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  • Kristin Beauvois

    Wednesday, September 19th, 2012 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by Paul Trusik | No Comments »

    Kristin BeauvoisUpon returning from Paris, my art making processes have been continually transforming, turning my personal identity and experiences into works of art. Paris was a challenge for my creativity and mind, in the sense that I was forced to use limited materials and work space while residing in the city. By practicing and exploring various mediums, some being but not limited to painting, drawing, and 3D, sculptural work, on a much smaller scale, often requiring mobility, my conceptual art work was strengthened. This practice has continued with me in the United States, as I continue to work out my responses to memories, location, and reality in a wide variety of mediums and tools.

    I use photography as a way of interacting with my surroundings, to create a memory, and interpret reality. To me, a photograph serves as a way of remembering a time and space in relation to my reaction. Specifically with landscape photographs, my strength comes from capturing and using light in unique ways, as well as capturing fleeting atmospheric changes. Specifically, during this project, I had the opportunity to closely observe and study original works of French photographer Eugene Atget. Replicating the generally simple, poised compositions, I spent some time attempting to see things in a less literal way. The architecture, alleyways, and highly complex city layout, was such a fresh and exciting place to photograph a rich, multi dimensional image. My photographs started as a replication of Atget’s photograph and then evolved into capturing the dynamic change occurring over time. Also, replicating the work of another photographer provided for most of the compositional planning and research. This allowed me to exert more concentration and energy on capturing an artistic vision, and appreciate the constant state of flux Paris provides.

    Paris studies and drawings related to Kristin’s photography project.


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