Checking Out & Renewing Materials

USF Tampa Library Borrowing Policies

All Books Are Subject to Recall (Early Return)

After 3 weeks, all books are subject to recall for use by another library patron. If a book is recalled, recall due dates supersede the original due date. Recalled books which are returned after the recall due date are subject to additional fines. How to Avoid Fines »

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Borrowing Policy Quick Reference

PatronNo. Renewable ItemsDue Date (after checkout)No. Media ItemsILLReserve, Holds/Recalls & Remote Access
*Faculty2006 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Adjunct Faculty2004 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
State University Faculty206 months5 (**see restrictions)NoNo
Undergraduate5060 days5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Graduate1004 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
State University Undergrad/Grad203 weeks/4 months***In-library use onlyNoNo
Community College Students/Staff/Faculty103 weeks***In-library use onlyNoNo
**Retired staff
504 months5 (**see restrictions)YesYes
Alumni Association Member103 weeks5 (**see restrictions)NoNo
Special Borrower’s Card103 weeksIn-library use onlyNoNo

* Faculty (includes Retired, Emeritus, and Moffitt Joint appointments.)

** Retired staff do not receive ILL or remote access privileges

** Restrictions

  • Videos and DVDs: 1 week, No renewal
  • Music Scores: Same as books for USF borrowers. 3 weeks for State University borrowers. YES renewal.
  • All Other Media Items: 3 weeks, YES renewal
  • State University & Community College / Special Borrowers: Media Use IN LIBRARY ONLY
  • Certain employees of on campus organization may not receive library services such as Moffitt Researchers & Staff (non-Moffitt Faculty), Aramark, and Sundome Employees. For further information, contact Nancy Cunningham, Director of Academic Services.

*** State University Students may check out media items while Community College Students may not.