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  • Steve Jean-Louis

    Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by Paul Trusik | No Comments »

    Since the early 2000s I have been involved with photography and mix digital media. Most of my work is based on people, buildings, and location. I capture those irreplaceable moments that you long to cherish, such as your baby’s first steps, your college graduation, your wedding day and even candid moments with friends. I have really been getting into night photography these past couple of months. I would say my work explores the relationship between the body and multimedia experiences.

    With influences as diverse as Wittgenstein and Roy Lichtenstein, new tensions are created from both orderly and random layers. Ever since I was in high school the traditional understanding of relationships of the body and how you can photograph it has fascinated me. Checking out books, researching photographers, and practice has helped me become a better photographer. I have been into photography ever since I was given my first Polaroid camera; I would always take lots of pictures of people, faces, and bodies. My first job was working in a photography lab back in 2007; where I really took my photography skills to the next level.

    I am currently attending the University Of South Florida for a Bachelors of Arts degree focusing on photography. My most recent work comes from Paris, France. What’s shown in my work is how Paris has changed since the 1920’s. I loved the idea of photographing images from the 1920’s to today. The images I selected have to do with the locations in which these images where taken. I love the emptiness in the pictures that Atget took. Most of his images did not have people in them, and the Atget photography exhibition in Paris helped me see even more wonderful work of Atget that no other exhibition has ever seen. This exhibition showed me different places of Paris, shops, and even rivers. Most everything has changed for me and I’m glad I was able to get this opportunity to visit these places. My Paris experience has helped me look at the world threw my viewfinder a lot different than I have.


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