Young Adult and Children's Literature at the USF Libraries

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Beginning with dime novels, progressing through boys’ and girls’ series books of the 20th century, and culminating with contemporary young adult literature, USF Libraries Special Collections provides a place to study the comprehensive history of literature for American youth.

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Young Adult Literature

Young Adult Literature at the USF LibrariesThe Hipple Collection of Young Adult Literature provides readers with materials that combat prejudice, promote tolerance, and encourage self-acceptance through poignant stories of teens dealing successfully with the psychological, social, and cultural issues associated with coming of age. Collection info…

“I believe that young adult literature saves lives, and I am living proof of that.”
– Dr. Joan Kaywell, USF Professor of English Education

Boys’ and Girls’ Series Books

This collection includes over 11,000 titles ranging from 1890 to 1970. It features iconic characters like Nancy Drew, the Bobbsey Twins, Five Little Peppers, and the Hardy Boys. The collection also provides a window into less well-known worlds, such as the Blue Grass Seminary Girls, Grace Harlowe, and the Campfire Girls. These books stretch the boundaries of the reader’s imagination and aspirations, as the young protagonists solve mysteries, explore the known reaches of the world, serve in the First and Second World Wars, and enjoy satisfying careers. Collection info…

Dime Novels

Dime novels, penny dreadfuls, and story papers were enormously popular with young working-class readers at the turn of the twentieth century. eir thrilling tales of Wild West adventures, criminals and detectives, and working-class virtue, as well as their low price, promoted reading and creativity. These delightful items, ancestors of today’s mass-market paperbacks, reveal the reading tastes of a population often neglected in historical, literary, and cultural studies. Collection info…

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