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No time to visit the Writing Center on campus?

USF has partnered with the SMARTHINKING service to ensure that students get great help and advice on essays, personal statements, resumes, and research papers in the event they can’t make it to the Writing Center. SMARTHINKING is a consulting service that works much like our own Writing Center, with a real person reviewing your work and answering your questions.

To use SMARTHINKING, upload your document (see directions below) and fill in the short questionnaire.

Ask your writing consultant specific questions to make sure that you get the best feedback possible.

  • For example, are you worried about your grammar? Think about what kind of grammar error you make the most and ask the tutor a question like this: “Commas are a problem for me. Can you show me a sentence where I messed up my commas and explain to me how to find and fix those errors?”
  • Do you struggle with structure? Ask yourself what kind of structure problems you tend to have and then ask the consultant something like this: “I’m worried about how to organize my paper. Can you show me where my transitions are strong and where they are weak?”

The Writing Consultant at SMARTHINKING will return your work in about 24 hours.

  1. Click on the green button above
  2. Turn off pop-up blockers
        * For detailed instructions on disabling pop-up blockers, click here.
  3. Click on “Writing Center”
  4. Follow instructions for completing the submission form and uploading your paper

Or view the following demonstrations on how to use SMARTHINKING so that you can maximize the use of time in the system.

Can I Add Minutes to my SMARTHINKING Account?

Yes! Your SMARTHINKING account is connected to your MyUSF access. Therefore in order to receive additional time with SMARTHINKING, we need to work with you individually to determine the right approach for your situation. Here are your options:

  1. Email USFLearning@gmail.com and complete the request form. We will contact you by phone and work with you to add minutes.

  2. Or call the Writing Center (813-974-8293) and ask the desk staff to be connected with an administrator who can help you add minutes.

  3. Or stop by the Writing Center (LIB 125) in the USF Tampa library and ask to speak with an administrator about adding to your SMARTHINKING account.

Whichever way you choose, please include the reason for your request in your reply.

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