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 To many of our USF colleagues, summer presents an opportunity to “dial down” after the hectic fall and spring semesters. Many faculty leave campus to pursue research agendas, to prepare for the coming academic year’s teaching assignment, and some even attempt a short vacation. 

No rest for the weary in the library this year!

We are using the summer semester to complete an important internal project designed to completely overhaul our librarian liaison program. The ROLES project is in full swing: data collection, literature surveys, planning session, etc. Once this project is completed, we will have a revitalized and innovative roadmap for the research and instruction components of our contributions to student success and faculty support. 

We are also working on expanding the support infrastructure within the organization. In the coming months we will effect an internal reorganization that increases efficiencies and builds capacities within administrative services.

The library will experience another renovation in the 2016-17 academic year. The fifth floor is scheduled to be renovated to dramatically increase spaces allocated to student study. This will involve a full shift of the collections and increased high-density shelving in the basement. We believe that this strategy simultaneously protects our print collections and satisfies strong student demand for more seating throughout the library. 

Finally, my life has changed a bit since I last updated this message. Provost Wilcox and President Genshaft have invited me to serve as the Dean of the USF Libraries for the next three years effective July 1. It is both an honor and a pleasure to serve the USF community and lead this great library. So with this message the “Interim” is dropped and the work intensifies. 

Todd Chavez
Dean, University of South Florida Libraries

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