involvement in child welfare community-based care and children’s mental health care, the quality of mental health care for children with emotional disturbance, experiences of youth aging out of the child welfare system, implementation of managed mental health care, and system-of-care logic model development psharrock@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2413C Child & Family Studies
    Amy Vargo Assistant in Research evaluation of privatized child welfare systems as well as the measurement of quality, cost, and system level outcomes avargo@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2420 Child & Family Studies
    Susan Weitzel Associate in Research demographic applications and design methodologies of data rich publications, assessment of offender
    populations, legal and political theory, clinical interventions, behavioral applications with
    older adults, and organizational evaluation
    weitzel@fmhi.usf.edu MHC2502 Child & Family Studies
    Svetlana Yampolskaya Research Associate Professor child maltreatment, fatal child abuse, mental health, and involvement with juvenile justice among youth in the child protection system yampol@fmhi.usf.edu MHC 2435 Child & Family Studies
    Ruth Huntley Bahr Professor between and within speaker variability in forensic situations, the nature of phonological representations in dialect speakers and second language learners, and voice production in individuals with vocal disorders rbahr@usf.edu PCD 4024 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Michael R. Barker Assistant Professor rmbarker@usf.edu PCD 4022 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Michelle S Bourgeois Professor msbourgeois@usf.edu PCD 4008 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Maria Brea-Spahn Assistant Professor syntactic approaches to analysis of Spanish and English narrative discourse and implementation of strategic writing approaches to scaffold expository text production in children with language learning disabilities mbrea@usf.edu PCD 4003 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Theresa Hnath Chisolm Professor/Chair treatment efficacy, including hearing aid intervention and post-hearing aid fitting intervention strategies chisolm@usf.edu PCD 4021F Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Gail S. Donaldson Associate Professor sound and speech perception by adults who receive electrical auditory stimulation through a cochlear implant (CI), CI users’ ability to process static and dynamic spectral cues in simple and complex stimuli gdonalds@usf.edu PCD 4021D Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Ann Clock Eddins Department Associate Chair, Associate Professor understanding the neurophysiological bases of normal and impaired hearing, how features of complex sounds are represented in the adult brain of individuals with normal hearing and hearing loss aeddins@usf.edu PCD 4013 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Stefan A. Frisch Associate Professor pyscholinguistics, phonetics, and phonology, processes of speech production, speech perception, and metalinguistic language processing in order to better understand the ways in which language sound structure is organized in the mind/brain sfrisch@usf.edu PCD 4012 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Jean C. Krause Ph.D. Program Director, Associate Professor concerned with the visual perception of signed and cued communication, as well as the auditory perception of speech by normal hearing listeners and listeners with hearing loss jeankrause@usf.edu PCD 4016 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Jennifer J. Lister Professor, Audiology Graduate Program Director aging, auditory processing, auditory training, and cortical auditory evoked potentials: methods of assessing and remediating age-related auditory processing disorders, with the ultimate goal of creating tools that may be of use to clinical audiologists in treating older adult patients jlister@usf.edu PCD 4014 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Nathaniel Dole Maxfield Associate Professor cognitive neuroscience of speech and language, with emphasis on the application of event?related potentials to study language processing in stuttering nmaxfield@usf.edu PCD 4015 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Emily K. Plowman Assistant Professor neurogenic speech and swallowing disorders in neurodegenerative disease with an emphasis on Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) plowman@usf.edu PCD 4023 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Catherine L. Rogers Associate Professor development of proficiency in second-language speech perception and production under a variety of listening and speaking conditions crogers2@usf.edu PCD 4021E Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Joseph Walton Professor identification of neurons within the auditory pathway specialized for extracting rapid acoustic events, elucidating age-related changes in neural processing of complex auditory signals presented in degraded acoustic environments, and neural plasticity following exposure to an enriched auditory environment in a mouse model of congenital hearing loss jwalton1@usf.edu PCD 40212 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Jacqueline Hinckley Associate Professor Emeritus speech-lanugage pathology jhinckle@cas.usf.edu Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Raymond Hurley Associate Professor Emeritus audiology rhurley@cas.usf.edu Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Elaine R. Silliman Professor Emeritus development of academic language proficiency in children and adolescents who are struggling with reading, writing, and spelling, including monolingual English-speaking children with social dialect variations and bilingual (Spanish-English) children silliman@usf.edu PCD 3021 Communication Sciences & Disorders
    Lyndsay Boggess Assistant Professor Community context of crime, Miscarriages of justice, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Quantitative research methodology, Death penalty lboggess@bcs.usf.edu SOC 328 Criminology
    John Cochran Professor micro-social theories of criminal behavior, macro-social theories of crime and crime control, assessments of issues regarding the legitimacy of capital punishment, and quantitative data collection and analysis cochran@usf.edu SOC 330 Criminology
    Joshua Cochran Assistant Professor theories of crime causation and deviance; punishment; prison experiences; prisoner reentry; perceptions, of justice; international comparative analyses of criminology and criminal justice jccochran@usf.edu SOC 324 Criminology
    Richard Dembo Professor Alcohol/Drug Use, Alcohol/Drug Use, Methodology, Program Evaluation; high risk youth, their families and their surrounding communities dembo@bcs.usf.edu SOC 312 Criminology
    Bryanna Fox Assistant Professor Offender Profiling, Investigative Psychology, Policing, Crime Analysis, Psychopathy, Criminal Careers and Experimental Criminology bhfox@usf.edu SOC 327 Criminology
    Lorie Fridell Associate Professor and Graduate Director police use of force and violence against police lfridell@bcs.usf.edu SOC 338 Criminology
    Kathleen Heide Professor Juvenile Homicide, Adolescent Parricide Offenders (youth who kill parents), Individual Violence, Family Violence, Treatment and Intervention Strategies with Offenders and Survivors of Trauma, Personality Assessment, and Juvenile Justice kheide@cas.usf.edu SOC 311 Criminology
    Wesley G. Jennings Associate Professor longitudinal data analysis, semi-parametric group-based modeling, sex offending, gender, race/ethnicity, and the victim-offender overlap jenningswgj@usf.edu SOC 333 Criminology
    Shayne Jones Associate Professor mediation and moderation analyses to assess how individual and social factors work in conjunction to influence antisocial behavior. He draws from multiple theoretical perspectives (e.g., control theories, personality theories) and a variety of disciplines (Criminology, Sociology, Psychology, and Law) sjones@bcs.usf.edu SOC 314 Criminology
    Michael J. Leiber Professor and Chair Law and the deprivation of liberty, Juvenile court decision-making with an emphasis on the influence of race, gender, Delinquency theory, Evaluation of juvenile justice programs, information systems, etc. mjleiber@usf.edu SOC 107 Criminology
    Michael Lynch Professor mlynch@bcs.usf.edu SOC 315 Criminology
    Ojmarrh Mitchell Associate Professor meta-analysis of race and sentencing research, Juvenile Correctional Facilities ,Maryland Correctional Boot Camp, and meta-analytic reviews of the effectiveness of drug courts and incarceration-based drug treatment in reducing recidivism omitchell@usf.edu SOC 308 Criminology
    Wilson R. Palacios Associate Professor social epidemiology of drug use/abuse, contemporary sub/urban drug subcultures via a social organization of risk behavior(s) framework, Adult-“Hidden” Populations, and qualitative research methods and design wpalacio@usf.edu SOC 309 Criminology
    Ráchael Powers Assistant Professor violent victimization, public perceptions of crime, and domestic violence, causes and consequences of self-protective behaviors, longitudinal trends in domestic violence, cross-national comparisons of victimization risk, and the moderating effects of gender on the risk of injury in violent encounters powersr@usf.edu SOC 329 Criminology
    Dwayne Smith Professor, Vice Provost for Faculty & Program Development Analyses of jury decisions in death penalty cases in North Carolina, while his past efforts have focused on the dynamics of homicide offending and victimization among specific populations within the United States and developing social-structural profiles of cities that demonstrate either high or low rates of violent crime mdsmith@bcs.usf.edu CPR 107 Criminology
    Max Bromley Associate Professor Campus Policing, Community Policing, Legal Issues Regarding Campus Crime, Law Enforcement Administration, Crime Prevention mbromley@usf.edu SOC 325 Criminology
    William Blount Professor Emeritus Consensual Crime, Substance Abuse: Alcohol and Drug Treatment and Programs, Community Oriented Policing, Research and Evaluation blount@usf.edu SOC 308 Criminology
    Thomas Mieczkowski Professor Emeritus drug smuggling, drug distribution organizations and methods, drug epidemiology, the validation of various drug detection technologies with an emphasis on ion mobility spectrometry and radioimmunoassay of hair, and the estimation of drug prevalence and incidence using bioassays and survey methods mieczkow@usf.edu SOC 323 Criminology
    Jeffrey Beal Clinical Director USF Center for HIV Education and Research Perinatal HIV education to healthcare workers, review clinical procedures and protocols for HIV infected pregnant women, as well as provide training and technical assistance regarding Rapid HIV Testing JBeal@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Timothy Boaz Associate Professor The use of administrative data sets in mental health policy research, Evaluation of public mental health programs, Prescribing practices for behavioral health drugs Boaz@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Roger Boothroyd Professor & Chair Managed behavioral healthcare, Welfare reform, Measurement issues in behavioral healthcare research, esearch ethics boothroy@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Marina Bornovalova Assistant Professor Etiology and maintenance of externalizing psychopathology and behaviors (e.g., sexual risk-taking), substance use disorders, and Borderline Personality Disorder bornovalova@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Bruce Bryant Assistant Director, Child Welfare Training Consortium Administration of Child Welfare Programs, Leadership Development, Certification of Child Welfare Professionals, Privatization of Child Welfare Services bbryant1@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Annette Christy Associate Professor Civil commitment policy and research, Interaction of mental health and justice systems, Guardianship policy and research, specifically as it relates to persons with mental illnesses achristy@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Colleen Clark Research Assistant Professor Gender specific issues in the treatment of co-occurring disorders, Adult survivors of childhood abuse, Ending homelessness among people with severe mental illnesses, Ending homelessness among Veterans Mental Health Law & Policy
