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    Students interested in obtaining a research position should progress through the Guiding Questions and First Steps. In addition, it is highly recommended that students interested in undergraduate research attend an OUR Getting Started in Undergraduate Research workshop. Students should also review the FAQ’s for answers to the most common questions regarding the undergraduate research process.

    Getting Started

    Undergraduate Research

    The OUR provides a variety of resources and training to assist you with identifying and obtaining a research position.

    Research Experiences

    USF Research Opportunities

    Students interested in undergraduate research may select from a variety of options beyond the traditional one-on-one mentored experience. Additional research options include national and international internships outside of USF, summer REU opportunities, lab courses, research seminars, and volunteer or shadowing opportunities.

    USF Research Courses and Research Credit Options

    USF Research Courses

    An excellent way to gain research experience is to enroll in a laboratory course or a research course as part of your curriculum. Whichever course option you select, it is important to understand how research courses, and the credits associated with them, will impact your degree and financial aid requirements.

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