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Employee Directory

First Last Phone Department Title Email Office
Alexander Neff 813-974-4709 Academic Resources Program Planner/Analyst TAP neffa LIB020F
Alia Wegner 813-974-6278 Academic Resources Collections Specialist aliwegner LIB008
Andy Huse 813-974-7622 Special & Digital Collections Associate Librarian ahuse LIB420
Angela Harden-Blount 813-974-1606 Academic Resources Library Operations Supervisor ayharden LIB009
Audrey Powers 813-974-9001 Academic Services Associate Librarian apowers LIB112I
Aura Perez 813-974-7095 Library Administration Library Operations Coordinator aperez LIB643
Barbara Lewis 813-974-4040 Digital Media Commons Coordinator Digital Collections & Services bilewis LIB125F
Beverly Marks 813-974-4433 Development Development Specialist bmarks LIB641
Beverly Caggiano 813-974-3049 Academic Resources Assistant Director caggiano LIB020
Beverlyn Harris-Johnson 813-974-2515 Interlibrary Loan Library Specialist bhjohnson LIB103
Bonita Pollock 813-974-4279 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian pollockb1 LIB020H
Brian Falato 813-974-1772 Academic Resources Associate Librarian bfalato LIB020G
Brittany Self 813-974-1488 Digital Media Commons Media Technologist bself LIB125C
Carol Ann Davis 813-974-3901 Digital Scholarship Services Director of Digital Scholarship Services borchert LIB627E
Cat Camp 813-974-1627 Interlibrary Loan Library Assistant ccamp LIB103
Catherine Negron 813-974-3847 Interlibrary Loan Library Specialist catherineneg LIB103
Chelsea Hamilton 813-974-1611 Academic Services Library Assistant cth LIB103
Chelsea Johnston 813-974-7470 Digital Scholarship Services Library Operations Coordinator ctjohnston LIB627D
Cheryl McCoy 813-974-3530 Academic Resources Librarian cmccoy LIB015
Claudia Dold 813-974-7040 FMHI Assistant Librarian cdold MHC1744
David Pullen 813-974-2247 Academic Resources Collections Specialist pullen LIB025C
Deborah Lawhon 813-974-8593 Academic Resources Library Specialist dlawhon LIB018
Dominique Bortmas 813-974-4261 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian dbortmas LIB020B
Drew Smith 813-974-3492 Academic Services Associate Librarian dsmith LIB112C
Eileen Thornton 813-974-5004 Library Administration Asst. Director for Communication ethornton LIB642
Florence Jandreau 813-974-1642 Administration/Dean’s Office Special Assistant to the Dean fjandreau LIB647A
Garrett Speed 813-974-3945 Library Administration Instructional/Multimedia Developer gspeed LIB120A
Ginny Gates-Fowler 813-974-3359 Academic Services Library Assistant vgates LIB103
Jane Duncan 813-974-6336 Digital Scholarship Services Library Operations Manager jeduncan LIB627E
Jason Boczar 813-974-5505 Digital Scholarship Services Assistant Librarian jboczar LIB627E
Jennifer Friedman 813-974-4369 Academic Services Assistant Director for Research Services jenniferf2 LIB112A
Jerry Smith 813-974-6278 Academic Resources Library Assistant jerrysmith LIB020
Jessi Hurd 813-974-2787 Academic Resources Library Operations Manager Jhurd2 LIB008
Jim Gray 813-974-1672 Library Administration Assoc. Director Administrative Services jsgray LIB637
Jim Caflisch 813-974-6782 Academic Resources Library Specialist caflisch LIB018
JoAnn DeLarm 813-974-1909 Library Administration Administrative Specialist jdelarm LIB647A
John Abresch 813-974-7221 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian jabresch LIB020D
Jonathan Rodriguez-Perez 813-974-6725 Special Collections Library Operations Manager jonathan51 LIB412B
Jorge Gonzalez 813-974-0613 Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections Instructional/Multimedia Developer jorgegonzale LIB120A
Joyce Sadler 813-974-2501 Library Administration Fiscal & Business Specialist jsadler LIB648
Katherine Ahnberg 813-974-1223 Academic Services Assistant Librarian keahnberg LIB112B
Laura Pascual 813-974-2483 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian lcpascua LIB020A