    Kyaien Conner Assistant Professor factors that influence disparities in mental health service utilization and treatment outcomes for African American elders with depression koconner@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Robert Constantine Research Associate Professor Criminal justice involvements of individuals with mental illness, Medical care quality improvement RConstantine@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Laurie Cunningham Director of the Training Consortium Privitization of state child welfare service provision, Leadership Development in human services arenas, Quality training and support for child welfare practitioners, including line workers and supervisors lcunningham@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Charles Dion Director of the PSRDC cdion@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Michael Dow Professor Integration of mental health treatment and social services, Social Security Disability, Depression, Program evaluation, Research methods dow@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Mark A. Engelhardt Research Associate Organizational and systems of care development, Emergency and acute care systems, Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, Supportive housing, employment and psychosocial rehabilitation, U.S. Mental Health Transformation and Recovery, Strategic planning and financing MEngelhardt@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    James Epps Associate Professor jaepps@lakeland.usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Amber Gum Associate Professor Depression, older adults, interventions, collaboration, community-based research ambergum@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Holly Hills Associate Professor Women and their children – in contact with the justice system, Trauma Informed Care / PTSD, Structured interviewing and assessment, Substance use disorder, Re-entry from jails and prison, Prison jail-based mental health and substance abuse service, Development of family drug court, Adolescents with co-occurring disorder, System mapping hills@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Katurah Jenkins-Hall Associate Professor Incidence and patterns of sexual abuse among African American and Latino cultures, Culture and gender diversity issues in assessment and therapy, The role of spirituality in recovery katurah@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Patrick Kennealy Postdoctoral Fellow Psychopathy, Personality disorders, Violence risk assessment and management (adults and adolescents), Implications of psychopathology research for legal policy and prevention science pjkennealy@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Kathryn Kuehnle Assistant Professor Assessing allegations of child sexual abuse, Treatment interventions for victims of child sexual abuse KKuehnle@aol.com Mental Health Law & Policy
    Beom S. Lee Research Assistant Professor Computational statistics, Monte Carlo simulation, Data Mining, Randomized Controlled Trials, Bayesian Statistical Methods beomlee@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Celia Lescano Research Associate Professor health promotion and intervention with vulnerable and underserved/minority populations will help to address the strategic goals of the department, college, and university, and aligns well with our focus on public sector behavioral health research lescano@bcs.usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Kimberly Molnar Director USF Center for HIV Education and Research Florida/Caribbean AIDS Education and Training Center, the Perinatal Prevention Project, and the Expanded Testing Initiative kmolnar@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Kathleen Moore Research Associate Professor Evaluation of community-based agencies, Co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders, Adolescent drug abuse, Juvenile and drug treatment court kamoore@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Joanne Orrick Associate Director Center for HIV Education and Research HIV CareLink newsletter and several pocket cards (ARV Therapy in Adults & Adolescents, Post-Exposure Prophylaxis, Opportunistic Infections, Tuberculosis in HIV/AIDS, and Sexually Transmitted Diseases in HIV) jorrick@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Randy Otto Associate Professor Forensic assessment, Violence risk assessment, Assessment of civil and criminal competencies rotto@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Roger H. Peters Professor Treatment of offenders with substance use and co-occurring disorders, Screening and assessment approaches with offenders, Evaluation of the effectiveness of offender treatment programs, Alternative case processing approaches such as drug courts, Knowledge adoption, dissemination, and application strategies rhp@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Khary Rigg Assistant Professor use, abuse, and diversion of controlled prescription medications (e.g., opioids, sedatives, stimulants), and HIV prevention/treatment among African-Americans rigg@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    John Robst Research Associate Professor Childhood mental health and out-of-home treatment, Use of antipsychotic medications in adults with serious mental illness and youth with severe emotional disturbance, Development of risk adjustment models and models for predicting high-cost users jrobst@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Kathryn Rost Research Professor improving the management of mental health disorders in primary care settings kmrost@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Lawrence Schonfeld Professor and Interim Executive Director, Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute Substance abuse assessment and treatment, Veterans’ behavioral health, Behavioral health of older adults schonfel@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Paul Stiles Associate Professor and Associate Chair State mental health policy, Geriatric mental health services and policy, Research ethics stiles@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Carla Stover Assistant Professor Domestic violence; Recidivism; Interventions for families impacted by violence including fathers who perpetrate domestic violence; Domestic violence and substance abuse; childhood trauma and PTSD carlastover@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Gregory Teague Associate Professor Fidelity to program models, esp. assertive community treatment, Involvement of persons with mental illnesses in the criminal justice system, Effectiveness of consumer-operated services, Consumer-provider relationships teague@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    M. Scott Young Research Assistant Professor Coerced treatment of substance use disorders, Co-Occurring mental health and substance use disorders, Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational factors affecting substance abuse treatment participation and outcomes, Alternative case processing approaches (e.g., drug courts, diversion programs) for non-violent drug offenders, Drug policy SYoung1@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Laurence G. Branch Professor Emeritus Director of the Massachusetts Health Care Panel Study since it inception in 1974 through the present, Director of the Disability Substudy of the Framingham Heart Study from 1976 to 1980, and a co-investigator of the East Boston EPESE study for the National Institute on Aging from 1982-1989 lgbranch@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Michael D. Knox Distinguished Professor Emeritus HIV/AIDS, Infectious Disease Prevention, Training Clinicians, Ethics, End of Life, Peace knox@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Norman Poythress Professor and Research Director Emeritus Forensic Assessment, Psychopathy, Research Ethics poythres@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    John C. Ward, Jr. Associate Professor Emeritus Development of strategies for Monitoring and Improving Clinical outcomes for people receiving behavioral health services, Co-morbidity of Mental and Physical Disorders, Use of web based technology for training on outcome assessment procedures, secure data collection and storage, and improved dissemination of results to inform decisions made by policymakers, clinicians, consumers, and families ward@usf.edu Mental Health Law & Policy
    Ross Andel Associate Professor investigation of modifiable risk factors for cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia randel@usf.edu MHC 1323 Aging Studies
    Tamara Baker Associate Professor behavioral and psychosocial predictors and outcomes of chronic pain and disease in older adults tbakerthomas@usf.edu MHC 1322 Aging Studies
    Lisa M Brown Associate Professor aging, disasters, mental health, homelessness, vulnerable populations, lmb@usf.edu MHC1319 Aging Studies
    Debra Dobbs Associate Professor palliative and hospice care quality and utilization in long term care ddobbs@usf.edu MHC1325 Aging Studies
    Jerri D. Edwards Associate Professor discovering how cognitive abilities can be maintained and even enhanced with advancing age jedwards1@bcs.usf.edu MHC 1326 Aging Studies
    Alyssa Gamaldo Assistant Professor health indices and socio-demographic factors that explain fluctuations in cognitive performance agamaldo@usf.edu MHC 1340 Aging Studies
    William E. Haley Professor stress, coping, and adaptation in older adults and their family members whaley@usf.edu MHC 1343 Aging Studies
    Aryn L. Harrison Assistant Professor neurocognitive and neurophysiological examination of cognitive impairment secondary to early-stage Alzheimer’s disease and cancer treatment. aryn@usf.edu MHC 1319 Aging Studies
    Kathryn Hyer Associate Professor and Director, Florida Policy Exchange Center on Aging organization, staffing, training, policies, and financing of long-term care in varied settings along the continuum of long term care khyer@usf.edu MHC 1341 Aging Studies
    Cathy L. McEvoy Professor, Director how memory is affected by aging cmcevoy@usf.edu MHC1348 Aging Studies
    Hongdao Meng Associate Professor health economics and health policy issues related to aging meng@usf.edu MHC 1349 Aging Studies
    Victor Molinari Professor mental health needs of residents with Serious Mental Illness, vmolinari@usf.edu MHC 1320 Aging Studies
    Sandra L. Reynolds Associate Professor and Assistant Director for Academic Affairs guardianship, advance directives, and legal and ethical issues in aging; impact of obesity on both disability and disease sreynold@usf.edu MHC 1344 Aging Studies
    Stacey Scott Assistant Professor interplay between stress, emotions, and mental and physical health across the lifespan staceyscott@usf.edu MHC 1321 Aging Studies
    Brent J. Small Professor and Director longitudinal changes, and individual difference predictors of change, in the cognitive functioning of healthy older adults, as well as persons who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease bsmall@usf.edu MHC 1346 Aging Studies
    Brianne Stanback Instructor and Internship Program Director aging in vulnerable or special populations; bstanback@usf.edu MHC 1308 Aging Studies
    Juanita E. Garcia Professor Emeritus elder abuse, aging and sexuality, cultural diversity – particularly her research on Hispanic caregiving Aging Studies
    Wiley Mangum Professor Emeritus Aging Studies
    Sue Saxon Professor Emeritus Aging Studies
    Teri Simpson Director of Field Education adolescent girls and their families terisimpson@usf.edu MHC 1408 Social Work
    David Kondrat SW Program Chair & Assistant Professor direct effects that case managers and their belief structures have on persons with severe mental illness. davidkondrat@usf.edu MHC 1420 Social Work
    Marion Becker Professor quality of care and quality of life outcomes for vulnerable populations, with a particular emphasis on older adults with co-occurring mental and physical health disorders mbecker2@usf.edu MHC 1419 Social Work
