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Welcome to Digital Dialogs at the University of South Florida!

Welcome to Digital Dialogs!  This blog features topics in five sections designed to help you discover ways to incorporate digital items, many of which are primary resources, into your class projects.  We also cover tools that you could use to create multimedia projects of your topic, and provide examples of such exhibits that have been created here at the University of South Florida and elsewhere.  There are four topical sections, plus an extra section for items of general interest, with a new post each week.  The sections are:

  • Recent Collections—information about a recently created digital collection at USF
  • Featured Project—existing projects that highlight digital materials as a cohesive online exhibit
  • Tools of the Trade—tools you can use to create your own online exhibits
  • Across the Academy—external projects that are particularly snazzy
  • In Other News—sort of a bonus section that includes information not covered in the other categories

If you have a topic you’d like to suggest for one of these areas, please let us know!  There is a Suggest an Idea feature on the right. We look forward to developing an online resource that will invite conversation, encourage collaboration, and inspire your next digital exhibit or research project.

Latest Dialogs

The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls

A few decades ago, a chance discovery by a wandering Bedouin brought the Dead Sea Scrolls out of the caves near Khirbet Qumran on the northwest shore of the Dead Sea and eventually to the Shrine of the Book at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem to be viewed by a few lucky souls.  Today, design …

Help Us Celebrate the Public Domain

Digital Scholarship Services at the USF Libraries is planning a celebration of the public domain in January 2019.  We have compiled a list of items in our collections and now we need your help in picking out what we are going to digitize and make available in our online collections in January 2019.  In honor …

Openly Accessible v. Open Access v. Free to Use

Many of the materials released to or shared on the internet today are openly accessible due to the very nature of the internet itself.  This does not mean that they are free from copyright protection or released with any open use provisions.  At the same time, many scholars are opting to publish materials Open Access.  …

Hidden Florence

Ah, Firenze!  Located in the Tuscan region of Italy, this ancient city was a center of trade, finance, and culture in medieval times.  Home to the Medici family, whose power and control over the region began in the mid-15th century, Florence is considered by many to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. For anyone interested …

Introduction to Copyright Tutorial Video

Are you starting on a research project where you know you are going to include some material created by someone else?  Or including copyright content in your thesis or dissertation? The library has a new tutorial video that gives an introduction to copyright and how to use copyrighted content in research and papers. In the …