Lauren Ragsdale 813-974-1610 Academic Services Library Specialist lragsdal LIB102B
LeEtta Schmidt 813-974-1627 Interlibrary Loan Library Operations Manager lmschmidt LIB120A
Lori Collins 813-974-0613 Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections Associate Professor lcollins LIB122B
Maria Ericsson 813-974-5539 Library Administration Administrative Clerk mericsson LIB648
Marianne McDonough 813-974-1579 Academic Resources Collections Specialist mmcdonough LIB018
Marisa Laccone 813-974-4182 Academic Services Library Specialist mlaccone LIB125B
Maryellen Allen 813-974-9870 Academic Services Assistant Director for Instructional Services mallen LIB112J
Matt Knight 813-974-6266 Special Collections Assistant Librarian mtknight LIB412A
Matt McDonough 813-974-3493 Library Administration Building & Security Assistant mcdonough LIB122
Matt Torrence 813-974-2779 Academic Services Associate Librarian torrence LIB112E
Megan Nowell 813-974-5149 Digital Scholarship Services Collections Specialist megannowell LIB627E
Melanie Griffin 813-974-7355 Special Collections Associate Librarian griffinm LIB424
Melissa Brown 813-974-4182 Academic Services Library Assistant msb4 LIB103
Micah Jenkins 813-974-9449 Academic Resources Collections Specialist mqjenkins LIB020-20
Michelle Sticht 813-974-1623 Library Administration Unit HR Administrator msticht LIB648
Monica Metz-Wiseman 813-974-9854 Academic Resources Coordinator/Librarian monica LIB016
Nancy Cunningham 813-974-0450 Academic Services Director of Academic Services nancy LIB635
Natasha Owens 813-974-4098 Academic Resources Collections Specialist nowens LIB008
Nicki Leto 813-974-6278 Academic Resources Library Specialist nleto LIB20-16
Nora Wood 813-974-1175 Academic Services Assistant Librarian nbwood LIB112D
Pamela See 813-974-6554 Academic Resources Library Specialist psee LIB018
Patrick Crookston 813-974-1604 Library Administration Mail Clerk crookston LIB122
Paul Onac 813-974-1224 Digital Scholarship Services Collections Specialist paulonac LIB627D
Pauline Strickland 813-974-5539 Library Administration Fiscal & Business Specialist strickla LIB648
Pete Reehling 813-974-1647 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian reehling LIB020E
Richard Bernardy 813-974-1622 Digital Scholarship Services Digital Collections Systems Administrator rbernard LIB627E
Richard McKenzie 813-974-2852 Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections Library Operations Coordinator rwmcken2 LIB120A
Richard Schmidt 813-974-8776 Digital Scholarship Services Collections Specialist rschmidt LIB627E
Robert Cracolici 813-974-1617 Special Collections Collections Specialist rcracoli LIB416
Sandra Law 813-974-1607 Interlibrary Loan Library Specialist sklaw LIB103
Scott Hicks 813-974-6325 Academic Services Library Specialist shicks LIB102B
Silvia Onac 813-974-4496 Academic Resources Collections Specialist silviaonac LIB018
Stephanie Jacobs 813-974-5503 Academic Services Assistant Librarian sajacobs LIB112
Susan Ariew 813-974-0304 Academic Services Librarian sariew LIB112F
Susan Silver 813-974-9871 Academic Services Associate Librarian ssilver LIB112H
Tammi Wilds 813-974-5179 Academic Resources Collections Specialist twilds LIB119A
Teresa Higdon 813-974-1610 Academic Services Library Operations Supervisor thigdon LIB102B
Todd Chavez 813-974-1642 Dean, USF Libraries Director of Academic Resources/Interim Dean tchavez LIB647
Tom Cetwinski 813-974-4592 Library Administration Director of Planning & Accountability tcetwinski LIB651A
Tomaro Taylor 813-974-5750 Academic Services/FMHI Associate Librarian tomaro LIB110/MHC1727
Travis Doering 813-974-0613 Digital Heritage & Humanities Collections Associate Professor tdoering LIB122B
Victoria Rocanelli 813-974-6325 Academic Services Library Specialist vrocanel LIB119A
Xiying Mi 813-974-4710 Academic Resources Assistant Librarian xmi LIB020C

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