    Manisha Joshi Assistant Professor health effects of intimate partner violence, intersection of intimate partner violence and the criminal justice system, attitudes towards intimate partner violence, and non-fatal strangulation as a form of partner violence manishaj@usf.edu MHC 1422 Social Work
    Guitele Rahill Assistant Professor reduction of health and mental health disparities for Haitians. gjrahill@usf.edu MHC 1423 Social Work
    William Rowe Professor social work education, child welfare, corrections, Health and HIV wsrowe@usf.edu MHC 1441 Social Work
    Alison Salloum Associate Professor New service delivery methods for providing childhood anxiety treatment such as stepped care approaches, and implementation of trauma-related evidence-based practices in diverse settings asalloum@usf.edu MHC 1439 Social Work
    Anne Strozier Associate Professor Kinship care, incarcerated women, and the child welfare system. She is specifically interested in studying policies affecting kinship families and best practices for assisting these families. strozier@usf.edu MHC 1421 Social Work
    Iraida V. Carrion Associate Professor end of life care, migrant health, cancer health decisions and cultural competence issues within the Latino community. icarrion@usf.edu Social Work
    Nan Sook Park Associate Professor roles of social isolation and psychosocial resources in community and long-term care settings.  nanpark@usf.edu Social Work

    College of Business

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Bei Dong Assistant Professor causes and consequences of alternative accounting choices, accounting regulation, voluntary disclosures, and capital markets bdong@usf.edu BSN 3311 Accountancy
    Terry Engle Professor independent auditing and internal\operational auditing tengle@usf.edu BSN 3323 Accountancy
    Lisa Gaynor Associate Professor financial statement auditing and corporate governance. lgaynor@usf.edu BSN 3320 Accountancy
    Janet Huston Assistant Professor tax and financial reporting. jmhuston@usf.edu BSN 3502 Accountancy
    G. Ryan Huston Assistant Professor empirical taxation and associated impact on financial accounting and earnings management grhuston@usf.edu BSN 3503 Accountancy
    Gary Laursen Associate Professor Estate Planning and asset protection; business law; computer applications for estate and asset planning glaursen@usf.edu BSN 3312 Accountancy
    Mark Mellon Assistant Professor judgment and decision making that occurs in either an accounting and/or auditing context; mellon@usf.edu BSN 3508 Accountancy
    Uday Murthy Director, School of Accountancy/Eminent Scholar data modeling and design methodologies for accounting systems, auditing computer-based systems, expert systems, and group support systems in accounting umurthy@usf.edu BSN 3303 Accountancy
    Jacqueline Reck Associate Dean, Professor government accounting/auditing, accounting information systems, and the reporting and use of non-financial information. jreck@usf.edu BSN 3506 Accountancy
    Dahlia Robinson Associate Professor & KPMG Faculty Fellow capital market use of financial disclosures dmrobinson@usf.edu BSN 3502 Accountancy
    Robert F. Welker Associate Professor collective bargaining in the public sector rwelker@usf.edu BSN 3317 Accountancy
    Patrick Wheeler Professor International accounting practice prwheele@usf.edu BSN 3510 Accountancy
    Scott Besley Associate Professor/Chair corporate finance, working capital management, and investment analysis sbesley@usf.edu BSN 3134 Finance
    Daniel Bradley Associate Professor corporate finance with a particular focus on securities issuance and analyst behavior danbradley@usf.edu BSN 3131 Finance
    Samuel Bulmash Associate Professor equity markets, inefficiencies in financial institutions, and stocks sbulmash@usf.edu BSN 3123 Finance
    Robert Forsythe Professor co-founder of the Iowa Electronic Markets, which was designed as a futures market for trading in contracts on political and economic events over the Internet forsythe@usf.edu BSN 3424 Finance
    Delroy Hunter Associate Professor, Bonanni Professor of Finance focusing on international finance, investments, and empirical asset pricing dhunter2@usf.edu BSN 3124 Finance
    Sattar Mansi Professor corporate finance, governance, fixed income securities, and mutual funds smansi@usf.edu BSN 3133 Finance
    Christos Pantzalis Professor market efficiency, international finance, corporate finance, and in the research area where finance overlaps with political science cpantzal@usf.edu BSN 3114 Finance
    Dror Parnes Assistant Professor theoretical models and empirical analyses of various credit risk issues dparnes@usf.edu BSN 3127 Finance
    Jianping Qi Professor financial intermediation and corporate finance theory jqi@usf.edu BSN 3404 Finance
    Ronald Rutherford Professor, Lykes Chairholder real estate finance, corporate finance, capital budgeting/valuation, real estate principles, real estate investments, and financial modeling rrutherford@usf.edu BSN 3112 Finance
    Greg Smersh Assistant Professor investigates the variation in house price appreciation due to factors such as location, risk, and public policy gsmersh@usf.edu BSN 3528 Finance
    Ninon Sutton Professor corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and market efficiency nsutton@usf.edu BSN 3117 Finance
    Lei Wedge Associate Professor corporate governance and investments, with a concentration on the mutual fund industry. lwedge@usf.edu BSN 3126 Finance
    Manish Agrawal Associate Professor extreme event response, social media analytics, decision fusion, and software quality magrawal@usf.edu CIS 2071 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Donald Berndt Associate Professor information systems, database management and design, and data mining. dberndt@usf.edu CIS 2073 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Anol Bhattacherjee Professor technology adoption & diffusion, healthcare informatics, sustainable enterprises, online social media abhatt@usf.edu CIS 2065 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    J. Ellis Blanton Professor social and organizational impacts of IT and issues concerning IT professionals, such as professional development and competency eblanton@usf.edu CIS 2061 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Kaushal Chari Associate Dean/Professor software engineering, business intelligence and distributed systems. kchari@usf.edu CIS 2079 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Rosann Collins Faculty Director of MBA and EMBA Programs/ Associate Professor global information systems and cognitive issues in business intelligence and systems development rwcollins@usf.edu CIS 2057 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Grandon Gill Professor computer systems concepts, using technology as a teaching tool grandon@usf.edu CIS 2078 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Alan R. Hevner Professor and Eminent Scholar information systems development, software engineering, distributed database systems, healthcare systems, and service-oriented computing ahevner@usf.edu CIS 2076 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Wolfgang S. Jank Professor application of statistics and data mining to data-driven problems in marketing, information systems, and operations management wjank@usf.edu CIS 1040 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Joni Jones Director Business Honors Program, Associate Professor electronic commerce, variable pricing mechanisms such as information and prediction markets, and social network use in organizations jonijones@usf.edu CIS 2069 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Balaji Padmanabhan Associate Professor/Chair, Information Systems Decision Sciences data analytics for business applications, algorithms for online news recommender systems, management of data analytics in firms, fraud detection in healthcare, bp@usf.edu CIS 2067 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Terry Sincich Associate Professor applied statistical analysis and statistical modeling tsincich@usf.edu CIS 2066 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Barbara Warner Master of Science in Information Systems (MS/MIS) Program Coordinator information systems and technology-enhanced instructional methods to increase interaction, commitment, persistence, and student learning bwarner@usf.edu CIS 2008 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Richard Will Associate Professor IT project management, the use of information systems for education and training, multimedia, and emerging technologies rwill@usf.edu CIS 2062 Info Systems & Decision Sciences
    Alan Balfour Associate Professor leadership and employment relations abalfour@usf.edu BSN 3203 Management
    Cynthia Cohen Professor Emeritus organizational justice, conflict resolution and improvisation in organizations ccohen@usf.edu BSN 3208 Management
    Erwin Danneels Associate Professor growth and renewal of corporations in the face of changing technological environments edanneels@usf.edu BSN 3425 Management
    Sally Riggs Fuller Associate Professor/Chair, Management & Organization issues of social justice and ethical treatment and fairness, including employment law and organizational diversity. sfuller@usf.edu BSN 3204 Management
    John Jermier Professor sustainability, the “greening” of organizations, and trends in green energy/technology jermier@usf.edu BSN 3214 Management
    Marvin Karlins Professor stress and time management, leadership, motivation, aviation crew resource management, interpersonal effectiveness, aging, and the psychology of gambling mkarlins@aol.com BSN 3213 Management
    Jerry Koehler Professor perceived organizational hypocrisy, executive leadership, organization change, total quality management, and innovation jkoehler@usf.edu BSN 3207 Management
    Charles Michaels Associate Professor workplace isolation, part-time and alternative employment, and the assessment center technique michaels@usf.edu BSN 3408 Management
    Walter Nord Professor management innovation wnord@usf.edu BSN 3516 Management
    Michelle Harrolle Assistant Professor consumer behavior in sport, lifestyle marketing and promotion through ethnic cultures mharrolle@mail.usf.edu BSN 3433 Management
    Michael Mondello Associate Professor stadium financing, contingent valuation method (CVM), employee compensation, and ticket pricing mmondello@usf.edu BSN 3430 Management
    William A. Sutton Professor & Director Sport Marketing and Sales and Fundraising in Sports. wsutton1@usf.edu BSN 3434 Management
    Diana Hechavarría Assistant Professor nascent entrepreneurship dianah@usf.edu BSN 3311 Management
    Sean Lux Assistant Professor competitive advantage through shaping environment as well as how governments can optimize entrepreneurial activity through policy slux@usf.edu BSN 3109 Management
    Lei Zhang Assistant Professor entrepreneurship, social network, and global strategies leizhang@usf.edu BSN 3522 Management
    Andrew Artis Associate Professor how business professionals can manage their own learning to achieve personal and organizational objectives aartis@usf.edu BSN 3224 & LTB 2130 (Lakeland Campus) Marketing
    Dipayan Biswas Associate Professor sensory marketing, experiential aspects of product/brand usage, and retail atmospherics dbiswas@usf.edu BSN 3218 Marketing
    Donna Davis Associate Professor strategic use of information in business-to-business relationships donnadavis@usf.edu BSN 3520 Marketing
    Timothy B. Heath Professor branding, advertising, and innovation timothyheath@usf.edu BSN 3225 Marketing
    Robert Hooker Assistant Professor use of technology and innovation in marketing and supply chain management rhooker@usf.edu BSN 3216 Marketing
    Anand Kumar Associate Professor/Chair marketing communications’ effectiveness, customer satisfaction, customer delight, consumer emotions, and brand strategies akumar@usf.edu BSN 3225 Marketing
    Barbara Lafferty Associate Professor cause-related marketing lafferty@usf.edu BSN 3223 Marketing
    Jeannette A. Mena Assistant Professor marketing strategy, international marketing, and supply chain management mena@usf.edu BSN 3226 Marketing
    David Ortinau Professor continuous improvement practices, product/service quality, and customer satisfaction dortinau@usf.edu BSN 3230 Marketing
