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_todd-presgenshaft-tbhc-roof-smAs we near the end of the spring semester, the library team will turn its attention to the preparatory work of the summer. The most significant aspect of that effort is the completion of the fifth floor’s renovation. Based on furnishing selections made during a two-week student test, at least 400 new seats will be added to that floor. Power supplies will be added throughout the space. Lighting and temperature control will be vastly improved. And finally, three new reading rooms will appear: two dedicated to undergraduate students and one for graduate students. The space is on schedule to return to use in late August.

Improving our facilities is not the only focus of our work this summer. Library faculty and staff will complete a strategic planning cycle that will lay the groundwork for 2018-2023. In 2015-16 we conducted a comprehensive survey of faculty attitudes regarding the library’s roles in support of their teaching, research, and scholarly communications. Those results are informing our planning activities as will conversations with the college deans, the ROLES project, and internal work on library linkages to institutional metrics. In the fall, we plan to share the findings with the library’s Student Advisory Group and then finalize the results. Our goal: drive the USF Libraries to be a high-quality, innovative research library that serves as a model to other institutions and exceeds the expectations of our faculty and students.

To get a sense of the accomplishments and activities of the USF Libraries during the 2016-17 academic year, we are sharing our internal USF Libraries annual report. This is not the report that is shared broadly, rather this is the more detailed document that we use to share information with our administration and colleagues across campus.

As always, I invite you to share your ideas and concerns with me directly at tchavez@usf.edu.

Todd Chavez
Dean, University of South Florida Libraries

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