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  • Dawn Grayford

    Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015 | Posted in Uncategorized by | No Comments »

    “My three year old could do that.”

    Artist Research

    In what ways can an artwork communicate different levels of complexity?

    Everyone experiences an image differently; there’s no right or wrong way of seeing an image. However, do we consider how an art piece communicates or is meant to communicate with its audience?

    In American culture, there is this lack of appreciation towards art, a lack of understanding. Viewers engage a work, but most art experiences are flawed; they look at a piece, but they do not know how to acknowledge the content; they do not experience the enlightenment a work is intended to inforce. Most viewers do not think about the artist process. But why do we think that is?

    When I was abroad in Paris, France, I experienced something that I wasn’t fully aware of in the United States- appreciation and curiosity. When I visited the Musée d’Orsay, I had an immediate passion to draw everything in sight. The statues, the people looking at the paintings, the architecture- everything had an impact on me and I couldn’t stop drawing. People in the museums stopped and looked over their shoulders to see what I was doing, and this became more noticeable when I drew the statues in the Louvre. People of different ethnic backgrounds and languages came up to me to see what I was doing, and even exchanged words or glances of curiosity as to what I was doing, or why, and an admiration towards it. It’s an admiration I hardly feel here in the United States unless they see what I’m creating, even then there’s a stigma attached to artists and the idea that I need to make money in order to be better off in society.

    My research will lead me to argue the artistic process and how it strongly relates to communicating the content of artworks. I will evaluate how to get the audience to truly see an art piece, to understand the content of an image and promote an appreciation for the visual arts.

    So my question I again ask is in what ways can an artwork communicate different levels of complexity? How do we get the audience to understand the difficulties that are strived for in art? My intention is to argue the artist process; to have the viewer understand the artist experience; to propose a solution.

    These are some videos to further understand artists.


    Curator Luke Syson
    My blog exhibits some of my adventures and thoughts in Paris, France and Venice, Italy. This also documents my artistic process through my research project.


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