When I first arrived at the University of South Florida to earn my MA degree in History, my goal was to obtain a skill which would provide me better employment opportunities. I found my skill and much more working with Dr. Collins. I received a foundation in 3D software and hardware skills which gave me the confidence that I could learn any new 3D tool in the future. Dr. Collins utilized her excellent industry connections to provide me with an internship at a leading 3D software company and introduced me to a future boss. I also developed an appreciation of collaboration since we often worked with students from the Departments of History, Anthropology, and Geosciences. The knowledge and experience gained with Dr. Collins serves me well in my career and has taken me to places where I never thought I would be prior to graduate school. I worked on visual effects for Hollywood films, 3D scanned objects for major pieces of art, analyzed airplane components; and now I digitize collections in 3D for the Smithsonian Institution.

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