    Richard Plank Professor buyer/seller interaction in business markets rplank@usf.edu BSN 3224 & LTB 2132 (Lakeland Campus) Marketing
    Paul Solomon Professor focus group research, market surveys, and strategic planning for a variety of firms in the health care, entertainment, packaged goods, home building, and real estate industries psolomon@usf.edu BSN 3232 Marketing
    James Stock Distinguished Professor supply chain management, logistics, and reverse logistics/product returns jstock@usf.edu BSN 3228 Marketing
    Sajeev Varki Associate Professor global marketing, marketing management, and promotions management, svarki@usf.edu BSN 3229 Marketing

    College of Education

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Ilene R. Berson Professor prevention and intervention services for young children at imminent risk for behavioral and mental health challenges associated with child maltreatment and other traumatic events. iberson@usf.edu EDU 202 Early Childhood ED
    Jolyn Blank Assistant Professor arts and inquiry-based approaches to teaching and learning and early childhood teacher education jblank@coedu.usf.edu EDU 202 Early Childhood ED
    H. Sophia Han Assistant Professor ‘sociocultural influence on teaching and learning’, with a specific focus on early childhood teacher education, young children’s language and social development, and multicultural education han1@usf.edu EDU 202 Early Childhood ED
    Robin Pentz Director/Pre-School for Creative Learning coordinator of the teaching lab school for the Ybor City campus of Hillsborough Community College, initiated partnerships with Mailman Institute’s Project Pitch Program at Nova Southeastern University, Early Literacy Learning Module, the Florida State Food Program, Hillsborough County School Readiness, the State of Florida Voluntary Prekindergarten program, and recently with Network for Inclusive Child Care network pentz@usf.edu EDU 202 Early Childhood ED
    Roger Brindley Professor/Associate Vice President for Global Academic Programs Part of the leadership team in USF World responsible for helping this National Research I university further develop international partnership and policies as the university seeks to broaden international engagement and extend international teaching and research endeavors, teacher beliefs and practices. Brindley@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Rebecca West Burns Assistant Professor intersection of supervision, professional development schools (PDS), and teacher education; specifically in the boundary-spanning roles and the individuals, known as hybrid educators, who perform the functions in those roles in PDS contexts. She also has an affinity for considering and implementing technology in teaching and learning in meaningful ways rebeccaburns@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Jeni Davis Assistant Professor science teacher education, formative assessments, and science academic vocabulary. Her current work examines how elementary student performance guides teacher decision-making in an elementary classroom jenidavis@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Danielle Dennis Assistant Professor literacy assessment, educational policy related to literacy and teacher education, and teacher development; current work focuses on a longitudinal analysis of Florida’s mandatory third-grade retention policy. She is also examining the role of Professional Learning Communities in the Response to Intervention process. Dr. Dennis is the coordinator of the USF Partnership Schools and the Elementary Education Program Coordinator dennis@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Jennifer Jacobs Assistant Professor preservice and inservice teachers and the creation of more equitable educational environments. Specific areas of her research focus on professional learning communities and their role in fostering teacher learning, transformation, and empowerment in relation to issues of equity. She also works in the area of understanding how the processes of teacher inquiry/action research and supervision can serve to promote the development of equity-oriented teacher leaders jjacobs8@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Sarah van Ingen Assistant Professor intersection of mathematics education and teacher preparation. Her work is defined by a commitment to prepare and support teachers to facilitate equitable mathematics learning environments. Currently, she is engaged in identifying effective, high-leverage teaching practices that can be taught in teacher preparation programs. She also studies teacher engagement in the process of evidence-based practice vaningen@usf.edu Elementary ED
    Jane Applegate Professor Emeritus Administration, teacher education, field experiences, alternative teacher certification, language arts, secondary education students and reflective teaching techniques are subjects of her research applegat@usf.edu 302J English ED
    Pat Daniel Associate Professor teaches Methods of Teaching English for Middle School at Thomas E. Weightman Middle School, a Professional Development School with USF, written chapters, including “Rights of Passage: Preparing Gay & Lesbian Youth for Their Journey into Adulthood” pdaniel@usf.edu 302M English ED
    Joan Kaywell Professor Young adult literature; literacy among youth kaywell@usf.edu 302O English ED
    Dr. Stephen W. Sanders Director and Professor teacher preparation programs working to prepare teachers to assist children in becoming physically active for a lifetime sanders@usf.edu PED 214 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Candi Ashley Associate Professor heat stress, particularly in response to protective clothing ashley@tempest.coedu.usf.edu PED 204 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Bill Campbell Assistant Professor investigating the safety and efficacy of ergogenic aids/sports supplements, endocrine response to nutritional and exercise interventions, and mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle hypertrophy campbell@coedu.usf.edu PED 206 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    JoAnn Eickhoff-Shemek Professor legal liability, risk management and fitness safety eickhoff@usf.edu PED 208 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Nell Faucette Professor AERA Special Interest Group in Physical Education, Research Consortium Fellow for the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation, and Dance faucette@usf.edu PED 229 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Sara Barnard Flory Assistant Professor role of culture in physical education and physical activity sbflory@usf.edu PED 225 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Marcus Kilpatrick Associate Professor physical activity behavior and adherence; exercise and sport motivation and the impact of physical activity on psychophysiological states such as arousal, exertion, and affect MKilpatrick@coedu.usf.edu PED 202 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Michael J. Stewart Professor and Associate Dean identifying variables that contribute to perceived psychological stress among sport officials. Other research interests have been in teaching and coaching behavior of effective and ineffective coaches, and factors affecting the self-confidence of young boys and girls in competitive situations mstewart@coedu.usf.edu EDU 105 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Haichun Sun Assistant Professor interactive effect of situational and self-initiated motivation in physical activity settings; children and adolescents’ physical activity behaviors sun@usf.edu PED 228 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Ralph C. Wilcox Provost and Executive Vice President cultural studies and globalization, policy analysis, planning and performance rcwilcox@usf.edu Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Lisa Witherspoon Assistant Professor Co Director of the USF Active Gaming Research Laboratory Withersp@coedu.usf.edu PED 226 Physical ED and Excercise Science
    Soria E. Colomer Assistant Professor studies the positioning of Latina/o teachers and bilingual faculty in schools with growing Latina/o student populations. She is particularly interested in teacher recruitment policies and teacher preparation practices. Furthermore, she looks at how teachers’ self-perceptions and ethnic identities impact their student-teacher relationships, their instructional choices, and their emerging roles in schools with continuous demographic changes scolomer@usf.edu 302V Foreign Language
    Deoksoon Kim Associate Professor 1) Second-language reading and literacy, 2) ethnic minority students and multicultural education for diverse populations, and 3) incorporating instructional technologies in ESOL teacher education, which will eventually benefit English Learners deoksoonk@usf.edu 302Q Foreign Language
    Samuel Eskelson Assistant Professor teacher education and professional development and teacher practice eskelson@usf.edu 308 Mathematics ED
    Gladis Kersaint Professor learning and teaching with technology, the development of pre- and inservice mathematics teachers, and factors related to mathematics access and equity for all students Kersaint@usf.edu 302G Mathematics ED
    Ruthmae Sears Assistant Professor ruthmaesears@usf.edu 302J Mathematics ED
    Denisse Thompson Professor curriculum development, assessment issues, language issues related to mathematics, and the use of literature and culture in the teaching of mathematics mailto:denisse@usf.edu 308K Mathematics ED
    Eugenia Vomvoridi-Ivanovic Assistant Professor improving and advancing mathematics education for students historically underrepresented and undereducated in the field of mathematics and whose linguistic and cultural backgrounds have not traditionally been recognized as being resources for academic learning eugeniav@usf.edu 308M Mathematics ED
    Allan Feldman Professor study the ways in which people learn to become science researchers in apprenticeship situations afeldman@usf.edu 308I Science ED
    Benjamin Herman Assistant Professor the nature of science and technology in science education; socioscientific issues in science education; and environmental education 308F Science ED
    Barbara Spector Professor how change occurs in education, The Center for Ocean Sciences Ed Excellence-Fl (COSEE-FL) spector2@usf.edu Science ED
    Dana Zeidler Professor – Program Coordinator for Science Education Socioscientific Issues, Discourse, Moral Reasoning, Epistemology and the Nature of Science Zeidler@coedu.usf.edu 308A Science ED
    Michael J. Berson Professor berson@usf.edu 308D Social Science ED
    Bárbara C. Cruz Professor multicultural and global education and equity issue bcruz@usf.edu 308J Social Science ED
    James A. Duplass Professor philosophical foundations of social sciences education, axiology, civic education, technology integration, methods of instruction and competing conceptions of curriculum for social sciences education duplass@usf.edu 308C Social Science ED
    Howard Johnston Professor school safety, planning, and prevention johnston@usf.edu 308 E Social Science ED
    Dominic (Dick) J. Puglisi Emeritus Professor, Stavros Chair, Director and Assistant Dean build partnerships between business and education so that K-12 educators possess the knowledge and skills needed to prepare students for the global economy Puglisi@tempest.coedu.usf.edu CEE 101 Social Science ED
    Stephen Thornton Professor & Chair how teachers act as curricular-instructional gatekeepers translating the formal curriculum into instructional programs for their particular classrooms. Most of his scholarly writing concerns the ramifications of teachers tending the curricular-instructional gate for curriculum development, instructional methods and materials, and teacher education. He is currently writing a book on geography in American curricula thornton@usf.edu 302 Social Science ED
    David Allsopp Professor instructional methods for students with high incidence disabilities and research methods for developing and validating effective practices for students with disabilities; development, use, and validation of effective practices for these students including the use of technology to enhance school and life outcomes DAllsopp@usf.edu Special ED
