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Weekly Resource Roundup: Citing Social Media and Email

Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 | Posted in USF Writing Studio Blog: Tips, News, and Updates by | No Comments »


*Photo “Social Media apps on iPhone” by Jason Howie

As digital discourse becomes more prevalent, it also becomes more relevant to our writing. Citation style ¬†guides have, historically, been slow to produce standard citation forms for these emerging resources. This week, we want to share the best resources we’ve found for appropriately incorporating and citing emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and other forms of digital writing.

  1. Teachbyte’s handy-dandy chart shows how to cite a blog post, YouTube video, Tweet, Facebook post, and email in both APA and MLA.
  2. APA’s blog is always a great resource for citation information that may not have made it into the printed style guide yet. This post on Facebook and Twitter offers both examples and explanations.
  3. The Clever Researcher has also collected links to resources on citing social media in MLA, APA, and Chicago.

Have you found useful resources of your own for citing digital writing? Share them with us in the comments!



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