USF Subject Librarians: Opening Doors

Education Librarian Susie Ariew with Graduate Student Megan Cross

For graduate students, navigating the vast sea of research literature can be intimidating.
Because resources are spread among many publishers, it can be difficult to find the information needed to complete a project. That’s where our subject librarians come in. Experts in finding information in a given field of study, they open doors to learning for USF graduate and undergrad students while saving them time and sparing them frustration.

Megan Cross is an elementary school teacher studying for her master’s degree in education so she can become a better teacher. Midway through a research project on handwriting development in one of her first grade students, she realized some of her findings suggested a change of direction. Recalling how helpful USF Tampa Library education librarian Susan Ariew had been in the past, she contacted her again. Susan didn’t have any appointment slots available, but carved out some time to help Megan through this turning point in her research. Ariew made Megan feel like her need was of utmost priority. “She was there, ready, and more than willing to help guide me through a complicated research process,” said Megan.

Librarian Ariew showed Megan how to accurately filter research databases to find just what she needed. What was the outcome? Megan completed her research project with an A grade on the resulting paper. Her professor, Jenifer Schneider, thought Megan’s paper was good enough to be published in an academic journal. What’s more, as a result of this deep immersion in her subject, Megan is considering going on to pursue a Ph. D. She credits education librarian Susan Ariew for helping focus her interest enough to let her realize her potential.

What made you want to become a Librarian?

Susan Ariew: “I was an English teacher for many years, and then I was the education librarian at the University of Virginia, before we moved to Tampa. I love working with people in education. I’m passionate about what they’re doing – research to improve education – and I know what a difference educators make.”

What do you like best about being a part of the USF Libraries?

Susan Ariew: “I meet so many great students at USF and I love working with them. It makes you feel so good that you’ve contributed to their work. I love my job!”

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