    Michael Churton Professor distance-learning faculty and course support unit at USF and now leads the distance learning efforts for International Development and Research MChurton@usf.edu Special ED
    Ann M. Cranston-Gingras Professor/Chair children who have been marginalized by schools and society including children with disabilities and those from migrant farmworker families cranston@usf.edu Special ED
    David Hoppey Assistant Professor inclusive teacher education, school reform, co-teaching, response to intervention, special education policy, and school university partnerships, including providing quality pre-service teacher education, and ongoing in-service teacher professional development
    in-service teacher professional developmentproviding quality pre-service teacher education, and ongoing
    Dth@usf.edu Special ED
    Bruce A. Jones Professor educational policy and leadership as well as critical race theory and cultural competence jones@usf.edu Special ED
    Phyllis Jones Associate Professor inclusion, low incidence disabilities, online pedagogy in professional learning and teacher education for teachers of students with low incidence disabilities, PI of SAGE (Successfully Accessing General Education) PJones7@usf.edu Special ED
    Jeannie Kleinhammer-Tramill Professor, Doctoral Program Coordinator PI: Student Characteristics and School Contexts that Impact the AYP Status of Students with Disabilities as a Subgroup, Leadership in Teacher Education for Special Education pjkleinhamme@usf.edu Special ED
    Barbara Loeding Associate Professor assessment and transition of individuals with low incidence disabilities, educational and assistive technology for individuals with both low and high incidence disabilities, specifically, automated computer recognition of sign language Barbara@usf.edu Special ED
    August Mauser Professor Emeritus ajmauser@aol.com Special ED
    James Paul Professor Emeritus jlpaul@aol.com Special ED
    S. Elizabeth Shaunessy-Dedrick Associate Professor underrepresented groups of gifted children and social-emotional needs of International Baccalaureate and Advanced Placement students, PI: Javits Gifted Education Award, “Recognizing Extraordinary Accomplishments among Children (REACH)” Shaunessy@usf.edu Special ED
    Surrendra Singh Professor Emeritus TBI, Learning Disabilities, Psychological, Neuropsychological, and Educational Assessment singh@tempest.coedu.usf.edu Special ED
    Daphne Thomas Associate Professor families of children with disabilities, home-school collaboration, multi-cultural education, and cross-cultural teacher preparation Dthomas@usf.edu Special ED
    Brenda Walker Professor disciplinary practices to which African American learners are disproportionately subjected, issues around ethics, power, and privilege, and strategies for African American students with academic gifts and talents brendawalker@usf.edu Special ED

    College of Engineering

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Norma Alcantar Associate Professor Surface Forces and Chemical Characterization, Micellar Surfactants, Nanoparticles, and Organic/Inorganic Thin Films alcantar@eng.usf.edu ENC 3201 Chemical & Biomedical
    Venkat R. Bhethanabotla Chair, Advisor of BME Progam & Professor Biosensors, Plasmonics, Computational Catalysis, Cardiac Electrophysiology Modeling bhethana@usf.edu ENC 3403 Chemical & Biomedical
    Scott Campbell Undergraduate Advisor & Professor Solution Thermodynamics, Phase Equilibria, Environmental Monitoring and Modeling, Semiconductor Processing campbell@usf.edu ENC 3405 Chemical & Biomedical
    David Eddins Interdisciplinary Professor Correlates of Auditory Perception, Auditory Perception of the Pathological Voice, Models of Auditory Processing deddins@usf.edu PCD 4026 Chemical & Biomedical
    Robert Frisina, Jr Director of BME Program & Professor Development of Bio-therapeutic Systems, Devices and Compounds for Treating Sensory Deficits; Emphasis on Bench-to-Bedside Investigations of the Auditory System, and Translational Research on Deafness and Other Neuroengineering Application rfrisina@usf.edu ENC 3504 Chemical & Biomedical
    Nathan D. Gallant Interdisciplinary Professor Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering, Mechanotransduction ngallant@usf.edu ENC 2407 Chemical & Biomedical
    Richard Gilbert Professor Material Science, Biomedical Systems, Electrochemotherapy, Electrogenetherapy, Instrumentation, Engineering Education, and Drug delivery gilbert@usf.edu ENC 2210 Chemical & Biomedical
    Yogi Goswami Distinguised Professor Energy Conversion, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells, Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer, HVAC goswami@usf.edu ENB 260A Chemical & Biomedical
    Vinay Gupta ChE Graduate Advisor & Professor Interfacial Phenomena, Polymeric Materials, Organic – Inorganic Composites, Self – Assembled Systems, Molecular Recognition, Nanoscale/Smart Materials vkgupta@usf.edu ENC 3200 Chemical & Biomedical
    Mark Jaroszeski BME Minor Advisor & Associate Professor Drug and Gene Delivery, Electrofusion, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electrophoresis mjarosze@usf.edu ENG 243 Chemical & Biomedical
    Babu Joseph Professor Modeling, Simulation and Control, Multi – scale Modeling of Systems, Clean Liquid Fuels from Biomass, Fischer – Tropsch Synthesis bjoseph@usf.edu IDRB 212A Chemical & Biomedical
    Piyush Koria Assistant Professor Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine, Microscale Technologies, Biomaterials, Nanomedicine pkoria@usf.edu ENG 248 Chemical & Biomedical
    John N. Kuhn Assistant Professor Heterogeneous Catalysis, Materials Chemistry, Electro – catalysis, Engineering Education, Renewable Energy jnkuhn@usf.edu IDRB 202D Chemical & Biomedical
    William E. Lee III Professor Biomechanics, Prosthetic Design, Creative Processes, Education wlee2@usf.edu ENG 245 Chemical & Biomedical
    Christopher Passaglia Associate Professor Vision Systems, Neural Signal Processing, Computational Modeling, Retinal Physiology and Disease passaglia@usf.edu Chemical & Biomedical
    Anna Pyayt Assistant Professor Nano-photonic chips for Biomedicine pyayt@usf.edu IDRB 202E Chemical & Biomedical
    Alberto A. Sagüés Interdisciplinary Professor Corrosion of Engineering Materials, Materials for Infrastructure, Materials for Energy Systems Physical Metallurgy, Scientific Instrumentation, Nuclear Waste Disposal sagues@usf.edu ENL 111 Chemical & Biomedical
    Carlos Smith Professor Emeritus Automatic process control, Dynamic process modeling, Process engineering smithca@usf.edu Chemical & Biomedical
    Aydin K. Sunol Professor Systems engineering, Supercritical fluid technology, Green Engineering, Product and Process Design asunol@usf.edu ENC 3217 Chemical & Biomedical
    Ryan Toomey Associate Professor Responsive Polymers, Hydrogels toomey@usf.edu ENC 3503 Chemical & Biomedical
    Joseph P. Walton Interdisciplinary Professor Neural Bases of Age – Related Hearing Loss, Brain Plasticity Following Injury, Neural Coding of Complex Sounds jwalton1@usf.edu PCD 4022 Chemical & Biomedical
    Nicholas Albergo Professor contamination assessment, degradation and migration analysis, water/wastewater treatment and permitting, nalbergo@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    William Carpenter Professor Emeritus Structural viscoelasticity, fracture mechanics, adhesive bonding carpente@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Jeffrey A. Cunningham Associate Professor Contaminant fate and transport in the (aqueous) environment cunning@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Sarina J. Ergas Professor/Graduate Program Coordinator Biological treatment processes including wastewater treatment, nutrient removal, membrane bioreactors, bioremediation systems sergas@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Manjriker Gunaratne Professor/Chair Imaging, vision systems, crack growth gunaratn@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Stanley C. Kranc Professor Emeritus Fluid mechanics and heat transfer, Numerical analysis and modeling, Philosophy and history of Technology kranc@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Jian John Lu Professor Traffic Engineering, Transportation Systems Modeling and Computer Simulation jlu2@usf.edu ENG 207 Civil & Environmental
    Qing Lu Assistant Professor pavement engineering, asphalt mix design, pavement management system, transportation infrastructure management, steel bridge deck surfacing qlu@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    James R. Mihelcic Professor and State of Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar sustainability, impact of anthropogenic stressors on water resources, jm41@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Gray Mullins Professor Foundation Rehabilitation, Structural and Geotechnical Instrumentation, Quality Assurance of Drilled Shafts gmullins@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Mahmood H. Nachabe Professor Hydraulics and Water Supply Systems; Soil and Ecosystem Hydrology; Flow and Contaminant Transport in Porous Media; Stochastic Hydrology nachabe@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Karim Nohra Undergraduate Advisor Statics, dynamics, mechanics of materials, engineering education nohra@usf.edu ENC 1208 Civil & Environmental
    Abdul Pinjari Assistant Professor Transportation Planning and Travel Demand Modeling, apinjari@usf.edu ENC 2503 Civil & Environmental
    Steven E. Polzin Transit Research Program Director Public Transportation, systems evaluation, policy analysis, travel behavior polzin@admin.usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Mark Ross Professor Water Resources, Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling, maross@usf.edu ENG 307 Civil & Environmental
    Alberto Sagues Distinguished University Professor Materials engineering; Corrosion performance of materials for construction and energy applications sagues@usf.edu ENL 110 Civil & Environmental
    Rajan Sen Professor Structural engineering including design of bridges; Dynamic response of structures, dynamic behavior of piles, and prestress concrete sen@usf.edu ENG 41 Civil & Environmental
    Daniel Simkins Associate Professor Computational Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Composite Materials, Computational Engineering dsimkins@usf.edu ENC 3206 Civil & Environmental
    Amy Stuart Associate Professor Air pollution, atmospheric chemistry, environmental computation modeling astuart@hsc.usf.edu MDC 0056 Civil & Environmental
    Andrés E. Tejada-Martínez Assistant Professor Large-eddy simulation (LES) and direct numerical simulation (DNS) of turbulent flows, aetejada@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Maya A. Trotz Associate Professor, Faculty Fellow, Patel Center sustainability, water quality, ecotourism and small scale mining impacts on sustainable livelihoods, matrotz@usf.edu ENB118 Civil & Environmental
    Kalanithy Vairavamoorthy Professor, Director, School of Global Sustainability Sustainability, Urban water systems in developed and developing countries, coupled with strong skills in mathematical modeling, optimisation, and risk management vairavk@grad.usf.edu CGS101 Civil & Environmental
    Daniel H. Yeh Associate Professor Water and wastewater treatment technologies dhyeh@usf.edu ENC3213 Civil & Environmental
    Abla Zayed Associate Professor Mechanical performance of material including concrete, metal and composites zayed@usf.edu ENG 221 Civil & Environmental
    Qiong Zhang Assistant Professor Green engineering, sustainability, life cycle assessment, water-energy nexus, coupled nature-human system modeling, qiongzhang@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Yu Zhang Assistant Professor Air Traffic Management, Airport Management, Transportation System Analysis, yuzhang@usf.edu Civil & Environmental
    Ken Christensen Professor how to reduce the energy consumption of ICT christen@csee.usf.edu ENB 319 Computer Science & Engineering
