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Congratulations to USF’s Oustanding Writing Center Tutors!

Monday, March 5th, 2012 | Posted in USF Writing Studio Blog: Tips, News, and Updates by | No Comments »

Jared White and Trisina Dickerson, two writing consultants from the USF Tampa Writing Center, are the winners of this year’s distinguished Southeastern Writing Center Association’s Professional Tutor of Year Award and Graduate Tutor of the Year Award, respectively. This is an unprecedented accomplishment within the writing center community. The USF Writing Center staff traveled to the SWCA 2012 conference Next-Gen WC: Composing Spaces, Exploring Ideas Conference in Richmond Kentucky to generate ideas for the USF center and to be honored by the SWCA. The USF staff was inspired by the beautiful space and brought innovative ideas about how to energize the USF space home to Tampa.

The conference was housed at Eastern Kentucky University’s award-winning Noel Studio for Academic Creativity. The SWCA was established in 1981, and the region is made up of 7 states. Each year the organization awards writing center tutors in four categories to recognize outstanding academic contributions.

Jared White, USF Writing Center Assistant Coordinator, was awarded this year’s SWCA Professional Tutor of the Year Award. Because of the many smiles, laughter and visible “a-ha” moments in Jared’s sessions, he is well deserving of this distinguished award. Jared worked in the USF Writing Center as a graduate assistant tutor from Spring 2010 until he graduated in Spring 2011 with his MFA. He has worked as a professional tutor at both HCC Tampa and the University of South Florida. In addition to being a superstar tutor, Jared is also an accomplished poet. He has had his work published in the journals Confrontation, Mason Road, and Irreantum. He is currently working on publishing a collection of poems entitled Celestial Bodies. Next year he will begin his PhD in poetry at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Students that work with Jared consistently comment how helpful he has been in regard to increasing confidence, overcoming writer’s block, and easing the overall writing process. Thoughtful, considerate, and clever, every day Jared models the best of what it means to be a tutor to the USF community. He thrives on close interaction with colleagues and students, and most importantly, he is interested in learning how to further hone and develop his tutoring skills every day.

Trisina Dickerson, also a USF Writing Center Assistant Coordinator, was this year’s recipient of the Graduate Tutor of the Year Award. Trisina has been tutoring in the center since 2010, and she is currently developing her MFA thesis project, a poetry manuscript about family and relationships. Trisina’s poem “Maillard Browning,” will be published in the upcoming edition of the Louisville Review.

In her writing consultations, students frequently draw their ideas, use highlighters to reinforce something they’ve been talking about, or simply push the paper away, becoming consumed in an animated conversation about the writing project. More than any other tutor, Trisina is great at listening really carefully to students that feel lost, at smiling and helping them transition through their frustration. Her “regulars” come from across the disciplines – engineering, education, literature – and all rave about how Trisina has helped them clarify their ideas and gain confidence in their own writing. Trisina brings an open mind, a positive outlook, and a sophisticated rhetorical awareness to the USF Writing Center.


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