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  • Research Opportunities

    Internal & Summer experiences

    NSF logoUSF hosts several summer research opportunities each year and many are sponsored through the NSF REU program. USF students are eligible to apply for these research opportunities; however, the number of USF students accepted to these programs is limited. Click the button below to learn more.

    Sustainable Energy Alternatives and the Advanced Materials (SEAM)

    Primary Contact: Dr. Sylvia Thomas
    Secondary Contact: Dr. Rudiger Schlaf

    Tampa Interdisciplinary Environmental Research (TIER)

    Primary Contact: Dr. Maya Trotz
    Secondary Contact: Dr. Sylvia Thomas

    REU Site on Ubiquitous Sensing

    Primary Contact: Dr. Miguel Labrador
    Secondary Contact: Dr. Rafael Perez

    REU Site in Applied Physics at the University of South Florida

    Applied Physics REU Website »
    Primary Contact: Dr. Sarath Witanachchi
    Secondary Contact: Dr. Michelle Chabot

    SRI@FMHI: Mental Health Research

    SRI@FMHI Website »
    Primary Contact: Dr. Catherine Batsche

    Globalization and Community Health:Combining Social Science and Engineering

    Program Website »
    Primary Contact: Dr.Nancy Romero-Daza

    REU in Chemistry: Chemistry Summer Enhanced Experience Discovering Science

    Program Website »
    Primary Contact: Dr. Patricia Muisener

    External & Summer Experiences

    Engaging in research during the summer is a great way to gain experience and build your academic credentials. Click on the link below to learn more about programs within and outside the United States.

    USF REU Experiences

    View current USF REU opportunities HERE

    Useful Websites

    Pathways to Science
    Education and career training opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM)
    Program Website »
    National Science Foundation REU’s
    NSF Website »

    Leadership Alliance
    Leadership Alliance Website »

    Visit Program Website for Application deadline and other important information.

    Undergraduate Research Opportunities

    American Heart Association Founders Affiliate Undergraduate Student Summer Fellowship Program
    Program Website »

    American Society for Microbiology Undergraduate Research Fellowship (MURF)
    Program Website »

    AMGEN Scholars Program(biotechnology)
    Program Website »

    ATT Research Labs(computer science, math, statistics, electrical engineering, operations research, systems engineering, industrial engineering, or related fields)
    Program Website »

    Biological Discovery in Woods Hole Summer Opportunity for Undergraduate Research
    Program Website »

    Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research (Cornell)
    Program Website »

    Brain Research Institute Summer Undergraduate Research Experiences (SURE) Pathway to Neuroscience and Physiology (UCLA)
    Program Website »

    Center on Budget and Policy Priorities Internships (Wash DC)
    Program Website »

    Computational and Informational Systems Laboratory(multiple disciplines)
    Program Website »

    Department of Homeland Security STEM Summer Internship Program
    Program Website »

    DOE Scholars Program
    Program Website »

    Environmental Health Research Experience Program (EHREP)(Multiple disciplines)
    Program Website »

    EuroScholars Program(study abroad)
    Program Website »

    Great Lakes Summer Research for Undergraduates Program
    Program Website »

    HACU National Internship Program (all disciplines)
    Program Website »

    Harvard Catalyst Summer Clinical and Translational Research Program (SCTRP)
    Program Website »

    Harvard Catalyst Visiting Research Internship Program (VRIP)
    Program Website »

    iSchool Inclusion Institute ( UPitt)
    Program Website »

    Janelia Undergraduate Scholars (Neuroscience)
    Program Website »

    Maryland SeaGrant Summer REU Program
    Program Website »

    NASA Education Research Internships
    Program Website »

    NIH Undergraduate Scholarship Program
    Program Website »

    NIST Summer Research Fellowship
    Program Website »

    Princeton Summer Research Opportunities (PSURE)
    Program Website »

    Ralph Bunch Summer Institute(APSA)
    Program Website »

    Raymond and Beverly Sackler Institute for Biological, Physical, and Engineering Science (Yale)
    Program Website »

    Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU)(all NSF funded disciplines)
    Program Website »

    RISE Program (biology, chemistry, physics, earth science and engineering)
    Program Website »

    SERC Internship Program in Environmental Studies(multiple disciplines)
    Program Website »

    Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships USDOE (SULI)(STEM fields)
    Program Website »

    Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
    Program Website »

    Smithsonian National Zoo Internships
    Program Website »

    Summer Medical and Dental Research Program
    Program Website »

    Summer Mentoring & Research Training: Methods in Neuroscience of Drug-Abuse (SMART MIND)
    Program Website »

    Summer Program in Biostatistics and Computational Biology (Harvard)
    Program Website »

    Summer Program in Epidemiology (Harvard)
    Program Website »

    Summer Research – Early Identification Program (all disciplines)
    Program Website »

    Summer Research Opportunities (SROP) (all disciplines)
    Program Website »

    Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program(SUROP)(Kansas State University)
    Program Website »

    Summer Undergraduate Research Experience(Sackler Institute at NYU)
    Program Website »

    Summer Undergraduate Research Experience(Chicago Botanic Garden)
    Program Website »

    SURE Program in Solid-State Devices(Clemson)
    Program Website »

    University of Cincinnati SURF Program
    Program Website »

    University of Pennsylvania  Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP)
    Program Website »

    University of Washington Environmental Health Research Experience Program (EHREP)
    Program Website »

    Zannoni Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow (SURF) Awards
    Program Website »

    Additional REU Experiences Open to Both Domestic and International Students

    Visit Program Website for Application deadline and other important information.

    Biomedical Research Apprenticeship Program (BIOMedRAP) (Washington University)
    Program Website »

    Cold Spring Harbor Lab REU
    Program Website »

    CNUP REU (University of Pittsburgh)
    Program Website »
    HSCI Internship Program (Harvard University)
    Program Website »

    Mayo Clinic REU (Mayo Graduate School)
    Program Website »
    MIT Summer Research Program
    Program Website »

    Mount Sinai Summer REU (Icahn School of Medicine)
    Program Website »

    REU Opportunity at the Sackler Institute (New York University)
    Program Website »

    SMART Program (Baylor College of Medicine)
    Program Website »

    Summer Program for Undergraduate Research (SPUR)(Medical College of Wisconsin)
    Program Website »

    Leadership Alliance

    USF is a member of The Leadership Alliance a consortium of 32 institutions of higher learning dedicated to increasing diversity in doctoral programs and in the professoriate. Click on the link below to learn more about Leadership Alliance sponsored programs.

    NOTE:  Due to other institutional commitments USF is NOT accepting applications for Summer 2016.

    About the Program

    The USF Leadership Alliance Summer Scholarship Program is a nine-week intensive research experience for undergraduates interested in advanced graduate study. Under the direction of faculty mentors and summer directors, student scholars develop research skills and engage in professional development training. The experience culminates with presentation at the Leadership Alliance National Symposium.

    Program Highlights

    • Develop a research project under the direction of a faculty mentor
    • Participate in professional development training
    • Develop lasting relationships with peers, graduate students, and faculty
    • Develop enhanced written and oral communication skills
    • Present research findings at the Leadership Alliance Summer Symposium

    The Summer Undergraduate Research Program is open to all qualified applicants. Undergraduates who are racial/ethnic minorities, who are from socioeconomically disadvantaged backgrounds, or who are from small liberal arts colleges are especially encouraged to apply. Each student accepted for Summer Undergraduate Research Program will work directly with a USF research mentor on a research project in the natural or physical sciences, social sciences, humanities or arts.Students admitted to the program will be expected to commit full-time to the research activity (normally 40 hours per week) and engage in professional development training. Through this program students will:

    • Carry out independent and collaborative research with a research mentor
    • Receive training in preparation for applying to Graduate School
    • Participate in weekly summary meetings with other students
    • Engage with peers, graduate students and faculty
    • Develop enhanced written and oral communication skills
    • Submit a written report at the end of the summer research activity and complete a program evaluation
    • Present the research at the Leadership Alliance Summer Symposium

    Students admitted to the program will receive:

    • All materials and supplies to support the research activity
    • $500 for transportation to and from Tampa
    • 1-credit of advanced undergraduate research (IDS 4914)
    • Housing in a USF residence hall and meal plan
    • $200-$300/week stipend to support other expenses

    NOTE:  Due to other institutional commitments USF is NOT accepting applications for Summer 2016.