    Swaroop Ghosh Assistant Professor Low-power, energy-efficient and adaptive logic and memories in nanoscale technologies, sghosh@cse.usf.edu ENB 118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Harvey Glass Professor Emeritus Operating Systems, Programming Languages, and Embedded Systems Design glass@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Dmitry Goldgof Professor/Associate Chair Image and Video Analysis, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, medical imaging, bioinformatics, bioengineering goldof@cse.usf.edu ENB118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Lawrence Hall Distinguished University Professor and Department Chair distributed machine learning, extreme data mining, bioinformatics, csechair@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Adriana Iamnitchi Associate Professo large-scale distributed systems and distributed computing anda@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Abraham Kandel Endowed Eminent Scholar and Distinguished University Professor Emeritus Applied fuzzy logic and computational intelligence, decision-making in uncertain environments, software testing and productivity kandel@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Rangachar Kasturi Douglas W. Hood Professor Computer Vision, Document Image Analysis, Automated Video Indexing, R1K@cse.usf.edu ENB 118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Srinivas Katkoori Associate Professor development of Computer-Aided Design (CAD) tools for the automatic synthesis of Very Large Scale Integrated (VLSI) digital circuits and systems katkoori@cse.usf.edu ENB 316 Computer Science & Engineering
    Tina Kouri Undergraduate Advisor applied algorithms and cheminformatics tkouri@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Miguel A. Labrador Professor, and Graduate Program Director Ubiquitous sensing/location-based services, wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, labrador@cse.usf.edu ENB118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Jay Ligatti Associate Professor Software security and programming languages ligatti@cse.usf.edu ENB 118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Yao Liu Assistant Professor computer and network security, yliu@cse.usf.edu ENB 118 Computer Science & Engineering
    Luther Palmer Assistant Professor robotic locomotion palmer@cse.usf.edu  ENB 311 Computer Science & Engineering
    Nathanael Paul Assistant Professor computer security with an emphasis in embedded systems security pauln@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Rafael Perez Professor Artificial Intelligence perez@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Les A. Piegl Professor computer-aided design and manufacturing, engineering and applied computing, software engineering and software system design, lap@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Nagarajan “Ranga” Ranganathan Distinguished University Professor VLSI circuit and system design, VLSI design automation, multi-metric optimization in hardware and software systems ranganat@cse.usf.edu ENB 2581 Computer Science & Engineering
    Dewey Rundus Professor Emeritus the interaction between a computer system and its human user. rundus@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Sudeep Sarkar Professor perceptual organization in single images and multiple image sequences sarkar@usf edu 3702 Spectrum Blvd. Suite 175 Computer Science & Engineering
    Yu Sun Assistant Professor robotics, haptics, computer vision, human computer interaction (HCI), and medical applications yusun@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Yicheng Tu Associate Professor load management in data stream management systems, ytu@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Alfredo Weitzenfeld Professor biologically-inspired robotics, cognitive robotic, humanoid robots and multi-robot systems aweitzenfeld@usf.edu Lakeland LTB 2150 Computer Science & Engineering
    Hao Zheng Associate Professor VLSI designs from architectural level to the circuit level, and algorithms for analysis and optimization of digital systems. zheng@cse.usf.edu Computer Science & Engineering
    Huseyin Arslan Associate Professor advanced signal processing techniques at the physical layer arslan@eng.usf.edu ENB 361 Electrical Engineering
    Sanjuktha Bhanja Associate Professor Low-energy nanocomputing bhanja@eng.usf.edu ENB 376/ENB 349A Electrical Engineering
    Kenneth Buckle Retired Professor magnetic confinement and stability of plasmas for fusion energy applications, the magnetic field problem inside electric motors, buckle@eng.usf.edu ENB 374 Electrical Engineering
    Larry Dunleavy Professor microwave and millimeter-wave device, circuit and system design, characterization and modeling dunleavy@eng.usf.edu ENB 373 Electrical Engineering
    Linling Fan Associate Professor renewable energy source grid integration, modeling and control of energy systems, large-scale power system planning and operation linglingfan@eng.usf.edu ENB 247 Electrical Engineering
    Ralph Fehr Assistant Professor power system planning methods and reliability enhancement techniques, fehr@poly.usf.edu POLYTECHNIC Electrical Engineering
    Nasir Ghani Professor cyberinfrastructure design, networking, disaster recovery, cloud computing, and cyber-physical systems nghani@usf.edu ENB 374 Electrical Engineering
    Richard D. Gitlin State of Florida 21st Century World Class Scholar/Agere Systems Chair/Distinguished Professor Wireless signal processing, communications, and networking (4G, cognitive systems, heterogeneous systems, ad-hoc systems, and cross-layer design). richgitlin@usf.edu ENB 359 Electrical Engineering
    Andrew M. Hoff Professor Afterglow chemical processing of materials for electronics, sensor, and MEMS applications; hoff@eng.usf.edu ENB 248/ENB 111 Electrical Engineering
    Vijay Jain Distinguished University Professor VLSI implementations; system on a chip (bio-sensing, DNA microarrays, opto-electronics, MEMS, digital, analog), 3-D SOCs jain@eng.usf.edu ENB 372 Electrical Engineering
    Selcuk Kose Assistant Professor analysis and design of high performance integrated circuits, kose@usf.edu ENB 372A Electrical Engineering
    Zhixin Miao Assistant Professor smart grid automation, electric power system modeling and simulation, zmiao@usf.edu ENC 2503 Electrical Engineering
    Don Morel Professor Photovoltaic solar energy with particular emphasis on the development of thin film solar cells of CuInGaSe2, CdTe and CdSe, amorphous Si, and organic materials. morel@eng.usf.edu ENB 244 Electrical Engineering
    Salvatore D. Morgera Professor QoS and advanced radio link protocols; biometrics for identity management, and bioengineering sdmorgera@eng.usf.edu ENB 379B Electrical Engineering
    Gokhan Mumcu Assistant Professor electromagnetic theory, computational electromagnetics, THz imaging systems, mumcu@eng.usf.edu ENB 362 Electrical Engineering
    Andrew Raij Assistant Professor personal sensing, computer graphics, and human-computer interaction raij@usf.edu ENB 255 Electrical Engineering
    Stephen Saddow Professor Nanotechnology, neuroengineering saddow@ieee.org ENB 243 Electrical Engineering
    Ravi Sankar Professor resource and mobility managements of wireless cellular, ad-hoc, and sensor networks, energy-efficient design and cross-layer optimization sankar@eng.usf.edu ENB 373 Electrical Engineering
    Rudy Schlaf Professor Spray based deposition of macro-molecular thin films and interfaces, schlaf@eng.usf.edu Electrical Engineering
    Arash Takshi Assistant Professor bio/organic solar cells atakshi@usf.edu ENC 2502 Electrical Engineering
    Sylvia Thomas Assistant Professor advanced materials for alternative energy sources, sylvia@eng.usf.edu ENB 368 Electrical Engineering
    Ismail Uysal Assistant Professor applications of wireless and radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies to supply chain for food and pharmaceuticals, iuysal@usf.edu CTI – 1113 Electrical Engineering
    Jing Wang Associate Professor nano/microfabrication, nanomaterials, RF MEMS devices, on-chip power generation, jingw@eng.usf.edu ENB 378 Electrical Engineering
    Thomas Weller Professor and Chair planar and electrically-small 3D antennas, development and application of novel microwave materials, weller@usf.edu ENB 379 Electrical Engineering
    Grisselle Centeno Associate Professor Capacity Planning, Healthcare Systems Modeling, Transportation Systems gcenteno@usf.edu ENC 2212 Industrial & Management Systems
    Tapas K. Das Professor & Chair Pandemic Mitigation, Healthcare Engineering, Electric Power Systems & Policy das@usf.edu ENC 2207 Industrial & Management Systems
    Shuai Huang Assistant Professor Big Data Analysis, Statistical Learning and Data Mining, Biomedical Informatics, Statistical Quality Control shuaihuang@usf.edu ENC 2509 Industrial & Management Systems
    Susana Lai-Yuen Associate Professor Haptics, Computer-Aided Design, Computational Geometry laiyuen@usf.edu ENC 2505 Industrial & Management Systems
    Kingsley Reeves Associate Professor Lean Six Sigma, Collaborative Networks, Supply Chain reeves@usf.edu ENC 2200 Industrial & Management Systems
    Alex Savachkin Associate Professor/Graduate Director Risk Analysis, Applied Stochastic Processes, Decision Support for Influenza Pandemics alexs@usf.edu ENC 2201 Industrial & Management Systems
    Michael Weng Associate Professor Applied O.R., Computer Numeric Methods, Scheduling mxweng@usf.edu ENC 2211 Industrial & Management Systems
    Ali Yalcin Associate Professor Health and Engineering Systems Modeling, Analytics Applications, Engineering Education ayalcin@usf.edu ENC 2213 Industrial & Management Systems
    Hui Yang Assistant Professor Engineering Analytics, Chaos, Sensor Informatics and Control huiyang@usf.edu ENC 2509 Industrial & Management Systems
    José Zayas-Castro Professor/Associate Dean of Research Healthcare Systems Engineering, Economic and Cost Systems, Manufacturing and R&D strategy josezaya@usf.edu ENC 2403 Industrial & Management Systems
    Bo Zeng Assistant Professor Large Scale Optimization, Network Design, Energy Systems bzeng@usf.edu ENC 2506 Industrial & Management Systems
    Stephanie Carey Assistant Research Professor Applied Biomechanics, Rehabilitation Engineering, Prosthetics scarey3@usf.edu ENG 08 Mechanical Engineering
    Wenjun (Rebecca) Cai Assistant Professor Metallurgy, Mechanical behavior, Nanomaterials, Materials Characterization, Tribology caiw@usf.edu ENC 2508 Mechanical Engineering
    Nathan Crane Associate Professor Design, Materials, and Manufacturing ncrane@usf.edu ENC 2206 Mechanical Engineering
    Rajiv Dubey Professor/Chair Rehabilitation Robotics; Prosthetics and Orthotics; Dynamic Systems and Controls dubey@usf.edu ENC 2303 Mechanical Engineering
    Delcie Durham Professor Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing drdurham@usf.edu ENC 2209 Mechanical Engineering
    Nathan Gallant Assistant Professor Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering ngallant@usf.edu ENC 2504 Mechanical Engineering
    Rasim Guldiken Assistant Professor Micro & Nano Sensors and Transducers guldiken@usf.edu ENC 2216 Mechanical Engineering
    Daniel Hess Professor/Undergraduate Advisor Vibrations, Friction, Fasteners hess@usf.edu ENC 2205 Mechanical Engineering
    Autar Kaw Professor Engineering Education Research, Mechanics kaw@usf.edu ENC 2215 Mechanical Engineering
    Ashok Kumar Professor Nanomaterials, Microelectronics, Thin Film Technology kumar@usf.edu NTA 102 Mechanical Engineering
    Craig Lusk Associate Professor Compliant Mechanisms and Biomechanics clusk2@usf.edu ENC 2507 Mechanical Engineering
    Jose Porteiro Professor Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer porteiro@usf.edu ENC 2217 Mechanical Engineering
    Muhammad Rahman Professor/Graduate Advisor Energy and Thermo-fluids mmrahman@usf.edu ENC 2204 Mechanical Engineering
    Kyle Reed Assistant Professor Rehabilitation Engineering and Haptics kylereed@usf.edu ENC 2503 Mechanical Engineering
    Alex Volinsky Associate Professor Thin Films Processing, Mechanical Properties and Characterization volinsky@usf.edu ENC 2214 Mechanical Engineering
    Stuart Wilkinson Associate Professor Energy Systems Design, Bionomic Engineering wilkinso@usf.edu ENG 131 Mechanical Engineering

    USF Health

    Note: For a complete listing of faculty research interests please refer to departmental faculty pages.

