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  • Ella Dizdarevic

    Monday, October 27th, 2014 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by | No Comments »

    Artist Statement

    Since the dawn of ancient civilizations, economic influencers in western society have mandated that its citizens have roles to play in life which are confined by certain guidelines in order to classify individuals as normal. However, instead of teaching the general masses how to think in order to question the status quo around them, the public is labeled as a consumer-based society who can be manipulated by teaching them what to think.

    I use ready-made elements within my work to challenge the general norms of society by transforming the items ordinarily consumed on a daily basis into cultural commentary on modern society. Most of my works are installation based and therefore exist temporarily within time and space in order for the viewer to absorb the rendered experience.

    Within Transience the original photograph no longer exists as a tool to remember but rather the complicated process of remembering lived experiences in a philosophical sense. As memories occur, the boundary line between object and viewer blurs and one and the other become a single identity because of the shared experience. Within street art and graffiti, photography is a common way of documenting and promoting the art globally. Here the exchange between artist and viewer becomes relevant because the photographer shares the act of creation; the viewer recreates the artwork through photographic means. That one temporary moment which transcends time and space, from artist to viewer, is also one of the reasons that make street art and graffiti so thrilling.


    Hear it from the sources themselves in an interview conducted during my trip to London back in June 2014.



    The blog documents my journey across London in search of material relevant to my research question.


    Tizer, London Graffiti artist:


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