    Home Institution: Rider University, Lawrence Township, NJ
    Major: Chemistry Mentor: Stanley Stevens, Ph. D.
    Research Project: Molecular Insights into Pharmacological Inhibition of Microglial Pro-Inflammatory Response Using Mass Spectrometry-Based Proteomics

    I have a passion for chemistry, mathematics, and helping others. As I grew up in Jamaica, I dreamed of helping a large quantity of people which is why my ultimate goal is to aid in developing various medicines. I will be heading into my fourth year of my undergraduate career where I face a heavy load of maintaining my scholarly requirements while applying for PhD programs and aiming to take the Chemistry Honor Society (GSE) to new heights as their new President. Aside from the busy schedule I take on, I try to find time to enjoy my hobbies such as playing tennis and spending time with my family and friends. When I feel overwhelmed I remember my personal motto by Arthur Ashe, “success is a journey, not a destination”. It constantly reminds me that being successful is not going to happen after one class but that it takes real commitment and true passion; everyone’s view of success is different.


    Home Institution: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Major: Art History Mentor: Lisa M. Piazza
    Research Project: Why “Do Not Touch”?

    Began her studies in art at the School of Fine Arts in Bayamón. She has a high school diploma with specialization in Visual Arts from the Paul Casals Fine Arts School in Bayamón. Currently she performs a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Art History and emphasis on Western Art. Her works have been exhibited in various areas of Puerto Rico. As an art historian figure as president of the Association of Students of Art History and as a partner of the student magazine of art critic Punto de Fuga of the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus. She was selected as a volunteer to the registration area and collection management of the Institute of Culture of Puerto Rico.


    Home Institution: Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Major: Natural Sciences Mentor: Jason Rohr, Ph. D.
    Research Project: Acquired Resistance for Helminth Infections in the Cuban Tree Frog O. septentrionalis

    I’m a rising sophomore at Colorado College currently studying molecular biology. I find viruses fascinating and will talk someone’s ear off about amazing measures viruses use to avoid the immune system. Unsurprisingly, my dream is to become a practicing virologist at a research hospital. I remember my freshman year biology course in high school and seeing my first picture of the structure of HIV, and my Ms. Frizzle-esque teacher lecturing about amazingly terrifying things a particle so infinitesimally small could do to its host. I was hooked. I knew I loved science at a young age, but that moment was the first source of clarity I had about what I wanted to do when I grew up. Aside from my love of science, I enjoy the great outdoors. I love hiking up mountains and biking scenic trails

    Federal Work Study

    If you are a first year student with a full federal work study (FWS) award, you are eligible to apply to several positions that will provide two semesters of authentic mentored research in multiple disciplines. Click on the button below to learn more.


    If you are a first year student with a full federal work study (FWS) award, you are eligible to apply to several positions that will provide two semesters of authentic mentored research in multiple disciplines. Position Descriptions.

    Apply for these positions through Student Employment. Each appointment is for 14 hrs/week of research and 1 hr/week of professional training and networking with the OUR. The meetings with the OUR will create a “learning community” within the cohort of researchers and provide an informal/relaxed environment for the researchers to be exposed to all of the disciplines, engage in peer discussions and network with OUR leadership. The training will include:

    2013-2014 Academic Year:

    Fall Semester professional development sessions

    • Getting Started in Undergraduate Research Workshop (week 1-2)
    • Researching a Mentor Workshop (week 3-4)
    • Working the Problem Research Skills Workshop (week 5-6)
    • Writing Skills Workshop (w/writing center staff) (week 9-10)
    • Business Case Competitions Student Report Out Presentations (week 15)

    Spring Semester professional development sessions

    • Attending a Research Conference (week 1-2)
    • Developing and Writing a Persuasive Research Abstract (week 3-4)
    • Developing and Presenting an Effective Research Poster (week 4-5)
    • Crafting and Delivering an Effective Oral Presentation Using PowerPoint (week 5-6)

    Positions will be appointed on a rolling basis and are expected to be highly competitive so apply today. Have more questions about this opportunity? Visit us today LIB 210.

    (813) 974-2729

    4202 E. Fowler Ave. LIB122 Tampa FL 33620

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