    Faculty Title Research Description E-mail Address Office Department
    Ponrathi Athilingam Assistant Professor Understanding correlates of Cognitive Impairment in patients with heart failure pathilin@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Theresa Beckie Professor Women’s Cardiovascular Health,
    Behavior Change Interventions,
    Cardiovascular Critical Care
    tbeckie@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Jason Beckstead Associate Professor Development and Application of Quantitative Methods in Healthcare Research jbeckste@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Adrienne Berarducci Associate Professor Health Promotion,
    Women’s Health,
    Osteoporosis Outcomes,
    Risk Communication
    aberardu@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Candace Burns Program Director/Professor Stress,
    Effects of trauma on the immune system and health,
    Occupational Stress
    cburns@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Patricia Burns Professor Female Urinary Incontinence,
    Nursing Leadership
    pburns@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Rasheeta Chandler Assistant Professor HIV/STI prevention in adolescent and young adults rchandle@health.usf.edu Nursing
    John M. Clochesy Director Empowering patients to reduce health disparities
    Simulation and virtual reality to support health providers and consumers
    jcloches@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Rita D’Aoust Associate Dean Dementia Caregiver Stress, Sleep, Depressive Symptoms, and Cardiovascular Reactivity
    rdaoust@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Debra Friedrich Assistant Professor Current research program includes an examination of the association between vitamin D levels and statin induced myalgias. dfriedri@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Brian Graves Assistant Professor bgraves1@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Maureen Groer Professor mgroer@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Nicholas Hall Professor nhall@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Kristen Hiscox Assistant Professor khiscox@health.usf.edu Nursing
    P. Afriyie Johnson Assistant Professor/Coordinator ajohnson@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Versie Johnson-Mallard Assistant Professor vejohnso@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Susan Kennel Assistant Professor skennel@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Kevin Kip Professor managing large observational epidemiological studies and clinical trials, kkip@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Hee Lee Assistant Professor hlee1@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Cecile Lengacher Professor “MBSR Breast Cancer Symptom Cluster Trial” National Cancer Institute clengach@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Denise Maguire Assistant Professor perinatal substance abuse; dmaguire@health.usf.edu Nursing
    LaSonya D. Malbrough Assistant Professor lmalbrou@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Susan Mcmillan Distinguished Professor GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP IN CANCER NURSING PRACTICE FOR JANA PERUN smcmilla@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Melanie J. Michael Assistant Professor mmichael@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Steve Morris Assistant Professor Grant: FLORIDA BIOTERRORISM & DISASTER PREPAREDNESS CONSORTIUM smorris@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Dianne Morrison-Beedy Dean HIV prevention in adolescent girls and young women dmbeedy@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Cindy Munro Associate Dean relationship between oral health and the prevention of systemic disease cmunro2@health.usf.edu Nursing
    LaRon Nelson Assistant Professor, Assistant Dean Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease
    Environmental & Global Health
    Women & Children’s Health
    lnelson7@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Denise Passmore Assistant Professor dpassmor@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Elizabeth Polston Assistant Professor Grant: GENOMIC ENSTABILITY: ONCOGENIC MECHANISMS OF HPV ONCOPROTEINS epolston@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Erik Rauch Assistant Professor Grant: Nurse Anesthesia Traineeship erauch@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Barbara A. Redding Director/Professor GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP IN CANCER NURSING PRACTICE bredding@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Carmen S. Rodriguez Assistant Professor crodrig3@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Frances M. Sahebzamani Assistant Professor fsahebza@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Melissa Shelton Assistant Professor Women & Children’s Health mshelton@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Constance Visovsky Associate Dean Chemotherapy induced neuropathy, Oncology, and Physical Activity/Exercise, cvisovsk@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Hsiao-Lan Wang Assistant Professor hwang5@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Mary S. Webb Professor Grant: FELLOWSHIP FOR LASONYA MALBROUGH mwebb@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Cheryl Zambroski Associate Professor Grant: QUALITY OF LIFE IN ADVANCED HEART FAILURE PATIENTS IN HOSPICE czambros@health.usf.edu Nursing
    Kevin Sneed Dean advanced pharmacological treatment of patients with Cardio-Metabolic Disorders, and examining Health Care Disparities ksneed@health.usf.edu MDC, 2129 Pharmacy
    Shufeng Zhou Professor drug discovery/systems pharmacology, drug metabolism/drug transport & pharmacokinetics, szhou@health.usf.edu MDC, 2121A Pharmacy
    Diane Allen-Gipson Assistant Professor mechanisms controlling repair of bronchial epithelium dallengi@health.usf.edu MDC, 3115A Pharmacy
    Jose Barboza Assistant Professor Ambulatory care Practice interests/specialties: jbarboza@health.usf.edu Pharmacy
    Chuanhai Cao Assistant Professor Neurodegenerative disease drug discovery/development ccao@health.usf.edu ALZ, 425 Pharmacy
    Feng Cheng Assistant Professor applications of genomic data and bioinformatics method in brain development and clinical research. fcheng1@health.usf.edu MDC, 3102B Pharmacy
    John Clark Assistant Professor social and behavioral sciences as well as clinical and administrative pharmacy practice jclark9@health.usf.edu MDC, 2130 Pharmacy
    Kamila Dell Assistant Professor MDC, 2147 Pharmacy
    Sheetal Dharia Assistant Professor Neuroscience sdharia@health.usf.edu ALZ, 339 Pharmacy
    Carol Fox Associate Professor Osteoporosis, Pain, Palliative Care, Medication Adherence, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Cardiology cfox1@health.usf.edu MDC, 3106 Pharmacy
    Shyam Gelot Assistant Professor sgelot@health.usf.edu MDC, 3105 Pharmacy
    Mei-Jen Ho Assistant Professor pharmacoeconomics, Medicaid drug utilization, and predictors of academic success mho1@health.usf.edu MDC, 2127 Pharmacy
    Umesh Jinwal Assistant Professor Drug discovery, Molecular Chaperone proteins, Neurodegenerative Diseases and Cance ujinwal@health.usf.edu ALZ, 308 Pharmacy
    Shane Jordan Assistant Professor sjordan1@health.usf.edu Pharmacy
    William Kell Professor pharmacoepidemiology, medication safety, evidenced-based medicine, and pharmacy practice wkelly@health.usf.edu MDC, 2122 Pharmacy
    Daniel Lee Assistant Professor Neuroscience dlee1@health.usf.edu ALZ, 307 Pharmacy
    Aimon Miranda Assistant Professor Practice/research interest: Cardiology, anticoagulation, nephrology, pharmacy informatics amirand2@health.usf.edu MDC, 2121 Pharmacy
    Thea Moore Associate Professor Neuroscience tmoore2@health.usf.edu MDT, 103 Pharmacy
    Jennifer Pytlarz Assistant Professor jpytlarz@health.usf.edu MDC, 3102C Pharmacy
    Majlinda Selenica Assistant Professor Neuroscience mselenic@health.usf.edu ALZ, 443 Pharmacy
    Erini Serag Assistant Professor Allergy, Immunology & Infectious Disease, Cardiovascular, Other, Women & Children’s Health eserag@health.usf.edu MDC, 2129 Pharmacy
    Kristy Shaeer Assistant Professor Infectious diseases, public health (domestic and international), indigent care kshaeer@health.usf.edu MDC, 2140 Pharmacy
    Sarah Steinhardt Assistant Professor ssteinha@health.usf.edu MDC, 2122 Pharmacy
    Jiazhi Sun Assistant Professor Drug Discovery, Signal Transduction, Apoptosis, Cancer Biology jsun@health.usf.edu MDC, 3027A Pharmacy
    Vijaykumar Sutariya Assistant Professor evelopment of novel drug delivery systems vsutariy@health.usf.edu MDC, 30 Pharmacy
    Srinivas Tipparaju Assistant Professor Cardiovascular stippara@health.usf.edu MDC, 4031 Pharmacy
    Wendy Updike Assistant Professor Cardiovascular wupdike@health.usf.edu MDC, 4106 Pharmacy
    Sheeba Varghese Gupta Assistant Professor anti-influenza agents and drug delivery systems svarghes@health.usf.edu MDC, 4102 Pharmacy
    Gwendolyn Wantuch Assistant Professor Nutrition support including medical nutrition therapy and parenteral nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders, anticoagulation, and nephrology gwantuch@health.usf.edu MDC, 2122 Pharmacy
    Qingyu Zhou Assistant Professor experimental therapeutics of metastatic tumors and acquired resistance to molecularly targeted cancer therapies qzhou1@health.usf.edu MDC, 3115 Pharmacy
    William M. Sappenfield Professor, Department Chair maternal and child health, epidemiology, and public health practice, wsappenf@health.usf.edu LRC 230, MDC56 Community & Family Health
    Julie Baldwin Professor infectious and chronic disease prevention targeting children, adolescents, and families jbaldwin@health.usf.edu LRC 230, MDC56 Community & Family Health
    Carol Bryant Distinguished Professor social marketing research on a wide variety of public health projects cbryant@health.usf.edu LRC 217 Community & Family Health
    Eric Buhi Director of Collaborative for Research Understanding Sexual Health, Graduate Program Director, Associate Professor Understanding and promoting sexual health among young people.Studying the impact of and employing innovative technologies for health promotion/behavior change. ebuhi@health.usf.edu LRC 210 Community & Family Health
    Arlene Calvo Reseach Assistant Professor Global health research at USF Health Panama Office acalvo@health.usf.edu Community & Family Health
    Martha L. Coulter Professor Maternal & Child Health, Children with Special Needs , Family Violence mcoulter@health.usf.edu CMS 3064 Community & Family Health
    Ellen M. Daley Associate Professor women’s reproductive health rights and equality in research, Co-Director the Center for Transdisciplinary Research in Women’s Health (CTR-WH) edaley@health.usf.edu LRC 216 Community & Family Health
    Rita DeBate Professor, Director of Doctoral Programs web-based training program for dentists and dental hygienists to increase knowledge, skill, and behaviors regarding secondary prevention of eating disorders rdebate@health.usf.edu LRC 219, MDC 56 Community & Family Health
    Lianne Estefan Research Assistant Professor Maternal & Child Health Leadership Training Program http://health.usf.edu/publichealth/mch/index.htm lestefan@health.usf.edu CMS 3060 Community & Family Health
    Russell Kirby Professor and Marrell Endowed Chair population-based research in birth defects and developmental disabilities epidemiology and prevention rkirby@health.usf.edu NEC 252 Community & Family Health
    Karen Liller Professor prevention and control of children’s unintentional injuries, USF Sports Medicine and Athletic Related Trauma Institute (SMART) injury data collection registry for high school athletes. kliller@health.usf.edu LRC 119  Community & Family Health
    Stephanie L. Marhefka Associate Professor HIV/AIDS in Children, Adolescents, and Adults smarhefk@health.usf.edu LRC 212, MDC 56 Community & Family Health
    Dinorah Martinez Tyson Assistant Professor Latino health and in the cultural adaptation of evidence-based interventions for Latino audiences dmarti20@health.usf.edu LRC 216 Community & Family Health
    Phillip J. Marty Associate Vice President for Research USF Health, Phillip J. Marty, Ph.D.
