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Tyler Staggs

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012 | Posted in Research in Art Scholarship by Paul Trusik | No Comments »

My work has always encompassed elements of psychology and the physicality of the art itself. Through investigations and observations I analyze elements of myself through different processes. I believe the artist coexists with the work. As growth takes place with the elements of the art, I, as the artist, evolve simultaneously.

The art piece, Souvenirs, shares my memories and experiences of Paris with the public. Souvenir in French means memory. The word is used to describe an object acquired to remember the associated experience. During my stay in Paris, I acquired small pocket-sized objects to capture impactful moments along my expedition.

I have participated in the collecting process since my early childhood. Random objects began to have strong emotions associated with them even though they appeared meaningless to others. This artwork analyzes psychological connections to physical entities. My collection is a mirror of my identity and unique to me. These objects once were scattered across Paris, but now have a dialogue of their own when presented together in a singular space.

Another aspect of Souvenirs is the way in which tourists interact with a foreign environment. This artwork focuses of the exploitation of tourism. Growing up in Orlando has impacted me at an early age of the way businesses lure masses into paying bountiful sums on branded objects. I used a process tourists partake in while being mindful of coercing tactics. The act of acquiring objects along my journey tells a story of my moments and allows me to share them with others.

The way in which this collection is displayed is similar to how an archeologist displays work in a museum. While overseas, I collected artifacts of the culture and brought them back like an explorer of a new found land.


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