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Candyce Strayer

Monday, October 28th, 2013 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by Paul Trusik | No Comments »

My experience in Paris, London and Venice reached beyond the surface of tourism into the pulse of the city ingraining itself permanently into my being. Every day I was there I discovered a new place, a nook or cranny where the espresso was hot and I could sit and watch people pass by. I could reflect. I spent much of my time among churches, the street and around places rich in history.

I had this overwhelming sense of being so small amongst such a rich history and large city. This perspective allowed me to reflect on my own way of thinking. I took this and made photographs that attempted to describe in the most lyrical and poetic way I could what the experience of internal reflection and transformation is like. Each photograph became a point on a map to my internal geography. And like a map, where there are some cities bigger than others, brighter, darker or quieter than others so I sized and colored my prints in order to reflect those same qualities in my internal, psychological moments.

I kept a journal, Carne de Voyage filled with my personal experiences, thoughts and ramblings. I decided to include a few of those here on this web page so that it might serve to supplement the art work you see on the walls. With all of these elements I hope to communicate a sense of not only my individual experience of psychological transformation, but also a more general sense that can be understood and experienced universally.


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