Congratulations Carol Ann and Jason!

Carol Ann Davis, Wendy Robertson (University of Iowa), and Char Simser (Kansas State University) have a paper also recently published in the current issue of The Serials Librarian: “Navigating the Political Waters of Open Access Publishing in Libraries,” DOI: Additionally, Carol Ann Davis and Jason Boczar’s paper has been published in The Serials Librarian: …

Congratulations, Shimberg Librarians!

This post features a co-authored article by Shimberg Librarians on how much time librarians spend on systematic reviews.

How Important is Data Curation? Gaps and Opportunities for Academic Libraries

This research article in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication discusses author findings from researchers about the importance and utilization of specific data curation activities. The authors held focus groups with 91 participants at six academic institutions to determine which activities were being used for their data and how satisfied they were with the results. Most participants reported dissatisfaction with data curation at their institutions. Authors point out gaps and opportunities for academic libraries.

What Happens When Science Just Disappears?

Sarah Scoles published this article in Wired about the loss of scientific studies when a journal, The Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials, back in the early 1990’s was sold to Taylor & Francis. When the journal stopped publishing, all the archives disappeared, including that of the former editor, Kay Dickersin. Her paper, along with 80 others was not preserved or archived. This article describes how Portico and some crowd-sourcing has restored about 50 publications, many of which are still valid and valuable today. Image credit.

Changes to FSU’s Elsevier 2019 Scubscripions

The Florida State University Libraries, after long deliberation, are planning to cancel FSU’s comprehensive “big deal” subscription to Elsevier journals. Instead, the Libraries will subscribe to a subset of most-needed journals, as identified by faculty and usage statistics. This change will take place in January 2019.   Read about it here.

Profiles of Academic Library Inter-Library Loan Efforts

This report offers a series of profiles of the ILL efforts of six academic libraries or consortia.  Based on interviews with department heads and administrators, the report examines cutting edge efforts related to the innate inter-operability between integrated library systems and ILL/document delivery platforms, discussion of new tools that allow disparate systems to communicate with …