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USF excels in graduating students prepared for employment, with 62% of graduates beginning careers in STEM, education, healthcare, and other high-demand fields, yet there remain opportunities for growth. 

Students enter college with a wide range of backgrounds and expectations. Some have decided to attend college more recently and aren’t sure how to plan for their eventual careers whereas others seem to have known what they wanted to do since kindergarten. USF has tools and services in place to help all of these students graduate and find jobs.

The Get a Job! series of career planning workshops for students developed from the confluence of several simmering ideas within the USF Tampa Library and a desire, on the part of USF Career Services, to reach students in new ways and places. Career-focused programming within the USF Tampa Library compliments in-library academic advising and the offerings of the Academic Success Center, toward an aim of meeting a multitude of student needs under one roof. Many students consider the library their on-campus home base, so bringing services to them is a natural way to improve access.

Get a Job! Fall 2016 presenters: Britt Self (USF Libraries Digital Media Commons), Doug Meyn and Alicia Walker (USF Career Services), and Nora Wood (USF Libraries). The 2017 lineup adds Career Services veteran Lynn Chisholm.

“I think this series got to the heart of what students were looking for, relative to their job search, and partnering with the USF Libraries team was a great way to reach them.”

-Alicia Walker, Assistant Director of Career Planning at USF Career Services

The Fall 2016 Get a Job! workshop offerings included five sessions, on topics ranging from researching the perfect major and industry for yourself, to building a smart and standout resume, through acing the interview once you’ve got it.

Student feedback on the first series was overwhelmingly positive:

“I found the workshops extremely helpful in many aspects. I was lucky and have applied to two companies, both of which I was offered a position with last semester. I have already accepted a job at one company here in Tampa… I definitely think it is something that should continue in the future.”

-TJ Ross, Masters Student in Electrical Engineering

USF student Katherine Martin

“All of the information was really helpful. I went to a charter school and they didn’t give these practical job search tips. This is the first time I’ve learned how to craft my resume and take the next steps.”

-Katherine Martin, Biomedical Sciences major and aspiring Pediatrician

The expanded Spring 2017 workshop lineup adds a topic on internships and includes two additional evening sessions on two of the most popular topics for students whose schedules don’t permit them to attend the daytime sessions. With just the first workshop completed so far, registration for the spring series has already exceeded that of the entire Fall 2016 series. The Spring 2017 series will be recorded and posted online, dramatically expanding student reach.

“From freshmen to seniors, this series allowed students to better prepare themselves for their future careers by giving them the tools and the knowledge to craft better resumes, research companies and industries, and prepare for job interviews.”

-Assistant librarian for business, Nora Wood

How can you help grow this kind of far-reaching student support? Contact the USF Libraries Office of Development at (813) 974-4433 to discuss your contribution.


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