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Brianna Horn

Monday, October 28th, 2013 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by Paul Trusik | No Comments »

Throughout the development of my research process, I found beauty in the minute details in Paris. While I attempted to blend into my surroundings, I couldn’t help but notice the quiet moments in the extremely busy city. The images in the show express the turbulent journey of the unforeseeable experiences while I was in Europe. Not a single image resulted the way that I had envisioned them. When deciding which of my images to be in the show, I found that I was most intrigued by the way the camera malfunctioned in conjunction with my changing perspective of Paris. The images featured here, however, are more of a compilation of my original vision intermingled with the struggles that I had along the way. While the photographs are still not completely the way I visually desired them, they are more in sync with my original thought process of photographing people. These encapsulate a more muted, lonely Paris that I began to yearn for the longer I was in Paris.


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