    Associate Vice President for Research USF Health
    Associate Dean for Research, College of Medicine, Professor
    Health Risk Factors and Tobacco Use,Health Risk Factors and Substance Abuse pmarty@health.usf.edu LRC 134, MDC 56 Community & Family Health
    L. Preston Mercer, II Professor Nutritional Biochemistry PMercerusf@health.usf.edu LRC 118, MDC 100 Community & Family Health
    Kay M. Perrin Associate Professor/Director of Undergraduate Studies Collaborative Research for Understanding Sexual Health (CRUSH) kperrin@health.usf.edu CPH 1039, MDC56 Community & Family Health
    Adewale Troutman Professor/ Director of Public Health Practice and Leadership social justice, human rights, community activism, health equity and national and global health atroutm1@health.usf.edu LRC 124, MDC 100 Community & Family Health
    Cheryl A. Vamos Research Assistant Professor
    Associate Director, Center for Transdisciplinary Research in Women’s Health
    Women’s reproductive health cvamos@usf.edu LRC 225 Community & Family Health
    Carla Vandeweerd Assistant Professor & Associate Director aging, dementia and elder mistreatment cvandewe@health.usf.edu CMS 3061 Community & Family Health
    Deanna Wathington Associate Professor Health Disparities
    Health Equity
    Women’s Health
    dwathing@health.usf.edu CPH 1139,MDC 56 Community & Family Health
    Lauri Wright Assistant Professor nutrition for infectious disease, outcomes of evidence-based dietetic practice and dietetic education strategies, President of the Florida Dietetic Association lwright10@health.usf.edu LRC 114 Community & Family Health
    Linda A. Detman Research Associate improve knowledge about the inherent quality-associated and economic risks of non-medically indicated deliveries (of babies) ldetman@health.usf.edu LRC 116 Community & Family Health
    James Lindenberger Director/Faculty Administrator, Social Marketing Group Director of the University of South Florida Social Marketing Group at the College of Public Health jlindenb@health.usf.edu LRC 114 Community & Family Health
    Thomas E. Bernard Professor & Department Chair Evaluation and Control of Heat Stress Strain Ergonomics tbernard@health.usf.edu CPH 1106 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Stuart M. Brooks Professor Occupational Asthma, Reactive Airways, Dysfunction Syndrome sbrooks@health.usf.edu MHH 302 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Yehia Y. Hammad Professor Pulmonary Deposition yhammad@health.usf.edu CPH 1104 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Raymond D. Harbison Professor Director, Center for Environmental/ Occupational Risks Analysis & Management modifying chemical and drug-induced organ injury rharbiso@ix.netcom.com NEC 306 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Foday M. Jaward Associate Professor Sources, Fate and Behavior of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) fjaward@health.usf.edu CPH 1112 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Thomas J. Mason Professor Screening for bladder cancer within occupational cohorts; Biochemical/Molecular Epidemiology – Bioengineering; Disaster Management tmason@health.usf.edu CPH 1105 Environmental & Occupational Health
    James D. McCluskey Research Assistant Professor Inhalation Exposures, Health Effects of Particulate Exposures, Respiratory Defense Mechanisms jmcclusk@health.usf.edu MHH 307 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Steven Mlynarek Professor Industrial Particulate and Chemical Exposure Assessment smlynare@health.usf.edu CPH 1110 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Hana Osman Associate Professor
    Director of the Sunshine Continuing Education Program
    Health Care Ethics, Medical Ethics, Research Ethics, Aging hosman@health.usf.edu NEC 302 Environmental & Occupational Health
    P.G. Rentos Associate Professor integration of carbon monoxide in human subjects, assessing respirable silicon dioxide dust exposures during turf harvesting prentos@health.usf.edu CPH 1121 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Ira S. Richards Professor Clinical Toxicology; Occupational and Environmental Toxicology irichard@health.usf.edu CPH 1111 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Jill Roberts Assistant Professor Molecular Epidemiology; Bacteriology; Emerging Diseases; Food Safety; Bioterrorism jroberts@health.usf.edu MDC 56 Environmental & Occupational Health
    René R. Salazar Assistant Professor Industrial Hygiene; Biological Agents rsalaza5@health.usf.edu NEC 307 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Amy L. Stuart Associate Professor Air Quality; Sustainable Urban Design; Air Pollution Modeling; Cloud Chemistry and Microphysics astuart@health.usf.edu CPH 1117 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Jay Wolfson Professor
    Director, Florida Health Information Center
    Director, Suncoast Center for Patient Safety Evaluation and Research
    Co-Director, Consortium for Law and Medicine, USF
    health care law, ethics, policy, jwolfson@health.usf.edu CPH 1126 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Marie Bourgeois Research Assistant Professor Environmental and Occupational Health mbourgeo@health.usf.edu NEC 307, MDC 56 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Giffe T. Johnson Research Assistant Professor environmental and occupational health including environmental benzene risk assessment, occupational exposure to asbestos, and substance abuse epidemiology in the emergency room gjohnson@health.usf.edu NEC 307B, MDC 56 Environmental & Occupational Health
    William Michael Reid Emeritus Associate Professor Leadership
    Public Health Practice
    Workforce Development
    mreid@health.usf.edu CPH 1018, MDC 56 Environmental & Occupational Health
    Heather G. Stockwell Department Chair & Professor Cancer Epidemiology
    Cancer in Women
    Occupational and
    Enviornmental Epidemiology
    stockwel@health.usf.edu CPH 2108, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Amy Alman Assistant Professor role of infections and inflammation in chronic diseases aalman@health.usf.edu CPH 2133 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Amy Borenstein Professor Epidemiology, early detection and prevention of dementias/Alzheimer’s disease aborenst@health.usf.edu CPH 2109, MDC 45 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Henian Chen Associate Professor longitudinal data analyses, multilevel modeling, taxometric analysis, epidemiologic methods, and clinical trials hchen1@health.usf.edu CPH 2128, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Getachew A. Dagne Professor Development of Bayesian Methodology gdagne@health.usf.edu CPH 2113, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Yangxin Huang Associate Professor Biostatistics and its applications to public health yhuang@health.usf.edu CPH 2129, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Alfred Mbah Assistant Professor repeated measurement design, dose response and structural equation modeling; Predictive Models
    Correlated Outcomes
    Heirarchical Models
    ambah@health.usf.edu CPH 2114 MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    James A. Mortimer Professor early detection and prevention of dementia in populations jmortime@health.usf.edu CPH 2120, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Wendy N. Nembhard Associate Professor birth defects, fetal exposures and adult chronic disease, infant mortality, preterm birth/low birth weight, and racial/ethnic disparities in perinatal outcomes wnembha@health.usf.edu CPH 2118, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Kathleen O’Rourke Professor developing and evaluating programs that can address health disparities among minority MCH populations within community-based settings korourke@health.usf.edu CPH 2126, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Hamisu Salihu Professor Director of the Occupational Medicine Residency Program at University of South Florida, Director of the Center for Research and Evaluation of the LRCC hsalihu@health.usf.edu CPH 2127, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Aurora Sanchez-Anguiano Associate Professor Occupational Epidemiology
    Infectious Disease Epidemiology
    Minority Health/Disparities
    Patient Safety
    asanchez@health.usf.edu CPH 2112, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Skai W. Schwartz Associate Professor Correlates and sequelae of non-adherence to Positive Airway Pressure sschwart@health.usf.edu COPH 2112, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Wei Wang Associate Professor Statistical Method Development
    Adaptation and Appication of Statistical Method in Social Science
    wwang@health.usf.edu CPH 2130, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Yougui Wu Associate Professor Biomarkers Evaluation Based on Longitudinal Data ywu@health.usf.edu CPH 2111, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Yiliang Zhu Professor Statistical Modeling of Biological Systems (Physiologically-based Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Models) yzhu@health.usf.edu CPH 2106, MDC 56 Epidemiology & Biostatistics
    Thomas Unnasch Department Chair & Distinguished Professor vector-borne diseases and the human filarial infections, tunnasch@health.usf.edu IDRB 422 Global Health
    John H. Adams Professor biology of malaria parasites and its remarkable ability to infect human populations; jadams3@health.usf.edu IDRB 304 Global Health
    Azliyati Azizan Assistant Professor immunopathogenesis of dengue hemorrhagic fever aazizan@health.usf.edu CPH 1119 Global Health
    Jamie Corvin Assistant Professor Health Disparities
    Maternal and Child Health
    Community Based Participatory Researc
    jcorvin1@health.usf.edu CPH 1114 Global Health
    Ann C. DeBaldo Professor & Associate Dean Immunology, Infectious Diseases adebaldo@health.usf.edu CPH 2019 B Global Health
    Donna Haiduven Associate Professor Sharps Device Evaluations in the Laboratory Setting dhaiduve@health.usf.edu CPH 1120, MDC 56 Global Health
    Ismael Hoare Assistant Professor Injury Prevention
    Caribbean and Central American Health Systems
    Community Health Assessment
    ihoare@health.usf.edu CPH 1114 56 Global Health
    Ricardo Izurieta Associate Professor Vectorborne Diseases;
    Waterborne Diseases
    rizuriet@health.usf.edu CPH 1114 56 Global Health
    Benjamin Jacob Research Assistant Professor Spatial Modeling bjacob1@health.usf.edu CPH 1118 56 Global Health
    Boo H. Kwa Professor and Associate Dean for International Programs Parasitology
    Vectorborne Diseases
    Emerging Infectious Diseases
    bkwa@health.usf.edu CPH 1118 56 Global Health
    Dennis E. Kyle Distinguished University Health Professor discovery and development of new drugs to prevent or treat malaria and leishmaniasis dkyle@health.usf.edu IDRB 304 56 Global Health
    Wilbur Milhous Professor Discovery and Development
    Lead Optimization
    Translational Research
    wmilhous@health.usf.edu CPH 1150 Global Health
    Richard Nisbett Assistant Professor Disease Ecology
    Rural Community Health & Social Medicine
    Participatory Action Research & Rapid Field Assessments
    rnisbett@health.usf.edu CPH 1124 Global Health
    Robert Novak Professor Integrated Pest and Disease Management, Vector Ecology rnovak@health.usf.edu CPH 1118 56 Global Health
    Francis Ntumngia Research Assistant Professor infectious disease with particular interest in malaria fntumngi@health.usf.edu IDRB 304 Global Health
    Donna J. Petersen Dean Health Care Reform
    Systems Change
    Public Health Leadership
    Needs Assessment
    Health Care Quality
    Global Health
    dpeters@health.usf.edu CPH 1002 Global Health
    Alberto Van Olphen Assistant Professor development of new molecular and immunological
    diagnostics, drug screening, sample preparation, and vaccine development
    Global Health
    Wayne Westhoff Associate Professor Risk Behavior
    International Studies
    wwesthof@health.usf.edu CPH 1123 Global Health
    Michael White Professor Genetics and Genomics;
    Molecular Parasitology
    Cell Biology of Growth Factors
    mwhite3@health.usf.edu IDRB, 325 Global Health
    Kate Wolfe-Quintero Associate Professor
    Director, Student Affairs and Academic Support
    Scientific and Professional Communication
    International Education
    Acquisition of Discourse and Grammar
    kwolfequ@health.usf.edu CPH 1130 Global Health
    Alexis LaCrue Research Associate Malaria, Parisitology, Infectious Disease alacrue@health.usf.edu IDRB 304 Global Health
    Dong-Pyo Hong Research Assistant Professor A systems biology approach to the model Apicomplexan Toxoplasma gondii
    Identification of novel drug targets for apicomplexan parasites
    dhong@usf.edu IDRB 324 Global Health
    Anupam Pradhan Research Associate
    Adjunct Assistant Professor
    Target Validation and Drug Development Towards Malaria
    apradhan@health.usf.edu IDRB Ste# 304 Global Health
    John P. Petrila Chair and Professor Public Health Law, Health Policy jpetril1@health.usf.edu CPH 2139 Health Policy & Management
    Farrokh Alemi Professor Informatics falemi@health.usf.edu Health Policy & Management
    Sheri Lynn Eisert Associate Professor Health Economics; Health Services Research Methods seisert@health.usf.edu CPH 2131 Health Policy & Management
    John Large Assistant Professor application of management science techniques in the health care market to achieve optimal operational performance jlarge@health.usf.edu CPH 2145 Health Policy & Management
    Barbara Langland Orban Associate Professor
    MHA Program Director
    emergency medical and trauma systems, quality improvement interventions, managed care, and hospital financial performance borban@health.usf.edu CPH 2141 Health Policy & Management
    Etienne E. Pracht Associate Professor economics of Medicaid policies with particular emphasis on provider reimbursement mechanisms, and cost containment efforts epracht@health.usf.edu CPH 2133 Health Policy & Management
    Alan M. Sear Associate Professor information systems in health care, health care outcomes, and measurement of health services efficiency asear@health.usf.edu CPH 2132 Health Policy & Management
    Dawood H. Sultan Assistant Professor examining the behavioral, socioeconomic and structural determinants of nutrition and health outcomes dsultan@health.usf.edu CPH 2146 Health Policy & Management
    Arthur R. Williams Professor health policy and the quantitative assessment of health and medical outcomes including the costs of obtaining those outcomes for patients, families, and communities awilli26@health.usf.edu CPH 2140 Health Policy & Management
    Jacqueline Wiltshire Assistant Professor women’s health, aging, and racial/ethnic disparities in healthcare utilization and outcomes, race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status in access to medical care, jwiltshi@health.usf.edu CPH 2138 Health Policy & Management
    Laurence G. Branch Professor Emeritus Gerontology, Health Policy
    Health Services Research
    lgbranch@health.usf.edu FMHI 1423, CPH 2131 Health Policy & Management

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