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  • Paris E-Journal 2012

    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012 | Posted in News & Announcements by Lisa Piazza | 7 Comments »

    NOTES FROM PARIS.………………………………

    Late May 2012-  Entry #1

    2012 Research in Art Scholarship recipients share their thoughts about departing for Paris, what they hope to learn while in Paris this summer and how they believe the  experience will influence their art and their approach to their process of creation. Learn more about the Research in Arts Scholarship HERE »


    7 Responses to “Paris E-Journal 2012”

    1. Tyler Staggs says:

      Hard to believe after months of planning and anticipation that the day after tomorrow, my fellow colleges and I will embark on an exploration to Europe. Packing for 5 weeks has proven to be a challenge because of the fear of forgetting something. My anxiety is accompanied with an overwhelming excitement of the future momentous experience to come. I have no idea how my art will change, but know that this will impact it and my outlook on life forever. Every aspect of Paris will be inspiration for my interactive art piece. Only 45 hours until my journey begins!

    2. Jordyn Newsome says:

      So I’ve been in Paris for 3 days now, and it has been pretty interesting so far. It is very much a big city like many others (or at least the parts of it that I have so far experienced), which is not a bad thing but is definitely not quite as I expected. The architecture is beautiful, and the metro is fast and easy to use, and the food is priced relatively sensibly compared to some other places like Switzerland. My favorite part so far has definitely been just looking around at all of the buildings- the details on every single building is absolutely fantastic- lots of elegant, intricate carvings and bas relief. I’m excited to explore even more when my fellow classmates arrive.

    3. Sabrina Pingel says:

      I am currently boarding my first flight for this trip! Packing has proven difficult- I did go over the weight limit but by a small enough increment that they let it slide without penalty. I have not slept for the past few nights- too anxious to begin my trip and work on the project and just too wrecked with anxiety to relax. NO. SLEEP. TILL. PARIS.

    4. Steve Jean-Louis says:

      Last minute packing, last minute errands, I must say Paris came a little to fast for me. From steeping onto that plane I was super excited, being that I have not been on a plane since the age of 9. I will enjoy all the time here in paris and make this the best summer abroad every:)

    5. Tyler Staggs says:

      So after my first week in Paris, I am beginning to settle in and feel less as a visitor and more like a resident. I felt that Paris is very similar to NYC but has an overall less chaotic feel to it. There is so much richer of a history and sense of community here. For example, if someone loses a jacket, people leave it there for them to find it.

      Interacting with the people here has been anything but unwelcoming. Merchants appreciate my butchering of their language and are always friendly. Every time I don’t have to repeat myself for them to understand my French is a small victory. Body language has been a huge way to communicate with people. I even resort to drawing pictures when all else fails. While wandering the city, I ran into a couple on vacation here. The woman was from Sarasota and was a USF graduate. I gave them advice about street art and they asked me if I was an art student. We talked for around 15 minutes. Moments like these that show us what a small world we live in. Hard to believe it has already been a week. Tonight we are going to the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, a castle that is candle lit at night.

    6. Steve Jean-Louis says:

      Paris it was very hard to leave, this month in paris has been so wonderful and life changing. I have learn so many things while studying abroad, I have made so many new friends and learn so much more about the french culture.

    7. Sabrina Pingel says:

      We have officially been home now for over a week and adjusting back to our usual lifestyle is proving to be difficult. I hate driving my car. I really wish we had a train system or better busing or less HUMIDITY so walking to work wouldn’t require a shower directly afterwards! Text messaging is mostly annoying; I find myself calling to make plans and saving all of the talking and stories for the face-to-face chat versus swift text conversations. I can’t eat half of the things I used to love, I find them completely disgusting. For example, I LOVE BK’s Double Stacker cheeseburgers, but I ate one after being home for a few days and was miserable- completely tasteless and such a poor quality of meat. I am trying to find a balance between all of the things I have learned and their implementation in an American way of life.

      I miss Paris.

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